Wondering if American Ninja Warrior will be back for Season 15 in 2023? 

ANW will be back for Season 15 in 2023 of American Ninja Warrior. The premiere date has not yet been announced, but taping dates & locations have been announced, and ninjas have started getting calls to be on the show. However, there is a big format change for the show – as the semifinals are expected to include head-to-head or ninja vs ninja competitions to determine who makes it to the national finals. Note that Season 16 of American Ninja Warrior is expected to tape immediately after Season 15 – but we don’t know yet how long a time period will be between when the seasons air.

Looking for info on the most recent season that finished airing (Season 14 in 2022)? You can find it here.

Filming Locations & Dates of American Ninja Warrior Season 15 2023

The filming dates & locations for the 2023 Season of American Ninja Warrior (Season 15) were announced as part of a letter that went out to ninjas in the middle of January 2023. In a change this year, both the qualifiers & semi-finals will be taped at the same location:

  • Qualifiers – Begins March 15 – Los Angeles, California: Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Semifinals – March 22nd-ish – Los Angeles, California: Universal Studios Hollywood
  • National Finals – Early May – Las Vegas, Nevada

Ninjas Selected to Compete on American Ninja Warrior Season 15 2023

Calls have started going out to ninjas who will compete on American Ninja Warrior in 2023 as of January 20th, 2023. We have started making a list of these ninjas and will publish it and link it here once we have in the next few days.

When will American Ninja Warrior Return? When will new episodes of American Ninja Warrior Air in 2023?

Since casting has been announced, we know that American Ninja Warrior will return in 2023 for Season 15.  Taping is scheduled to take place in March, April, and May, so we’re probably looking at the usual late May, early June 2023 start for Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior to start.

Attending & Getting free tickets for taping of an episode of ANW Season 15 in 2023

It’s free to attend a taping – but you have to sign up for and request free tickets.  You can join the waitlist for season 15 tickets here.  A few weeks before taping starts in 2023, the website will update with more information and sign up links for each city/episode.

Casting & Qualifying to compete on American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Season 15 in 2023

Casting for Season 15 opened on November 19th, 2022. The deadline to apply to be part of Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior in 2023 was December 16th, 2022.  You can submit an application to be on the show here.   The application requires several page of details, and a submission video. See our tips for creating a ANW submission video here.

Season 15 American Ninja Warrior Airing Dates & Results for 2023 Season 15

Once episodes begin airing, we’ll have a link to results & an episode recap of each episode here.