TV Recap: S10E11 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Philadelphia Pennsylvania City Finals 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Philadelphia Pennsylvania City Finals Season X Episode 11

Only two weeks of City Finals remain!!! Can you believe how close we are to Vegas? This season has flown by with its mix of great performances and stories.

And this week in Philly, we see how the three females who all hit a buzzer in qualifying (Alyssa Beird, Michelle Warnky, and Rookie Casey Rothschild) perform in city qualifying. Can one or more of those three become the first female since Kacy Cantanzaro to hit a buzzer at City Finals?

Oh, and the Phoenix takes the course tonight as well!!!

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Ninjas will run the same course they did in qualifiers with four additional obstacles added.

-The top 15 ninjas and top 2 women will advance to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

The Course:

Archer Steps, Spinning Bowties (new obstacle), Broken Bridge, Wingnuts, Lightning Bolts (new obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Captain’s Ladder, Spinball Wizard (new obstacle), Spider Trap

Michelle Warnky, 33 year old Ninja Owner

And we kick things off with one of those three ladies batting lead-off.

Warnky is also competing in the same city where, three years ago, she was a member of the Fantastic Four.

Warnky has no issues making it through the first four obstacles of the course.

Then, Warnky made easy work of Lightning Bolts, the obstacle that took down 22 ninjas in qualifying.

On the second half of the course, Warnky flawlessly worked her way from Salmon Ladder to the Captain’s Wheel.

It was here that Warnky had a chance to set a new standard for herself on the course.

But unfortunately, she ran out of steam on the last part of the 8th obstacle and fell.

During the break…

Christian DeRubies fell at Wingnuts.

Cara Poalillo fell on the first obstacle.

Ryan Lee fell on Lightning Bolts.

Darion Bennett, 26 year old Mold Inspector

Bennett works three jobs along with ninja training. My assumption is Bennett has some weird condition where he doesn’t have to sleep.

Bennett needed a quick save and got it on Archer Steps.

Bowties were much easier, as Bennett’s landing lead him straight to the third obstacle without stopping.

Unfortunately, Bennett’s legs went too high and knocked the wingnut out of his way, causing him to fall on the fourth obstacle.

Zach Day, 19 year old College Student

While training for American Ninja Warrior, Zach’s father died of a heart attack. Zach received the call the day of his dad’s funeral that he would be competing this year.

Philadelphia’s number 14 qualifier made quick work of the course’s first four obstacles.

And “All Day” hit the landing on Lightning Bolts, the obstacle he fell on in qualifying.

After climbing his first Warped Wall, Day held on for a long time in the middle of Captain’s Wheel.

That hang time might have cost him as he ran out of steam on the last wheel and fell.

During the break…

Shawn Johnson fell on Wing Nuts.

James Bartholomew and Andrew Sherk fell on Lightning Bolts.

Dave Cavanagh, 32 year old Firefighter

Cavanagh has waited in walk-on lines for a combined 77 days.

After competing five times and qualifying for Vegas last year, does he still have to do that?

Joined in progress, Cavanagh equaled his qualifying performance making it up the Warped Wall.

Unlike other competitors so far, Cavanagh made a quick leap in the middle of Captain’s Wheel. The extra energy paid off as Cavanagh became the first competitor to complete the 8th obstacle.

But the first competitor to try Spinball Wizard fell on the ninth obstacle.

During the break…

Paul Ruggeri fell on Wingnuts.

Chris Fantauzzo fell on Lightning Bolts.

Angel Rodriguez fell on Captain’s Wheel.

James McGrath, 32 year old Ninja Owner

When we start viewing McGrath’s run, he was already on the second half of the course.

And he became the second competitor on the night to complete the Captain’s Wheel.

Then, he was the first ever to make it past Spinball Wizard!!!

McGrath looked to be wearing down when he started Spider Trap.

And it was nearly game over when his hands got caught between two of the doors.

Eventually, “the Beast” ran out of steam and fell on the tenth obstacle.

McKinley Pierce, 23 year old Bookseller

Pierce’s mom suffered severe second and third degree burns in a house fire. She is on hand tonight to cheer her daughter on.

Pierce had a tense moment on the very first obstacle. But she survived and moved quickly through the next two.

“Lady Mighty Mouse” fell on Wingnuts in qualifying. But she had no trouble with the fourth obstacle this time.

But Pierce fell after a bad jump on Lightning Bolts.

During the break…

Chad Riddle fell on Lightning Bolts.

Matt Strollo fell on Salmon Ladder.

Jamie Rahn, 30 year old Ninja Coach

This year, Rahn got married and moved out to Denver, where him and several other ninjas opened up a new ninja gym.

Joined in progress, “Captain NBC” took only 1:40 to complete the first part of the course.

After flying up Salmon Ladder, Rahn took his time and made easy work of Captain’s Ladder.

Then, Rahn successfully skipped the last rung on Spinball Wizard and stuck the landing on the ninth obstacle.

