ANW 2016 Los Angeles, California City Finals

Videos, Highlights, Obstacle List, Results, Finishers & Qualifiers from American Ninja Warrior 2016 Los Angeles California City Finals (Season 8 Episode 6) ANW

Episode Details

2016 Season 8, Episode 6 (S08E06)

Filming Location

Universal Studios Hollywood

Filming Dates

April 5 - 6, 2016

Airing Date

July 11, 2016 @ 8PM

Number of Ninjas


2016 Los Angeles, California City Finals Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleNinjas AttemptedNinjas FailedFail Rate
1Floating Steps3000%
2Tic Toc30310%
4Ring Jump2300%
5I-Beam Cross23313%
6Warped Wall2000%
7Salmon Ladder20210%
8The Wedge181689%
9Helix Hang2150%
10Invisible Ladder100%

2016 Los Angeles, California City Finals Results - Ninjas Qualifying & Advancing To Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
1Josh LevinM00:08:21.30Hit Buzzer / Completed CourseWatch
2Jessie GraffF00:06:07.36#9 - Helix HangWatch
3Kevin BullM00:02:34.03#8 - The WedgeWatch
4Chris WorkmanM00:03:25.97#8 - The Wedge
5Nicholas CoolridgeM00:03:28.89#8 - The Wedge
6Adam RaylM00:03:34.93#8 - The Wedge
7Flip RodriguezM00:03:39.43#8 - The WedgeWatch
8Gabe HurtadoM00:03:46.56#8 - The Wedge
9Liam BuellM00:04:04.51#8 - The Wedge
10Grant McCartneyM00:04:09.06#8 - The WedgeWatch
11Ryan RobinsonM00:04:18.86#8 - The Wedge
12Justin HillstenM00:04:19.73#8 - The Wedge
13Jackson MeyerM00:04:20.93#8 - The Wedge
14Nick HansonM00:04:44.10#8 - The WedgeWatch
15Ben MelickM00:04:44.16#8 - The Wedge

Other Ninjas who attempted the American Ninja Warrior 2016 Los Angeles, California City Finals ANW course run

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
Jesse CargillM00:05:18.91#8 - The Wedge
Jonathan CunananM00:05:29.41#8 - The Wedge
Jerod WarfM#8 - The Wedge
Jesse La FlairM00:02:15.42#7 - Salmon Ladder
Scott WillsonM00:03:03.86#7 - Salmon Ladder
Alan ConnealyM00:00:47.43#5 - I-Beam Cross
K.C. HalikM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Alex SmithM#5 - I-Beam Cross
Ben AntoineM00:00:24.50#3 - Escalator
Brian KretschM00:00:27.76#3 - Escalator
Sean BryanM#3 - Escalator
Grey KantorM#3 - Escalator
Natalie DuranF00:00:11.82#2 - Tic Toc
Ted JungM#2 - Tic Toc
Stephen SeiverM#2 - Tic Toc

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