TV Recap: S01E14 – Ninja vs Ninja American Ninja Warrior Playoff Week 3

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja – Season 1: Episode 14 Recap

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Live from Los Angeles, California…

Here’s the format for the playoff round:

-For each matchup, everyone runs head to head.

-The first team to win 3 races will be victorious.

-If neither team can get to three races after everybody’s run, relays races will decide the winner.

-No next round matchup here: the winner of each matchup will advance to the playoffs.

Tonight’s Course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Parallel Pipes, Floating Tiles, Hanging Staircase, Warped Wall

Matchup 1: Hashtag Ninjas (Nicholas Coolridge, Larissa Cottle, Jesse LaFlair) vs Party Time (Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, Jake Murray)

Race One: Nicholas Coolridge (Hashtag Ninjas) vs Jake Murray (Party Time)

What a great matchup to get the night started!!!

The two were even through the first two obstacles.

Then, Coolridge missed the first pipe on Parallel Pipes.

And while Coolridge hurried to catch up, he slipped and fell on Floating Tiles.

Murray hit the buzzer, giving Party Time the early lead.

Hashtag Ninjas 0 Party Time 1

Race Two: Larissa Cottle (Hashtag Ninjas) vs Barclay Stockett (Party Time)

Stockett raced out to a big lead at the start.

That lead only increased on Parallel Pipes.

Stockett took a moment to catch her breath and climbed up the Warped Wall.

Stockett hit the buzzer and put her team one win away from moving on.

Hashtag Ninjas 0 Party Time 2

Race Three: Jesse LaFlair (Hashtag Ninjas) vs Brian Arnold (Party Time)

LaFlair raced out to an early lead.

But Arnold raced past LaFlair on Parallel Pipes.

Arnold’s lead grew on Hanging Staircase, and LaFlair’s landing came up short, ending the Hashtag’s competition.

Party Time wins 3-0!!!

Matchup 2: Lizard Kings (Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, Kyle Soderman) vs Tri Hards (Sean Bryan, Rebekah Bonilla, Adam Rayl)

Race One: Hunter Guerard (Lizard Kings) vs Sean Bryan (Tri Hards)

The Lizard Kings are the surprise of the completion, while the talented Tri Hards struggled in qualifying.

Bryan raced out to an early lead, but Guerard took the lead on the second obstacle.

However, Guerard stumbled at the end of Floating Steps.

That stumble was all Bryan needed to pass and take the lead for good.

Lizard Kings 0   Tri Hards 1

Race Two:  Sarah Schoback (Lizard Kings) vs Rebekah Bonilla (Tri Hards)

Bonilla raced out to the early lead.

Schoback slipped on the second obstacle.

Bonilla tried to give the lead back on Parallel Pipes, but Schoback struggled their as well.

Bonilla made it to the Warped Wall first, but she missed on the first attempt.

Schoback made it up on her first attempt, but she struggled to pull herself up.

Bonilla held on her second try, pulled herself up and past Schoback, and hit the buzzer first.

Lizard Kings 0 Tri Hards 2

Race Three: Kyle Soderman (Lizard Kings) vs Adam Rayl (Tri Hards)

These two were dead even going into Parallel Pipes.

Rayl missed on Parallel Pipes, and the rookie (Soderman) never let up.

In the most impressive performance of the season, Soderman hit the buzzer and sent this matchup to relays.

Lizard Kings 1 Tri Hards 2

Relay Race:

Bonilla gave her team a slight lead.

Both Bryan and Soderman fell, meaning an even start for Guerard and Rayl.

Rayl’s size proved to be the difference on Hanging Staircase as he hit the buzzer and sent his team to the next round.

Tri Hards win 3-1!!!

Final Matchup: Party Time (Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, Jake Murray) vs Tri Hards (Sean Bryan, Rebekah Bonilla, Adam Rayl)

The Course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Parallel Pipes, Floating Tiles, Hanging Staircase, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, Zig Zag Climb

Race 1: Jake Murray (Party Time) vs Adam Rayl (Tri Hards)

Rayl raced ahead to the early lead.

Then, Murray got hung up on Parallel Pipes.

Murray made another mistake slipping on Floating Steps.

Rayl, on the other hand, made no mistakes as he raced up the Warped Wall.

Rayl continued his strong run on the second half of the course, hitting the buzzer and giving his team the early lead.

Party Time 0 Tri Hards 1

Race 2: Barclay Stockett (Party Time) vs Rebekah Bonilla (Tri Hards)

Stockett had a slight edge going into Parallel Pipes.

Bonilla and Stockett made contact on the third obstacle, but Stockett was able to keep her lead.

Stockett’s lead grew slightly as she headed up the Wall, but Bonilla was not far behind.

Stockett looked a little fatigued on the Salmon Ladder, but she kept her lead all the way through the Rumbling Dice.

Could the five foot tall Stockett, make it up Rumbling Dice? It wouldn’t matter as Bonilla fell on Rumbling Dice.

Stockett came one foot short of completing the course, but she couldn’t reach and her arms gave out.

Still, Stockett tied the score for her team.

Party Time 1 Tri Hards 1

Race 3: Brian Arnold (Party Time) vs Sean Bryan (Tri Hards)

Bryan raced out to the early lead.

Bryan’s lead grew as he took huge leaps on Floating Steps.

But Arnold stayed within striking distance as both men made it to the second half of the course.

Arnold fought hard to even things up as Bryan started to show fatigue.

Then, Bryan fell on ZigZag Climb, and Arnold hit the buzzer, putting his team one win away from the finals.

Party Time 2 Tri Hards 1

Relay Race:

Bonilla swung past Stockett on Parallel Pipes, giving her team the early lead.

The lead grew with Adam Rayl running the second leg.

Jake Murray closed in on that lead, and both men struggled to make it up ZigZag Climb

A worn out Bryan squeezed his way onto the platform of the final obstacle, tying the score.

Party Time 2 Tri Hards 2

Final Relay:

The Tri Hards put Adam Rayl on the last stage for the deciding relay.

Stockett tagged her partner first this time after Bonilla fell.

Arnold kept the lead, holding off Bryan on Hanging Staircase.

Trying to catchup to Murray, Rayl fell on Salmon Ladder.

Murray completed Rumbling Dice and sent his team on to the finals!!!

Party Time wins 3-2!!!

Next week, Flip Rodriguez, Lorin Ball, Michelle Warnky,Tyler Gillett, and Meagan Martin take to the course to decide who gets the last spot in the finals. See you then.

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