ANW 2016 Indianapolis, Indiana City Finals

Videos, Highlights, Obstacle List, Results, Finishers & Qualifiers from American Ninja Warrior 2016 Indianapolis Indiana City Finals (Season 8 Episode 8) ANW

Episode Details

2016 Season 8, Episode 8 (S08E08)

Filming Location

Monument Circle

Filming Dates

April 27 - 28, 2016

Airing Date

July 25, 2017 @ 8PM

Number of Ninjas


2016 Indianapolis, Indiana City Finals Obstacle List & Course Information

OrderObstacleNinjas AttemptedNinjas FailedFail Rate
1Floating Steps3013%
2Rolling Log29414%
3Fly Wheels25312%
4Disk Runner2215%
5Swinging Spikes21419%
6Warped Wall1700%
7Salmon Ladder1716%
8Hourglass Drop16850%
9Circuit Board8338%
10Invisible Ladder5120%

2016 Indianapolis, Indiana City Finals Results - Ninjas Qualifying & Advancing To Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1

RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
1Adam ArnoldM00:05:40.42Hit Buzzer / Completed Course
2Jake MurrayM00:06:34.68Hit Buzzer / Completed CourseWatch
3Brian ArnoldM00:06:37.87Hit Buzzer / Completed CourseWatch
4Ian DoryM00:07:53.91Hit Buzzer / Completed CourseWatch
5Ethan SwansonM00:06:41.42#10 - Invisible Ladder
6Dan PolizziM00:04:24.68#9 - Circuit BoardWatch
7Ryan ElliotM00:05:54.47#9 - Circuit Board
8Meagan MartinF00:07:31.38#9 - Circuit BoardWatch
9Eric MiddletonM00:03:06.78#8 - Hourglass Drop
10Dan BanuraM00:03:17.81#8 - Hourglass Drop
11Tyler SmithM00:03:55.69#8 - Hourglass Drop
12Tyler YamauchiM00:04:14.08#8 - Hourglass Drop
13Ben JacksonM00:04:30.69#8 - Hourglass Drop
14Matt WilderM00:04:35.22#8 - Hourglass Drop
15Andrew YoriM00:05:12.32#8 - Hourglass Drop

Other Ninjas who attempted the American Ninja Warrior 2016 Indianapolis, Indiana City Finals ANW course run

If no time is noted, results are sorted in order of furthest obstacle, then alphabetically within each group.
RankCompetitorGenderTimeFurthest ObstacleVideo
Andrew RowlandM#8 - Hourglass Drop
Brandon MearsM#7 - Salmon Ladder
John Murray AdamsM00:02:09.69#5 - Swinging Spikes
Jonathan CooleyM#5 - Swinging Spikes
Fred ThorneM#5 - Swinging Spikes
Theodore TronquetM#5 - Swinging Spikes
P.J. GrangerM00:01:31.99#4 - Disk Runner
Alex BienzM#3 - Fly Wheels
Bryce FoleyM#3 - Fly Wheels
Adam StroupM#3 - Fly Wheels
Lorin BallM#2 - Rolling LogWatch
Kevin HoganM#2 - Rolling Log
Drew KnappM#2 - Rolling Log
Dan YagerM#2 - Rolling Log
Zack KemmererM#1 - Floating Steps

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