ANW 2019 Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1

Videos, Highlights, Obstacle List, Results, Finishers & Qualifiers from American Ninja Warrior 2019 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 (Season 11 Episode 13 & 14) ANW

Episode Details

2019 Season 11, Episode 13 & 14 (S11E13)

Filming Location

Las Vegas, Nevada

Filming Dates

June 21 - 23, 2019

Number of Ninjas


2019 Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleNinjas AttemptedNinjas FailedFail Rate
1Archer Alley00
2Spin Your Wheels00
3Jumping Spider00
4Double Dipper00
5Tire Run / Jeep Run00
6Warped Wall00
7Diving Boards00
8Twist & Fly00

Ninjas who advanced & qualified and will be taking on the Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 course

Qualifying PlaceCompetitorGenderQualifying TimeFurthest Obstacle in Qualifying
1Daniel GilM00:03:34.23Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
2Drew DrechselM00:03:37.79Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
3Flip RodriguezM00:04:13.48Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
4Mathis OwhadiM00:04:28.83Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
5Karsten WilliamsM00:04:29.17Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
6Kevin CarboneM00:04:50.15Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
7Jody AvilaM00:05:11.20Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
8David WrightM00:05:17.38Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
9Brian KretschM00:05:42.71Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
10Tyler GillettM00:05:47.79Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
11Brett SimsM00:07:10.40Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
12Ryan StratisM00:08:42.98Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
13R.J. RomanM00:03:43.93#10 - Spider Trap
14Jody FreemanM00:04:18.56#10 - Spider Trap
15Kenny NiemitaloM00:04:26.88#10 - Spider Trap
16Jeff HarrisM00:02:54.03#9 - Snap Back
17Brian BurkhardtM00:03:04.61#9 - Snap Back
18Nicholas FordneyM00:03:04.83#9 - Snap Back
19Josh SalinasM00:03:04.97#9 - Snap Back
20Ben WalesM00:03:08.85#9 - Snap Back
21Caleb AuerM00:03:16.04#9 - Fall Out
22Dan YagerM00:03:17.32#9 - Northwest Passage
23Alex BlickM00:03:21.94#9 - Snap Back
24Karson VoilesM00:03:25.20#9 - Northwest Passage
25Jessie GraffF00:04:34.00#9 - Northwest Passage
26Seth RogersM#9 - Leaps of Faith
27Ben UdyM#9 - Leaps of Faith
28Brian BurkM#9 - Leaps of Faith
29Kevin BullM#9 - Leaps of Faith
30Hunter SwanM#9 - Leaps of Faith
31Danell LeyvaM#9 - Leaps of Faith
32Verdale BensonM#9 - Leaps of Faith
33David CampbellM#9 - Leaps of Faith
34Hunter GuerardM#9 - Leaps of Faith
35Scott WillsonM#9 - Leaps of Faith
36Adam RaylM#9 - Leaps of Faith
37Kendall OrtezM00:02:03.90#8 - Crazy Clocks
38Caleb BergstromM00:02:16.09#8 - Up For Grabs
39Lorin BallM00:02:18.36#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
40Dave CavanaghM00:02:21.61#8 - Angry Birds
41Damir OkanovicM00:02:24.88#8 - Crazy Clocks
42David MoonenM00:02:28.85#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
43Ronald WashingtonM00:02:36.36#8 - Up For Grabs
44Matt DolceM00:02:44.35#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
45Zack ScholesM00:02:45.55#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
46Lucas RealeM00:02:46.65#8 - Angry Birds
47Najee RichardsonM00:02:46.67#8 - Angry Birds
48Julius FergusonM00:02:48.00#8 - Angry Birds
49Conor GalvinM00:02:48.60#8 - Angry Birds
50Travis RosenM00:02:50.35#8 - Up For Grabs
51Mady HowardF00:02:55.42#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
52Anthony DeFrancoM00:02:57.84#8 - Angry Birds
53Joe MoravskyM00:03:05.10#8 - Angry Birds
54Lucio BattistaM00:03:05.30#8 - Angry Birds
55Casey SuchockiM00:03:05.58#8 - Up For Grabs
56Branden McWilliamsM00:03:14.12#8 - Angry Birds
57Scott BehrendsM00:03:14.40#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
58Chris WilczewskiM00:03:14.80#8 - Angry Birds
59Nate BurkhalterM00:03:15.52#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
60Joe CapobiancoM00:03:17.53#8 - Angry Birds
61Michael SilenziM00:03:17.77#8 - Angry Birds
62Garrett LamM00:03:18.37#8 - Angry Birds
63Nick HansonM00:03:20.83#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
64Sean Darling-HammondM00:04:01.23#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
65Sean BryanM00:04:02.00#8 - Floating Monkey Bars
66Taylor AmannF00:04:13.30#8 - Crazy Clocks
67Barclay StockettF00:04:35.84#8 - Crazy Clocks
68Allyssa BeirdF00:05:18.20#8 - Angry Birds
69Tiana WebberleyF#8 - The Hinge
70Anna ShumakerF#6 - Warped Wall
71Karter OhlsonF00:01:34.69#5 - Crank It Up
72Caitlyn BergstromF#5 - Ferris Wheel
73Jessica ClaytonF#4 - Bouncing Spider

2019 Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 Results - Ninjas Qualifying & Advancing To Las Vegas Finals - Stage 2

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
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Other Ninjas who attempted the American Ninja Warrior 2019 Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 ANW course run

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
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