TV Recap: S01E07 – Ninja vs Ninja American Ninja Warrior Qualifying Week 7

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja – Season 1: Episode 7 Recap

(If you just want to see who won what round, the points, and obstacle list, check out our Stats & Database about the episode)

Live from Los Angeles, California…

There’s only a handful of qualifying shows left, so if you don’t have it down by now…

-The field is 36 teams, 3 ninjas each.

-For each matchup, everyone runs head to head.

-The first team to win 3 races will be victorious

-If neither team can get to three races after everybody’s run, relays races will decide the winner.

-Each episode will feature two opening matchups. The winners will face in the night’s final matchup for a shot at the playoffs later in the season.

Tonight’s Course Includes: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Criss Cross Ring Toss , Floating Tiles, Flying Shelf Grab, Warped Wall

Matchup 1: The ExpendaBulls (Kevin Bull, Maggi Thorne, Thaddeus Robeck) vs The Lizard Kings (Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, Kyle Soderman)

Race One: Kevin Bull (The Expendabulls) vs  Kyle Soderman (The Lizard Kings)

So Kevin Bull is taking on a guy whose only tested courses but never actually competed on one?

Well, that course tester raced out to the early lead going into Criss Cross Ring Toss.

It was there that the experience of Bull paid off on Criss Cross Ring Toss as he crossed in front of Soderman and took the lead.

And that would be it as….

Wait a minute!!!  The course tester then dominated on Flying Shelf Grab, passed Bull, and hit the buzzer pulling off the huge upset??? Yes, that is what happened!!!

The Lizard Kings 1 The Expendabulls 0

Race Two:  Maggi Thorne (The Expendabulls) vs Sarah Schoback (The Lizard Kings)

Schoback struggled with the cargo net at the end of Tic Toc, allowing Thorne to take an early lead.

Both competitors struggled to get past Ring Toss. But Thorne pitched a tent in front of Schoback and increased her lead.

Schoback would fall on Floating Tiles, allowing Thorne to climb the Wall and tie the score.

The Lizard Kings 1 The Expendabulls 1

Race Three: Thaddeus Robeck (The Expendabulls) vs Hunter Guerard (The Lizard Kings)

An early stumble by Robeck allowed Guerard to race out to a decent lead.

And the” Lizard King” never faltered out in front. Guerard kept his fast pace all the way up the Warped Wall, where he gave his team the advantage heading into the relays.

The Lizard Kings 2 The Expendabulls 1

Relay Race:

Thorne had the slight lead tagging Bull after two obstacles.

But the rough night for Bull continued as he fell trying to keep up with Gerard.

Soderman used the five second to grow the lead for his team and clinched the win for the Lizard Kings after Robeck fell on Flying Shelf Grab.

Lizard Kings pull the upset 3-1!!!!

Matchup 2: Iron Grip (Daniel Gil, Tiana Webberley, Mathis Owhadi) vs The InvincAbels (Abel Gonzalez, Mary Beth Wang, and Victor Juarez)

Race 1: Mathis Owhadi (Iron Grip) vs Victor Juarez (The InvincAbels)

Both men are wearing red and flying going into the Ring Toss.

Owhadi  pulled ahead on the Floating Tiles.

His lead grew on Flying Shelf Grab, and Owhadi hit the buzzer, putting up the night’s fastest time.

Iron Grip 1 The InvincAbels 0

Race 2: Tiana Webberley (Iron Grip) vs Mary Beth Wang (The InvincAbels)

Webberley raced out to the early lead.

But in a shortened race for the broadcast, Webberley fell on Criss Cross Ring Toss, giving Wang the win.

Iron Grip 1 The InvincAbels 1

Race 3: Daniel Gil (Iron Grip) vs Abel Gonzalez (The InvincAbels)

Two legends competing here and they were neck and neck until Criss Cross Ring Toss.

It was there that Daniel Gil gained the advantage he wouldn’t lose.

Gil hit the buzzer, giving his team the advantage going into the relays.

Iron Grip 2 InvincAbels 1

Relay Race:

Once again, Webberly was out to a quick start.

Owhadi only increased that lead before tagging Gil at the Shelf Grab.

But Gil hesitated, nearly giving Gonzalez a chance to get back in it. Gil would later reveal that the hesitation was because he worried he would have stumbled on the trampoline if he didn’t hesitate.

Gil was able to hold on and give his team the win.

Iron Grip wins 3-1!!!

Next Round Matchup: The Lizard Kings (Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, Kyle Soderman) vs Iron Grip (Daniel Gil, Tiana Webberley, Mathis Owhadi)  

The Course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Criss Cross Ring Toss, Floating Tiles, Flying Shelf Grab, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, ZigZag Climb

Race 1: Hunter Guerard (The Lizard Kings) vs Mathis Owhadi (Iron Grip)

The fast young stars were even going into the Criss Cross Ring Toss.

It was there that Guerard’s speed gave him a slight advantage.

But Owhadi passed Guerard on Shelf Grab.

With tired arms, both men pushed their way through Tumbling Dice neck and neck.

Owhadi had the lead, but a slight hesitation wiping off his shoes before ZigZag Climb allowed Guerard to take the lead for good.

The Lizard Kings 1 Iron Grip 0

Race 2: Sarah Schoback (The Lizard Kings) vs Tiana Webberley (Iron Grip)

Another even race through the first two obstacles, these ladies were really jostling, battling for position at the Criss Cross Ring Toss.

It would be Schoback who would build the huge lead.

Webberley caught up, but both ladies used all their energy on the Ring Toss and fell at the Flying Shelf Grab.

Schoback got there first, so she took the win.

The Lizard Kings 2 Iron Grip 0

Race 3: Kyle Soderman (The Lizard Kings) vs Daniel Gil (Iron Grip)

Can Soderman take down another legend after defeating Kevin Bull earlier?

He sure did start that way, taking the early lead going into Criss Cross Ring Toss.

Gil gave the rookie quite the battle on Ring Toss, but the rookie stayed ahead.

However, Gil was able to pull in front on Shelf Grab, a lead he maintained all the way through Rumbling Dice.

Soderman evened things up, nearly catching Gil. But Gil pulled away and hit the buzzer, keeping his team alive.

The Lizard Kings 2 Iron Grip 1

Relay Race:

The pairings for the guys are switched for the relay.

Schoback fell at Tic Toc, giving Owhadi a five second head start.

Then, Soderman, a star all night, fell at Floating Tiles.

And to complete the sweep, Guerard fell at Salmon Ladder, giving Iron Grip a shot at a winner take all relay.

All tied at 2!!!!

Final Relay Race

Schoback fell once again, but she kept her feet up, avoiding the penalty.

She would not be so lucky on Ring Toss, giving Owhadi another five second advantage.

The advantage gave Gil a slight advantage going into the second part of the course.

Guerard closed a bit, but was still behind going into ZigZag Climb.

And it was Gil who hit the buzzer completing the comeback for Iron Grip.

Iron Grip wins 3-2!!!

Gil and company move on to the playoffs. Next week includes Travis Rosen and “The Phoenix”, Najee Richardson. See you then!!!

Photo Credit: USA Network

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