Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Qualifiers

Episode Details

Season 8, Episode 4 (S08E04)

Filming Location

Oklahoma State Capitol

Filming Dates

May 13 - 14, 2016

Airing Date

June 20, 2016 @ 8PM

Number of Competitors


Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleAthletes AttemptedAthletes FailedFail Rate
1Floating Steps5112%
2Ring Swing5036%
3Log Runner471123%
4Tire Swing361131%
5Bar Hop25936%
6Warped Wall1616%

Competitors Advancing To City Finals

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
1Thomas StillingsM00:01:43.51Finished
2Daniel GilM00:01:44.17Finished
3David CampbellM00:01:47.20Finished
4Kyle MendozaM00:02:23.82Finished
5Cass ClawsonM00:02:31.40Finished
6Brian BeckstrandM00:02:35.96Finished
7Geoff LancasterM00:02:39.58Finished
8Thomas DoweidtM00:02:43.76Finished
9Nate BurkhalterM00:02:48.61Finished
10James WyattM00:02:54.15Finished
11An LyF00:02:58.10Finished
12Karsten WilliamsM00:03:08.18Finished
13Jon StewartM00:03:18.67Finished
14Tremayne DortchM00:03:27.71Finished
15Andrew LowesM00:03:37.09Finished
16Hamidulah KhazoM00:03:11.05#6 - Warped Wall
17Jessell BosemanM00:01:09.17#5 - Bar Hop
18Diron JonesM00:01:12.50#5 - Bar Hop
19Andrew PotterM00:01:33.15#5 - Bar Hop
20Jared BrandyM00:01:43.84#5 - Bar Hop
21Mitch VeDepoM00:01:51.64#5 - Bar Hop
22Brent SteffensenM00:01:59.49#5 - Bar Hop
23Reid PletcherM00:02:18.85#5 - Bar Hop
24Chris MooreM00:02:22.10#5 - Bar Hop
25Brian DoomM00:02:48.83#5 - Bar Hop
26Brian BurkhardtM00:00:34.34#4 - Tire Swing
27Clayton WolfM00:00:35.31#4 - Tire Swing
28Sudul DiahkahM00:00:50.70#4 - Tire Swing
29Grant ClintonM00:00:51.53#4 - Tire Swing
30Alexander MoranM00:00:53.01#4 - Tire Swing

Other Competitors

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
Adima CopeM00:01:18.30#4 - Tire Swing
Sam SannM00:01:38.23#4 - Tire Swing
Matt StringerM00:02:06.13#4 - Tire Swing
Artis ThompsonM00:04:03.69#4 - Tire Swing
Kevin JordanM#4 - Tire Swing
Flip White Jr.M#4 - Tire Swing
Lance PekusM00:00:36.50#3 - Log Runner
Kacy CatanzaroF00:01:11.53#3 - Log Runner
Scott StoddardM00:01:22.56#3 - Log Runner
Bill DomkeM#3 - Log Runner
Elliott JolivetteM#3 - Log Runner
Kevin KleinM#3 - Log Runner
Kimberly ProctorF#3 - Log Runner
Wally RoskelleyM#3 - Log Runner
Amanda SmithF#3 - Log Runner
Rose WetzelF#3 - Log Runner
Tim WoodM#3 - Log Runner
Michael Ray GarvinM00:00:11.82#2 - Ring Swing
Marc CoulamM#2 - Ring Swing
Eric WrightM#2 - Ring Swing
Allison ToepperweinF00:01:08.92#1 - Floating Steps
Rami AliUnconfirmed Run
Charles Blacknall IIUnconfirmed Run
Gavin CardUnconfirmed Run
Alex CarsonUnconfirmed Run
Craig CornishUnconfirmed Run
Cassie CraigUnconfirmed Run
Matthew DoanUnconfirmed Run
Felicia FlakeUnconfirmed Run
Jordan GaarenstroomUnconfirmed Run
Mitch GaylordUnconfirmed Run
Asya GrechkaUnconfirmed Run
Gary GuffeyUnconfirmed Run
Brittany HanksUnconfirmed Run
Felice HerrigUnconfirmed Run
Gerardo HuertaUnconfirmed Run
Stephanie KieschnickUnconfirmed Run
Jon KuanfungUnconfirmed Run
Matt LaessigUnconfirmed Run
Jill LancasterUnconfirmed Run
Drexel LongUnconfirmed Run
John MerrihewUnconfirmed Run
Tom MortimerUnconfirmed Run
Jonathan ParrUnconfirmed Run
Dave PetersonUnconfirmed Run
Sean SaundersUnconfirmed Run
Dave SikkemaUnconfirmed Run
Yori SkuttUnconfirmed Run
Barclay StockettUnconfirmed Run
Joy StricklandUnconfirmed Run
Jon TaylorUnconfirmed Run
Jesse ThomasUnconfirmed Run
Lauren WoodcockUnconfirmed Run
David YarterUnconfirmed Run
Vance YarterUnconfirmed Run

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