Created in 2018 as a spinoff of American Ninja Warrior, ANW Junior is a modified version of the show for kids aged 9-14. It uses a head to head tournament style format, and is currently in its third season.

Casting & applications to be on the show have so far worked the same as they did for the main American Ninja Warrior show, with ninjas needing to submit a full application & video.

Season 1 was announced in late spring of 2018 and began airing in fall of 2018.

Season 2 filming in summer of 2019 and aired in Spring of 2020.

Season 3 was announced in February of 2021, with a taping date expected in the summer of 2021.

List of American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids Seasons

A list of American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids seasons that have aired (or have been announced to air)

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