Qualifying Week 7

Episode Details

Season 2, Episode 7 (S02E07)

Filming Location

Los Angeles, CA

Airing Date

May 30, 2017

Matchups for Qualifying Week 7

RoundTeam 1Team 2
1Team RoninInvincAbels
2Ninja BrittensTowers of Power

Team Lineups for Qualifying Week 7

Team NameNinja 1Ninja 2Ninja 3
InvincAbelsAbel GonzalezGeoff LancasterJeri D'Aurelio
Ninja BrittensGeoff BrittenMike ChickJessica Britten
Team RoninFlip RodriguezJJ WoodsTiana Webberley
Towers of PowerBrandon MearsDan PolizziSelena Laniel

Round 1 - Team Ronin vs InvincAbels

Round 2 - Ninja Brittens vs Towers of Power

Knockout Round 1 - Ninja Brittens vs Team Ronin

Knockout Round 2 - InvincAbels vs Towers of Power

Relay Race - Towers of Power vs Team Ronin

  • Heat 1 - Towers of Power vs Team Ronin
    • Winner: Team Ronin
  • Qualifying Week 7 Relay Race Winner - Team Ronin

The team Team Ronin have won Qualifying Week 7 and advance to the prelim round of the finals

Obstacle List & Course Information for Qualifying Week 7

1Sonic Swing
2Ring of Fire
3Swing Jump
4Floating Tiles
5Fly Wheels
6Warped Wall
7Salmon Ladder
8Globe Graspers
9Invisible Ladder

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