ANW 2015 Military (San Pedro), California City Finals

Videos, Highlights, Obstacle List, Results, Finishers & Qualifiers from American Ninja Warrior 2015 Military (San Pedro) California City Finals (Season 7 Episode 12) ANW

Episode Details

2015 Season 7, Episode 12 (S07E12)

Filming Location

Filming Dates

June 5 - 6, 2015

Airing Date

August 17, 2015 @ 8PM

Number of Ninjas


2015 Military (San Pedro), California City Finals Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleNinjas AttemptedNinjas FailedFail Rate
1Quintuple steps2900%
2Jump Hang2913%
3Log Runner28311%
4Monkey Pegs2514%
5I-Beam Cross24833%
6Warped Wall1616%
7Salmon Ladder15427%
8Swinging Frames11436%
9Globe Graspers7457%
10Invisible Ladder3267%

2015 Military (San Pedro), California City Finals Results - Ninjas Qualifying & Advancing To Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
1Dustin McKinneyM00:09:48.75Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
2Matthew JensenM00:08:34.65#10 - Invisible Ladder
3Ryan StratisM00:08:43.93#10 - Invisible Ladder
4Robin PietschmannM00:04:05.89#9 - Globe Graspers
5Justin GielskiM00:04:47.34#9 - Globe Graspers
6Ahmed ToureM00:05:01.26#9 - Globe Graspers
7Jeremy PratherM00:05:40.29#9 - Globe Graspers
8Christopher MooreM00:05:27.55#8 - Swinging Frames
9Jeremy GuarinoM00:05:36.35#8 - Swinging Frames
10Van TranM00:05:58.93#8 - Swinging Frames
11Steve MartinM00:06:56.35#8 - Swinging Frames
12Caleb HayreM00:03:06.65#7 - Salmon Ladder
13Preston GriffallM00:03:34.06#7 - Salmon Ladder
14Nathan TuckerM00:03:58.86#7 - Salmon Ladder
15Benjamin BarrettM00:06:07.98#7 - Salmon Ladder

Other Ninjas who attempted the American Ninja Warrior 2015 Military (San Pedro), California City Finals ANW course run

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
Jason CantuM#6 - Warped Wall
Joel BurkhalterM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Kyle DurandM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Randall ForsytheM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Deon GrahamM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Vincent KlapperM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Alex PanyasiriM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Trevor ParksM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Omar PaytonM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Tory GarciaM#4 - Monkey Pegs
Seth CaskeyM#3 - Log Runner
Arnold DinhM#3 - Log Runner
Dean MosierM#3 - Log Runner
Darren VirgoM#2 - Jump Hang
Joel BlairMUnconfirmed Run
Casey ThorntonMUnconfirmed Run

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