TV Recap: S01E13 – Ninja vs Ninja American Ninja Warrior Playoff Week 2

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja – Season 1: Episode 13 Recap

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Live from Los Angeles, California…

Here’s the format for the playoff round:

-For each matchup, everyone runs head to head.

-The first team to win 3 races will be victorious

-If neither team can get to three races after everybody’s run, relays races will decide the winner.

-The two winning teams will then meet to decide who advances to the finals.

Tonight’s Course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Parellel Pipes, Floating Tiles, Hanging Staircase, Warped Wall

Matchup 1: Frostbite (Nick Hanson, Zhanique Lovett, Jackson Meyer) vs LaBreckfast Club (Jon Alexis Jr, Jesse LaBreck, Chris DiGangi)

Race One: Nick Hanson (Frostbite) vs Chris DiGangi (LaBreckfast Club)

Hanson took a surprising lead early.

That lead seemed to catch DiGangi by surprise as he slipped on a few of the early obstacles.

Hanson, on the other hand, ran flawlessly and handed LaBreckfast Club their first race loss of the entire competition.

Frostbite 1 LaBreckfast Club 0

Race Two: Zhanique Lovett (Frostbite) vs Jesse LaBreck (LaBreckfast Club)

Speaking of undefeated, LaBreck has never lost a head-to-head race.

But Lovett took the early lead here.

However, LaBreck passed Lovett on Parallel Pipes.

Lovett had a slip on Floating Tiles, allowing LaBreck to add to her lead.

It wasn’t “Flex’s” cleanest run, but LaBreck kept her unbeaten streak alive and tied the score.

Frostbite 1 LaBreckfast Club 1

Race Three: Jackson Meyer (Frostbite) vs Jon Alexis Jr. (LaBreckfast Club)

The two men went into the third obstacle neck and neck.

But Alexis used his long legs to pull away on Parallel Pipes.

Meyer kept it close, but Alexis never let up, giving LaBreckfast Club the lead going into the relays.

Frostbite 1 LaBreckfast Club 2

Relay Race:

The ladies start and Lovett stayed on even terms for Frostbite.

But the long legs of Alexis were a huge advantage on obstacles three and four.

The big man raced ahead of Nick Hanson and forced the Alaskan to fall on Floating Steps.

The five second delay was too much to overcome as Chris DiGangi climbed the Warped Wall and sent LaBreckfast Club to the next round.

LaBreckfast Club wins 3-1!!!!

Matchup 2: Phoenix Force (Najee Richardson, Cassie Craig, Michael Torres) vs Wolfpack (Ian Dory, Jeri D’Aurelio, Dan Yager)

Race One: Michael Torres (Phoenix Force) vs Ian Dory (Wolfpack)

Team Wolfpack had to qualify for the playoffs during the Wildcard Round.

Torres moved out to the early led.

But Dory passed him on the Parallel Pipes.

Dory’s experience may have been the difference that allowed him to stay ahead, hitting the buzzer and giving the Wolfpack the early lead.

Phoenix Force 0 Wolfpack 1

Race Two: Cassie Craig (Phoenix Force) vs Jeri D’Aurelio (Wolfpack)

D’Aurelio raced out to the early lead.

Craig really struggled with Parallel Pipes as she lost a shoe in the water.

D’Aurelio missed her first attempt on the Warped Wall, opening the door.

But Craig fell on Floating Staircase, giving the Wolfpack a 2-0 lead.

Phoenix Force 0 Wolfpack 2

Race Three: Najee Richardson (Phoenix Force) vs Dan Yager (Wolfpack)

Richardson had a quick lead, but the Phoenix stumbled on the first obstacle, allowing Yager overtake him.

And Yager wouldn’t lose the lead as the Phoenix, rushing to catch-up, fell on Floating Steps.

Yager hit the buzzer and gave the Wolfpack a clean sweep.

Wolfpack wins 3-0!!!!

Matchup 3: LaBreckfast Club (Jon Alexis Jr, Jesse LaBreck, Chris DiGangi) vs Wolfpack (Ian Dory, Jeri D’Aurelio, Dan Yager)

Next Round Course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Parallel Pipes, Floating Tiles, Hanging Staircase, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, ZigZag Climb

Race 1: Jon Alexis Jr. (LaBreckfast Club) vs Ian Dory (Wolfpack)

A stumble by Alexis gave Dory the early lead.

But Alexis kept it close as Dory started to slow down.

Dory didn’t have a lot of time to rest before this race.

The two athletes were even on Rumbling Dice.

Then, it was wet shoes from an earlier obstacle that cost Alexis as Dory passed him to take the lead for good.

LaBreckfast Club 0 Wolfpack 1

Race 2: Jesse LaBreck (LaBreckfast Club) vs Jeri D’Aurelio (Wolfpack)

D’Aurelio had an early lead, but that lead was small.

But D’Aureilo got her feet in the water at the end of Parallel Pipes, allowing LaBreck to overtake her.

LaBreck took her time with the second part of the course, but D’Aurelio fought hard to get back in it.

But it was not enough as LaBreck became the first woman to complete all the obstacles on the extended course.

LaBreckfast Club 1 Wolfpack 1

Race 3: Chris DiGangi (LaBreckfast Club) vs Dan Yager (Wolfpack)

Yager raced out to the early lead.

DiGangi overtook him briefly on Parallel Pipes, but he slipped at the end.

Yager reached the second half of the course first, but DiGangi was right on his tail.

DiGangi pulled ahead on Rumbling Dice.

Both men were exhausted going into ZigZag Climb.

Yager’s feet got wet at the end of Rumbling Dice, so he struggled to get started.

That’s all DiGangi needed to hit the buzzer and put his team one win away from the finals.

LaBreckfast Club 2 Wolfpack 1

Relay Race:

LaBreck gave her team the lead on Parallel Pipes.

DiGangi maintained the lead, giving Alexis Jr. the tag to try to finish things out.

Dory moved quickly and chipped away at the lead.

Alexis struggled again on ZigZag Climb, and Dory passed him to keep his team alive.

All tied up at 2-2!!!!

Final Relay:

LaBreckfast club makes a change in the order, running Alexis first against D’Aurelio.

Jesse LaBreck is running anchor leg against Ian Dory.

Alexis gave his team a big lead.

Yager hit the water on Parallel Pipes, giving five extra seconds on the final stages.

LaBreck kept the lead on ZigZag Climb, and Ian Dory fell in his attempt to catch-up.

LaBreck hit the buzzer and sent her team onto the finals.

LaBreckfast Club wins 3-2 & advances to the finals!!!!

Jake Murray, Barclay Stockett, Sean Bryan, Adam Rayl, Nicholas Coolridge and more take the course in next week’s third playoff round. See you then.

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