And after climbing up Spider Trap, Rahn became the first competitor to hit the buzzer tonight.

Jamie Rahn completes the course in 6:19.63.

Judas Licciardello, 27 year old Auctioneer

The commercial break plays through Licciardello’s run, which tells you he’s likely moving on Vegas.

Licciardello’s high flying style was on display as he made quick work of the first four obstacles.

After flying up Salmon Ladder, Licciardello methodically worked his way through Captain’s Wheel.

But Licciardello lost his grip on the first rung of Spinball Wizard and fell.

Gavin Ross, 22 year old Sprint Canoest

Ross flies when he’s working a canoe in a race.

And he set a similar pace through the first three obstacles.

Ross makes very controlled landings on each swing of Wingnuts.

After climbing up the Wall and working his way through Salmon Ladder, Akbar makes a comment about how Ross’s knowledge of boats should help him through Captain’s Wheel.

He doesn’t drive those kinds of boats, Akbar.

And it didn’t help at all as he fell on the 8th obstacle.

Casey Rothschild, 20 year old College Student

After an amazing run in qualifying, Rothschild shockingly fell on the first obstacle.

Lucas Reale, 19 year old Business Student

The fired up Reale loves to beat the mat when he’s completed an obstacle.

And after making it up the Warped Wall, two of Reale’s three friends are cheering him on. The other watches quietly.

I guess he saw what was coming as Reale fell on Captain’s Wheel.

Logan Kreglow, 24 year old Mechanical Engineer

Kreglow’s entire knee was destroyed playing football in high school.

He rehabbed, recovered, and now competes in City Finals after qualifying 23rd in Philly.

The knee shows no issue through the first four obstacles.

But the bar slipped and fell for Kreglow on Lightning Bolts, the same obstacle that took him out in qualifying.

During the break…

Brian Pease and Tyler Waters fell on Lightning Bolts.

Chris Wilczewski, 28 year old Gym Owner

Wilczewski is the top qualifier in Philly after missing last season following a near drowning in Lake Michigan.

And Wilczewski kept that pace through the first part of the course.

On Lightning Bolts, Wilczewski took a more measured approach.

It paid off as Wilczewski completed the fifth obstacle and flew up the Warped Wall.

Wilczewski took a breather before dominating the Salmon Ladder.

And no one has made as quick a work of the Captain’s Wheel as Wilczewski did.

Wilczewski pulled out the Rhan method, skipping the last run, on his way to completing Spinball Wizard.

And just like qualifying, Wilczewski hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time.

Wilczewski completed the course in 4:59.58.

Cody Coppola fell on Wingnuts.

Mike Bernardo fell on Wingnuts.

Allyssa Beird, 27 year old 5th Grade Teacher

Kids fight to be Alyssa Beird when they play ninja at home.

And Superman also wears Alyssa Beird pajamas.

There were some sketchy moments on the first part of the course for Beird.

But she kept her composure and made it through the first four obstacles.

Beird’s landings are, by far, the smoothest of the night.

And after completing Lightning Bolts, Beird secured her spot in Vegas.

Beird made the Salmon Ladder look easy.

But only a few competitors have made it through the Captain’s Wheel tonight.

And unfortunately, Beird slipped and fell on the last wheel of Captain’s Wheel.

Najee Richardson, 27 year old Motivational Speaker

Richardson recalls a time when he was a struggling rookie looking to find his way.

That seems like a long time ago.

Richardson swung over the landing mat and went straight into the third obstacle on Spinning Bowties.

“The Phoenix” needed a small correction to hang on before finishing Lightning Bolts.

And after making it up the Warped Wall, Richardson went reverse to complete the Salmon Ladder.

After working his way through Captain’s Wheels, “The Phoenix” kicked the last rung out of the way on Spinball Wizard. But that wouldn’t matter as Richardson swung straight to the mat from the next to last rung.

And despite showing some fatigue on Spider Trap, Richardson still showed out in his home time, climbing all the way up and hitting the buzzer.

Najee Richardson completed the course (first time in the City Finals?) in 5:54.95.

Top 15 City Finalists advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Completed the Indianapolis Indiana City Finals Course

  1. Chris Wilczewski
  2. Najee Richardson
  3. Jamie Rahn

Failed at Spider Trap

  1. James McGrath

Failed at Spinball Wizard

  1. Dave Cavanagh
  2. Judas Licciardello

Fell at Captain’s Wheel

  1. Angel Rodriguez
  2. Lucas Reale
  3. Zach Day
  4. Gavin Ross
  5. Allyssa Beird
  6. Michelle Warnky

Fell at Salmon Ladder

  1. Matt Strollo

Fell at Lightning Bolts

  1. James Bartholomew
  2. Logan Kreglow

Top 2 Women Advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

  1. Allyssa Beird
  2. Michelle Warnky

Just one more set of City Finals remain before Vegas. And it’s Meagan Martin and Joe Moravsky next week in Minneapolis. See you then.

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