Wondering if American Ninja Warrior will be back for Season 14 in 2022? It has now officially been confirmed that Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior will return in 2022. At the beginning of the year, producers revealed it will have a similar format as Season 13 in 2021 did, and shared the filming locations & dates for the upcoming season!

Looking for info on the most recent season the finished airing (Season 13 in 2021)? You can find it here.

Ninjas Selected to Compete on American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022

As always, we will create a list of all the ninjas known to have been invited to compete in 2022 on American Ninja Warrior.   This list won’t start until sometime in the spring when calls start going out.

Filming Locations & Dates of American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022

The filming dates & locations for the 2022 Season of American Ninja Warrior (Season 14) were announced on January 13th, 2022. You can find the list of taping locations & filming dates below:

  • Qualifiers – March 20 – 24 – San Antonio, Texas: AlamoDome
  • Semifinals – April 8 – 11 – Los Angeles, California: Universal Studios Hollywood
  • National Finals – May 14 – 17 – Las Vegas, Nevada

When will American Ninja Warrior Return? When will new episodes of American Ninja Warrior Air in 2022?

Although we now know the filming dates, it hasn’t been revealed when new episodes will start airing. Traditionally they begin in mid to late May. However, there are a number of special episodes (some of which were filmed at the end of the last season) that could air before the regular episodes begin as well.

Casting & Qualifying to compete on American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Season 14 in 2022

Casting for Season 14 opened on October 22nd, 2021. The deadline to apply to be part of Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior in 2022 was December 10th, 2021.  You were able to submit an application to be on the show here.   The application requires several page of details, and a submission video. See our tips for creating a ANW submission video here.

Attending & Getting free tickets for taping of an episode of ANW Season 14 in 2022

In a normal year, you can apply for free tickets to view tapings of the show. Unfortunately, due to extra safety precautions, Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior in 2021 did not have a live audience – so there will be no way to get tickets.  It’s unclear if Season 14 will have a live audience or not at this time.

Normally, A few weeks before each episode films, the production company will post a link where you can sign up for tickets. They are usually free, you just have to sign up quickly to get a spot! You can join the waitlist for season 14 tickets here. The website will update at some point in 2022 with when to expect tickets to be available.