Indianapolis, Indiana City Qualifiers

Episode Details

Season 8, Episode 3 (S08E03)

Filming Location

Monument Circle

Filming Dates

April 27 - 28, 2016

Airing Date

June 13, 2016 @ 8PM

Number of Competitors


Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleAthletes AttemptedAthletes FailedFail Rate
1Floating Steps5024%
2Rolling Log4848%
3Fly Wheels44920%
4Disk Runner3539%
5Swinging Spikes32516%
6Warped Wall2727%

Competitors Advancing To City Finals

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
1Lorin BallM00:01:36.44Finished
2Jake MurrayM00:02:00.13Finished
3Adam ArnoldM00:02:00.36Finished
4Dan YagerM00:02:11.90Finished
5Brian ArnoldM00:02:18.15Finished
6Ian DoryM00:02:46.55Finished
7Brandon MearsM00:02:55.01Finished
8Dan PolizziM00:03:00.78Finished
9Eric MiddletonM00:03:01.80Finished
10Theodore TronquetM00:03:12.47Finished
11Ethan SwansonM00:03:13.58Finished
12Dan BanuraM00:03:20.56Finished
13Tyler YamauchiM00:03:21.70Finished
14Drew KnappM00:03:25.81Finished
15Zack KemmererM00:03:30.77Finished
16Matt WilderM00:03:32.57Finished
17Tyler SmithM00:03:36.27Finished
18PJ GrangerM00:04:06.74Finished
19Andrew YoriM00:04:10.22Finished
20Kevin HoganM00:04:28.13Finished
21Ryan ElliotM00:04:58.25Finished
22Jonathan CooleyM00:05:00.43Finished
23Andrew RowlandM00:05:17.80Finished
24Fred ThorneM00:05:36.84Finished
25Meagan MartinF00:06:30.08Finished
26Adam StroupM00:02:51.01#6 - Warped Wall
27Alex BeinzM00:06:31.19#6 - Warped Wall
28Bryce FoleyM00:02:07.82#5 - Swinging Spikes
29Ben JacksonM00:02:21.37#5 - Swinging Spikes
30John Murray AdamsM00:02:32.99#5 - Swinging Spikes

Other Competitors

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest Obstacle
Kirsti PrattF00:03:09.17#5 - Swinging Spikes
Charles KimM00:03:29.24#5 - Swinging Spikes
Michael StangerM00:01:42.56#4 - Disk Runner
Michaela KierschF00:02:41.16#4 - Disk Runner
Leif SundbergM#4 - Disk Runner
Eric SietsemaM00:00:38.56#3 - Fly Wheels
Darron WitherspoonM00:00:53.40#3 - Fly Wheels
Josef NewgardenM00:01:14.10#3 - Fly Wheels
Zach GowenM00:01:29.53#3 - Fly Wheels
Helio CastronevesM00:01:29.63#3 - Fly Wheels
Dylan Boxer#3 - Fly Wheels
Tim Brtis#3 - Fly Wheels
Zanny HenselerF#3 - Fly Wheels
Wesley Owens Jr.#3 - Fly Wheels
James Carter00:00:12.86#2 - Rolling Log
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.00:00:20.33#2 - Rolling Log
Brandon Denson00:00:38.56#2 - Rolling Log
Tony Kanaan#2 - Rolling Log
Natalia Kley-WisniewskaF00:00:04.66#1 - Floating Steps
Megan BevansF#1 - Floating Steps
Ryan BarkerUnconfirmed Run
Larissa CottleUnconfirmed Run
Jeri D'AurelioUnconfirmed Run
Yumn ElkhojaUnconfirmed Run
Traves FreelandUnconfirmed Run
Tim GossweilerUnconfirmed Run
Jay HaasUnconfirmed Run
Julie HartjesUnconfirmed Run
Nicole HeyboerUnconfirmed Run
Nathan JassoUnconfirmed Run
Lindsey JonesUnconfirmed Run
Youssef KhalilUnconfirmed Run
Brittany LaffertyUnconfirmed Run
Joe LandryUnconfirmed Run
Matt LarsenUnconfirmed Run
Thierry MasquelinUnconfirmed Run
Tammy McClureUnconfirmed Run
John McConnellUnconfirmed Run
Ray PayneUnconfirmed Run
Ruselis PerryUnconfirmed Run
Rachel PersonUnconfirmed Run
Tyler RiceUnconfirmed Run
Marcelino RileyUnconfirmed Run
Charles RobinsonUnconfirmed Run
Oscar SanchezUnconfirmed Run
Elija SansomUnconfirmed Run
Nick StahlyUnconfirmed Run
Brian SteffensUnconfirmed Run
Jennifer TavernierUnconfirmed Run
Lisa Van AhnUnconfirmed Run
Mat WeberUnconfirmed Run
Zack WhiteUnconfirmed Run
Wes WhitlamUnconfirmed Run
Rene WilliamsUnconfirmed Run

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