New Season 15 (2023) of American Ninja Warrior Will Premiere on June 5th, 2023

NBC has confirmed that the 2023 Season of American Ninja Warrior will premiere on June 5th, 2023. The first episode will air at 8:00pm ET, and is expected to be 2 hours long.

Like previous years, for Season 15 there will be a grand prize of $1 million available if anyone conquers Stage 4 within the time limit at the National Finals in Vegas. You can keep up with all the latest information on 2023 Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior here.

It has now also been confirmed that there will be big change to the format for the season – in that there will be some head to head competitions. We previously shared a rumor that the semifinals would be changed to a ninja vs ninja.

While NBC’s press release doesn’t state where in the competition the head to head format will take place – they do confirm it will be included in the season. They said:

This season will be the first time that Contestants will compete against each other simultaneously.

There will also be some new obstacles in Season 15 of ANW. The new obstacles for 2023 include: “Pole Vault,” “Greased Lighting,” “The Getaway,” “Ring The Bells,” “Lass Launch,” “Kite Surfer,” and “Cubes.”

Finally, they mentioned that the height of the mega warped wall (or megal wall) will be increased to 18.5 feet.

Although they won’t be officially announced ahead of time, you can see some of the ninjas who were invited to compete on the show this year here.

You can see the full press release from NBC here.

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