American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja (formerly known as Team Ninja Warrior) Season 1 is a new spin-off of American Ninja Warrior airing in spring of 2018 on USA Network.  The 16-episode season premiered on March 1st, and is expected to run weekly until the completion of the series.  An announcement regarding if American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja will be renewed for Season 2 in 2019 has not yet been made.  This show is the replacement for what would have been Team Ninja Warrior Season 3.

The competition features 36 different 3-person teams (two men and one women) who compete head to head against each other. Unlike the normal American Ninja Warrior TV show, in Ninja vs Ninja the teams and competitors are racing side by side at the same time on a specially designed course.   To generate more excitement, the course has been designed so that in one or two spots, the competitors paths may cross or they may run into each other, adding another element of strategy as ninjas might be reaching for the same grips or trying to avoid collisions.

With the new name of the show, the rules have also slightly changed.  Each episode will feature 4 teams, with 2 different teams facing off in the first two rounds.   The winner of those rounds will race against each other in the final round of the night.  That winner will advance to the playoffs at the end of the show, while all of the other teams who lost go home.  This is a change from last year where you still had a chance to advance even if you lost your first round.

In addition, the relay and point system has been tweaked.  This year, within a round, there will be up to 5 races between the teams.  The first team to 3 points wins.  Each race is worth a single point.   The first 3 races will have a single ninja taking on the front half of the course (the first 6 obstacles).  If no team has 3 points at that point (they would have to win all 3 races to do so), there are up to 2 more races in that round.  The final 2 races in the round are relays, with each member taking on 2 of the 6 obstacles.

For the final matchup of the night (between the 2 teams that won their first round), the course extends to a full 9 obstacles.  Besides that, the rules are the same for the final round – each race is worth 1 point, the first 3 are solo ninjas, and the last 2 rounds, if needed, are relay races.

Full details about the playoffs at the end of the season are still to be announced.


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List of ninjas & teams competing on American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja Season 1 in 2018

Team Name Ninja 1 Ninja 2 Ninja 3
3 Wishes Thomas Stillings Brian Burkhardt Brittany Hanks
All American Ninjas Jon Horton Paul Hamm April Steiner Bennett
Average JoJo’s JoJo Bynum Jessica Clayton Jimmy Bogle Jr.
Beasts From The East James McGrath Dave Cavanagh Erica Cook
Big Dog Ninjas Jody Avila Josh Salinas Brandi Monteverde
Brazi Bros Lucas Gomes Alexio Gomes Brittany Reid
Expendabulls Kevin Bull Thaddeus Robeck Maggi Thorne
Fast Kats Karsten Williams Lauren Keen Kevin Klein
Frostbite Nick Hanson Zhanique Lovett Jackson Meyer
Golden Hearts Neil Craver Grant McCartney Brittany Hanks
Hashtag Ninjas Nicholas Coolridge Jesse La Flair Larissa Cottle
Hazard Brigade Mike Bernardo Grace Sims Michael Needham
InvincAbels Abel Gonzalez Victor Juarez Marybeth Wang
Iron Grip Daniel Gil Mathis Owhadi Tiana Webberley
Lab Rats Chris Wilczewski Michelle Warnky Brian Wilczewski
LaBreckfast Club Jesse LaBreck Jon Alexis Jr. Chris DiGangi
Lizard Kings Hunter Guerard Kyle Soderman Sarah Schoback
Midwest Muscle Tyler Yamauchi Ethan Swanson Kirsti Pratt
NorCal Ninjas David Campbell Brian Kretsch Anna Shumaker
Party Time Brian Arnold Jake Murray Barclay Stockett
Phoenix Force Najee Richardson Michael Torres Cassie Craig
Superhero Squad Jamie Rahn Sean Darling-Hammond Rachael Goldstein
Team Alpha Brent Steffensen Sydney Olson David Yarter
Team Dark Horse Lance Pekus Karson Voiles Tammy McClure
Team Ronin Flip Rodriguez JJ Woods Meagan Martin
Team Tarzan Ben Melick Travis Weinand Emmi Rose
Team TNT Travis Rosen Brett Sims Emily Durham
The Ballers Lorin Ball Paul Kasemir Meiling Huang
Think Tank Dr. Noah Kaufman Leila Noone Matt Wilder
Towers of Power Nate Burkhalter Dan Polizzi Selena Laniel
Tre Amigoz Tremayne Dortch Andrew Lowes Meghan Beatty
Tri Hards Sean Bryan Adam Rayl Rebekah Bonilla
West Coast Warriors Alan Connealy JB Douglas Lindsay Eskildsen
Wisco Warriors Drew Knapp Andrew Philibeck Sara Heesen
WolfPack Ian Dory Dan Yager Jeri D’Aurelio
Young Bloods Tyler Gillett Kevin Carbone Bree Widener