Miami, Florida City Qualifiers

Episode Details

Season 10, Episode 3 (S10E03)

Filming Location

Bayfront Park

Filming Dates

April 13 - 14, 2018


Number of Competitors


Ninjas Rumored To Be Competing at Miami, Florida City Qualifiers

This list is based on ninjas posting on social media. This doesn't necessarily mean they will compete. Check back after the episode airs for the final list of who competed!
Justin Andelin
Matt Barclay
Eli Bell
Danny Bergstrom
Jason Bergstrom
Alicia Candela
Kevin Carbone
Zack Cashatt
Vincent Castranova
Jessica Clayton
Erica Cook
Ralph Cordero Jr
Michelle Cortes
Richie Cortes
Bootie Cothran
Neil Craver
Sara DeMarco
Joey DeSocio
Tony DiCarlantonio
Megan Dillard
Cameron Drake
Drew Drechsel
Emily Durham
Lindsay Eskildsen
HaleiJo Fuller
J.R. Fuller
Tyler Gillett
Rachael Goldstein
Ashley Harel
Devin Harrelson
DeShawn Harris
Sarah Harrison
Andy Johnson
Kyle Johnson
Michael Johnson
Cassidy Leigh
Lori Lloyd
Nico Long
Colleen McCormack
Charlie McElvy
Dustin McKinney
Joel Neeb
Denny Nguyen
Kenny Niemitalo
Sheddrick Risper
Reko Rivera
BJ Robinson
Angel Rodriguez
RJ Roman
Fernando Sanabria
TJ Sigler
Brett Sims
Grace Sims
Nic Steinhaus
Eddy Stewart
Ryan Stratis
Casey Suchocki
Ethan Surprenant
Zach Thomas
Ricky Vu
Bree Widener
Morgan Wright

Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleAthletes AttemptedAthletes FailedFail Rate
Info coming once episode airs

Competitors Advancing To City Finals

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
Info coming once episode airs

Top 5 Females

Starting with Season 9 in 2017, the top 5 females in city qualifying courses, and top 2 women in city finals courses, advance to the next round, even if they are not in the top 30. There will be no wildcards.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
Info coming once episode airs

Other Competitors

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
Info coming once episode airs

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