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Maggi Thorne was crowned Ms. International in 2014, and a mom to three children. She competed in Season 6 of American Ninja Warrior mainly to support the charity Soles4Souls. During Season 6 she participated in the City qualifying run and placed in the top 5 for women, at the City finals she placed in the top 2 for women, and went on to nationals where she failed the first stage.

Maggi Thorne did compete in Ninja vs. Ninja in seasons 2 and 3. During Season 2 she competed on Team Grit and Season 3 on team Expendabulls.

American Ninja Warrior Competition History

Season & EpisodeRun TimePlaceFurthest ObstacleVideo
ANW Season 9 (2017) - Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1#3 - Double Dipper
ANW Season 9 (2017) - Kansas City, Missouri City Finals00:02:43.9216#5 - Bar Hop
ANW Season 9 (2017) - Kansas City, Missouri City Qualifiers01:31:00.6034#4 - Crank It Up
ANW Season 8 (2016) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania City Qualifiers#3 - Paddle Boards

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja & Team Ninja Warrior Competition History

The ninja's team is shown in BOLD in the table below
Show/Season/EpisodeMatch TypeMatchupMatch StatusMatch WinnerVideo
ANW Ninja vs Ninja - Season 1 (2018) - Qualifying Week 7Qualifying First RoundThe Expendabulls vs Lizard KingsLostLizard Kings 
ANW Team Ninja Warrior - Season 2 (2017) - Qualifying Week 4Qualifying KnockoutTeam Grit vs Lab RatsLostLab Rats 
ANW Team Ninja Warrior - Season 2 (2017) - Qualifying Week 4Qualifying PrelimTeam Grit vs Phoenix ForceLostPhoenix Force 

Local Ninja Warrior (National Ninja League, NNL, Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association, UNAA, Wolfpack Ninjas, etc) Competition History

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