TV Recap: S01E10 – Ninja vs Ninja American Ninja Warrior Wildcard Week 1

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja – Season 1: Episode 10 Recap

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Live from Los Angeles, California…

Here’s the format for the wildcard round:

-For each matchup, everyone runs head to head.

-The first team to win 3 races will be victorious

-If neither team can get to three races after everybody’s run, relays races will decide the winner.

-No next round matchup here: the winner of each matchup will advance to the playoffs.

Tonight’s Course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Ring Swing, Floating Tiles, Bungee Pipeline, Warped Wall

Matchup 1: Midwest Muscle (Tyler Yamauchi, Kristi Pratt, Ethan Swanson) vs Lizard Kings (Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, Kyle Soderman)

Race One: Tyler Yamauchi (Midwest Muscle) vs Hunter Guerard (Lizard Kings)

These two men were even going into Ring Swing.

Yamauchi missed a ring, allowing Guerard to take the lead.

But Yamauchi pulled ahead at Bungee Pipeline on his way to the Warped Wall.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it up the Wall.

Guerard ran right through the door left open, climbing up the Wall and hitting the buzzer.

Lizard Kings 1 Midwest Muscle 0

Race Two:  Kirsti Pratt (Midwest Muscle) vs Sarah Schoback (Lizard Kings)

Schoback hits the water early, allowing Pratt to build a huge lead.

And Schoback was unable to overcome her early mistake, falling on that very first obstacle.

Lizard Kings 1 Midwest Muscle 1

Race Three: Ethan Swanson (Midwest Muscle) vs Kyle Soderman (Lizard Kings)

Soderman raced out to a huge lead.

The lead only grew as Soderman made it to Bungee Pipeline.

Swanson nearly ran him down on the Pipeline, but Soderman kept his lead, heading up the Warped Wall and giving his team the lead going into relays.

Lizard Kings 2 Midwest Muscle 1

Relay Race:

The ladies start the race, and Pratt gave her team an early lead.

But Yamauchi slipped on Floating Tiles.

The opening was all Kyle Soderman needed to run the last leg and hit the buzzer, sending the Lizard Kings onto the playoffs.

Lizard Kings win 3-1!!!

Matchup 2: Frostbite (Nick Hanson, Zhanique Lovett, Jackson Meyer) vs All-American Ninjas (Rico Rivera, April Steiner Bennett, Paul Hamm)

Race One: Jackson Meyer (Frostbite) vs Paul Hamm (All American Ninjas)

Hamm, the Olympic Gold Medalist, fell behind after missing a ring on Ring Toss.

Meyer kept his pace up the whole way as he climbed up the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer.

Meyer famously doesn’t do cardio, so he was breathing heavy when it was over. But his team has the early lead.

Frostbite 1 All-American Ninjas 0

Race Two:  Zhanique Lovett (Frostbite) vs April Steiner Bennett (All American Ninjas)

Lovett got off to the fast start.

Bennett kept things close, but Lovett still had the lead going into Bungee Pipeline.

The two were even going into the final pipe.

Lovett had the lead going into the Warped Wall, but her feet hit the water before hitting the Warped Wall. The wet shoe cost her as Lovett was unable to complete the last obstacle.

Bennett passed her, hit the buzzer, and tied the score.

Frostbite 1 All-American Ninjas 1

Race Three: Nick Hanson (Frostbite) vs Reko Rivera (All American Ninjas)

Rivera is replacing Jonathan Horton in this round. The captain injured his foot in training.

Hanson had a slight lead going into the Ring Toss.

But Rivera pulled slightly ahead going into the Floating Tiles.

It was there that Rivera fell in the water, giving Frostbite the lead going into the relays.

Frostbite 2 All-American Ninjas 1

Relay Race:

The ladies start the race neck and neck before tagging.

Hamm missed a ring, allowing Jackson Meyer to build a big lead.

Hanson maintained the lead all the way to the buzzer, sending Frostbite to the playoffs.

Matchup 3: Dark Horse (Karson Voiles, Tammy McClure, Lance Pekus) vs NorCal Ninjas (David Campbell, Anna Shumaker, Brian Kretsch)

Race 1: Karson Voiles (Dark Horse) vs David Campbell (NorCal Ninjas)

Campbell raced out to an early lead.

But Voiles passed Campbell going into the Floating Tiles.

And because of that, when both men fell into the water on the fourth obstacle, Dark Horse was awarded the win and the early lead.

Dark Horse 1 NorCal Ninjas 0

Race 2: Tammy McClure (Dark Horse) vs Anna Shumaker (NorCal Ninjas)

During the break, McClure was able to make it off Bungee Pipeline first.

Shumaker fell on the fifth obstacle, assuring Dark Horse a 2-0 lead.

Dark Horse 2  NorCal Ninjas 0

Race 3: Lance Pekus (Dark Horse) vs Brian Kretsch (NorCal Ninjas)

Pekus took the lead into Ring Swing as Kretsch slipped on his landing from the previous obstacle.

But “The Cowboy Ninja” shockingly fell on the Floating Tiles.

Kretsch safely completed the obstacle, keeping his team alive.

Dark Horse 2 NorCal Ninjas 1

Relay Race:

The two teams were even after the ladies start.

Voiles missed a ring, allowing Kretsch to race ahead for NorCal.

And David Campbell kept the lead, hitting the buzzer and tying the score.

Dark Horse 2 NorCal Ninjas 2

Final Relay:

Schumaker gave her team a slight lead in the first race. McClure made the tag first this time.

Voiles maintained the lead.

But Campbell pulled ahead of Pekus on Bungee Pipeline, giving the NorCal Ninjas a come from behind win.

NorCal Ninjas win 3-2!!!

At the end of the night, we see the NorCal Ninjas, Frostbite, and Lizard Kings all advancing onto the playoffs.

It’s another wildcard episode next week. See you then.

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