TV Recap: S01E03 – Ninja vs Ninja American Ninja Warrior Qualifying Week 3

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja – Season 1: Episode 3 Recap

(If you just want to see who won what round, the points, and obstacle list, check out our Stats & Database about the episode)

Live from Los Angeles, California…

Here’s the format for all the ninja fans who’ve been living in a cave the last three weeks:

-The field is 36 teams, 3 ninjas each.

-For each matchup, everyone runs head to head.

-The first team to win 3 races will be victorious

-If neither team can get to three races after everybody’s run, relays races will decide the winner.

-Each episode will feature two opening matchups. The winners will face in the night’s final matchup for a shot at the playoffs later in the season.

Tonight’s Course Includes: Sonic Swing, Tick Tock, The Tilting Ladders, Floating Steps, the Flying Monkey Bars, Warped Wall (6 obstacles total)

Matchup 1: Party Time (Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, Jake Murray) vs Brazi Bros (Lucas Gomes, Brittany Reid, Alexio Gomes

Race One: Brian Arnold vs Alexio Gomes

The first of the two “Brazi Bros” (brothers from Brazil, that is) leads things off as Alexio battles the almost 40 year old Brian Arnold.

Alexio grabbed an early lead.

He maintained that lead all the way up the Warped Wall, but Alexio slipped trying to hit the buzzer.

A photo finish was needed, but the Brazi Bro barely got a hand on the buzzer as he slipped, giving him a 2 hundreths of a second victory over Arnold.

Brazi Bros 1 Party Time 0

Race Two:  Barclay Stockett vs Brittany Reid

Stockett, the rookie sensation from season 9 is here to make her first appearance in a Team Ninja competition.

Now, I really do look forward to the women’s competition in the playoff round because each woman’s race in the qualifiers has been extremely lopsided.

Reid fell two obstacles short of the finish as Stockett climbed the Wall and hit the buzzer, tying the score.

Brazi Bros 1   Party Time 1

Race Three: Jake Murray vs Lukas Gomes

Which team will have an edge going to the relays?

And what absurd antic will Jake Murray do on this course?

The point Murray dismounted on Tilting Ladders was pretty absurd already.

But after hitting the buzzer, Murray removed his shirt and revealed a “Brazi Bros” t-shirt after he won.

Respect like only American Ninja Warrior can show it.

Party Time 2 Brazi Bros 1

Relay Race:

The ladies lead off, where Stockett gives her team a predictable lead.

Alexio fell on Tilting Ladders, which means a five second penalty for Brazi Bros.

That was all too much for the Bros to overcome as Party Time advances.

Party Time wins 3-1

Matchup 2: Fast Kats (Karsten Williams, Lauren Keen, Kevin Klein) vs All-American Ninjas (Jonathan Horton, April Steiner Bennett, Paul Hamm)

Race 1: Paul Hamm vs Kevin Klein

The three-time Olympic Gold Medalist (including a gold medal for the men’s all-around in 2004), Hamm is the first of three Olympic athletes competing for the “All-American Ninjas.”

Kevin Klein, well, he waves the flag when the Dallas Cowboys score. So take that Mr Gold Medal!!!!

Klein’s experience on the Ninja course showed as he held the lead from bell to bell.

Fast Kats 1   All Americans 0

Race 2: April Steiner Bennett vs Lauren Keen

The Pole Vaulter from Beijing in 2008 got the job done tying things up for the All Americans.

Fast Kats 1 All Americans 1

Race 3: Karsten Williams vs Jonathan Horton

Unlike Hamm, Horton has ninja experience. But Williams did not lose a single race in last year’s competition, so this should be a good one.

But shockingly, Williams fell in the middle of Tilting Ladders. Horton took his time and completed the obstacle, giving his team a 2-1 lead!!!

All American Ninjas 2 Fast Kats 1

Relay Race:

Would the team of Olympians pull the big upset???

After William fell yet again (this time on Flying Monkey Bars), they sure would.

Horton hit the buzzer, sending the All American Ninjas to the next round!!!

All American Ninjas win 3-1!!!

Next Round Matchup: Party Time vs All American Ninjas

Add Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, and ZigZag Climb to the course for this match-up.

Race 1: Hamm vs Arnold

Hamm’s inexperience was obvious in his opening race.

But he looked much better at the start this time, staying even until the end of Titling Ladders.

Arnold’s reach and experience proved to be too much despite a game effort from the Gold Medalist.

Party Time 1 All American Ninjas 0

Race 2: Stockett vs Steiner Bennett

Steiner Bennett was impressive in her runs in the opening round. And the Pole Vaulter had a brief lead until Stockett ran past her on the Trampolines.

Bennett closed the gap and passed her briefly, but Steiner fell on her first attempt up the Warped Wall, giving up the lead.

Stockett was really struggling as the Tilting Ladders wore her out. But Steiner Bennett’s fall (and the fall that allowed Stockett to get up the Warped Wall first) gave Party Time a 2-0 lead.

Party Time 2 All American Ninjas 0

Race 3: Murray vs Horton

Could Murray finish the job for Party Time?

He would, racing out in front and leaving no doubt finishing well ahead of Horton.

Party Time wins 3-0 and advances!!!

Next week features David Campbell and Ian Dory. See you then.

 Photo Credit: USA Network

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