Los Angeles, California City Finals

Episode Details

Season 9, Episode 7 (S09E07)

Filming Location

Universal Studios Hollywood

Filming Dates

March 7 - 8, 2017

Airing Date

July 24, 2017

Number of Competitors


Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleAthletes AttemptedAthletes FailedFail Rate
1Floating Steps3300%
2Cannonball Drop33515%
3Fly Wheels2800%
4Block Run2800%
5Battering Ram28621%
6Warped Wall2215%
7Salmon Ladder21210%
8Swinging Peg Board19947%
9Stair Hopper10440%
10Elevator Climb6233%

Competitors Advancing To Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
1Sean BryanM00:05:07.22Finished
2Adam RaylM00:05:07.92Finished
3Charlie AndrewsM00:06:02.21Finished
4Josh LevinM00:06:27.98Finished
5Flip RodriguezM00:04:49.73#10 - Elevator Climb
6Gabe HurtadoM00:05:50.71#10 - Elevator Climb
7Brian WilczewskiM00:02:31.21#9 - Stair Hopper
8Kevin BullM00:03:02.40#9 - Stair Hopper
9Robin PietschmannM00:04:22.90#9 - Stair Hopper
10Jackson MeyerM00:05:03.54#9 - Stair Hopper
11Kapu GaisonM00:03:03.15#8 - Swinging Peg Board
12Steve SeiverM00:03:10.34#8 - Swinging Peg Board
13Benjamin HumphrysM00:03:15.66#8 - Swinging Peg Board
14Nick HansonM00:03:22.56#8 - Swinging Peg Board
15David CampbellM00:03:29.48#8 - Swinging Peg Board

Top 2 Females

Starting with Season 9 in 2017, the top 5 females in city qualifying courses, and top 2 women in city finals courses, advance to the next round, even if they are not in the top 30. There will be no wildcards.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
1Rebekah BonillaF00:05:26.32#8 - Swinging Peg Board
2Zhanique LovettF00:03:24.64#6 - Warped Wall

Other Competitors

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
Riles NgangaM#8 - Swinging Peg Board
Anton ReichelM#8 - Swinging Peg Board
Ryan RobinsonM#8 - Swinging Peg Board
Grant McCartneyM#7 - Salmon Ladder
Daniel MorenoM#7 - Salmon Ladder
Alan ConnealyM#5 - Battering Ram
Natalie DuranF#5 - Battering Ram
Sander OdishM#5 - Battering Ram
April Steiner-BennettF#5 - Battering Ram
Anthony TrucksM#5 - Battering Ram
Tiana WebberleyF#5 - Battering Ram
Brent BundyM#2 - Cannonball Drop
K.C. HalikM#2 - Cannonball Drop
Westley SilvestriM#2 - Cannonball Drop
Tyler VogtM#2 - Cannonball Drop
Scott WilsonM#2 - Cannonball Drop

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