TV Recap: S10E10 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Indianapolis Indiana City Finals 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Indianapolis Indiana City Finals Season X Episode 10

Isaac Caldiero, Jesse LaBreck, and Tyler Yamauchi took the course in Indianapolis for the City Finals last night.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Ninjas will run a similar course to the one they did in qualifiers with four additional obstacles added.

-The top 15 ninjas and top 2 women will advance to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

The Course: Archer Steps, Fly Wheels, Wheel Flip (New Obstacle), Block Run, Spin Hopper (New Obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, The Clacker, Cane Lane (New Obstacle), Spider Trap

Mike Wright, 30 year old Ninja Coach

“The Speedo Ninja” breaks out the checkerboard orange speedo before the start of his run.

And he had no trouble with the first two obstacles.

Wright moved quickly past Block Run, setting up Mike’s second attempt at the Spin Hopper.

And unlike qualifying, “the Speedo Ninja” made it past the fifth obstacle.

The Warped Wall was easy for the 6’2 Wright, setting up the 2nd half of the course.

Wright nearly lost his grip in the middle of the Clacker.

But he held on with one arm and completed the 8th obstacle.

Wright ended up falling on Cane Lane. We’ll see if his time is good enough to move onto Vegas later tonight.

During the break…

Eric Sheppard fell on Fly Wheels.

Marcelino Riley fell on Spin Hopper.

Madelynn McNeal, 21 year old College Student

McNeal credits one of her teachers with saving her from depression.

Sporting the pink buns in her hair, the rookie moved easily through the first two obstacles.

McNeal worked deliberately through the Wheel Flip before flying across Block Run.

But just like in qualifying, McNeal fell at the Spin Hopper.

During the break…

Nascar’s Ty Dillon fell on Fly Wheels.

Tyler Yamauhci, 32 year old Physical Therapist

Yamauchi was through the Spin Hopper (the obstacle that took him out in qualifying) after only two minutes on the course.

And the number 14 qualifier had no trouble making it up the Warped Wall.

After flying up the Salmon Ladder, Yamauchi made the Clacker look easy.

But Yamauchi became the night’s second victim of Cane Lane.

Jonas Duncan, 20 year old Trampoline Park Employee

Duncan’s promo video is all about his hair.

And just like everyone else whose run has made it to air tonight, Duncan had no issue with the first two obstacles.

But Duncan slipped and fell on Wheel Flip.

During the break…

Meghan Anten fell on Wheel Flip.

Jesse Maurer fell on Salmon Ladder.

Kyle Stradtman fell on Wheel Flip.

Mario Brown, 28 year old Math Teacher

JaMear, Mario’s god son, is looking on tonight. Mario has been raising JaMear since the boy’s father and Mario’s best friend was murdered.

Brown’s feet came up short on Fly Wheels. But somehow, he fell forward and completed the obstacle.

Brown had another awkward dismount on Wheel Flip before completing the third obstacle.

Brown fell after an awkward leap on Spin Hopper.

During the break…

Nicole Martinez fell on Fly Wheels.

Alex Carson fell on the Clacker.

Rigel Henry, 30 year old Construction

Jeff Spicoli, aka Rigel Henry, moved quickly through the first part of the course.

And after having no issues with Salmon Ladder and the Clacker, Henry became the first competitor on the night (and first ever) to complete Cane Lane.

If Henry can make it up Spider Trap, he will hit his first buzzer ever on a City Finals course.

But Henry was really struggling, moving slowly up the tower and looking fatigued.

However, the Sean Penn look alike fought through it and made it all the way to the top of the final obstacle, becoming the night’s first finisher.

Rigel Henry completes the course in 6:36.43.

Michael Bougher, 22 year old National Guardsman

Bougher’s run was joined in progress as he flew up the Warped Wall.

Bougher’s first time through the Warped Wall was no issue at all.

Twice, Bougher lost his grip on the Clacker.

But he held on and eventually completed the 8th obstacle.

Only one competitor has completed Cane Lane on the night so far.

And that number would stay one after Bougher fell in the middle of the obstacle.

Jeri D’Auerilio, 28 year old Army Captain

Jeri’s Jimbay playing dad is here cheering her on.

D’Auerilio completed the first three obstacles with ease.

And after making it across Block Run, D’Auerillo guaranteed herself a spot in Vegas.

Unfortunately, she fell at the same place she did in qualifying: the Spin Hopper.

Brian Arnold, 40 year old Course Designer

A commercial break ran during Arnold’s run, so that means he probably qualifies for Vegas without completing the course.

Arnold is looking for his 7th straight trip to the National Finals.

And he looked well on his way as he moved quickly through the first part of the course.

Arnold took a little time to catch his breath before attacking the Salmon Ladder.

And he was nearly flawless on the Clacker.

But on the exchange between bars, Arnold fell on Cane Lane.

Trevor West, 20 year old College Student

West credits Ninja Warrior with giving him strength and confidence to overcome bullying as a kid.

Joined in progress, West had the fastest pace of anyone on the course has he reached the Salmon Ladder.

West made the Clacker look easy.

He took his time before jumping on Cane Lane, planning out his method of attack before starting the obstacle.

West stuck the transition on the 9th obstacle. Then, he slide down the 2nd bar and completed Cane Lane.

West started Spider Trap with more than a minute to spare to beat the best time.

He made it up easily, hitting the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far.

Trevor West completed the course in 5:48.76.

During the break…

James Wilson fell on Wheel Flip.

Chris DiGangi fell on Cane Lane.

Dan Polizzi made it past Cane Lane!!! But he fell on Spider Trap.

Both DiGangi and Polizzi qualified for Vegas.

Kyle Schulze, 28 year old Grocer

“The Deaf Ninja” is the name Kyle Schulze gives himself. So no, I’m not being politically incorrect when I use that name describing.

Schulze provides deaf children with ninja training.

“The Deaf Ninja” moved quickly through the first four obstacles.

Schulze fell on the Spin Hopper in qualifying. But he learned from his mistakes and made it easily through the fifth obstacle this time.

After showing the crowd the sign language for “Beat that Wall,” Schulze climbed the Wall and set himself up for the 2nd part of the course.

And when Schulze completed the Clacker, he qualified for Vegas before falling on Cane Lane.

In a great moment after his run, Kristine Leahy told Schulze in sign language that he just qualified for Vegas.

During the break…

Travis Rosen fell on Cane Lane. But he will qualify for Vegas.

Ethan Swanson, 28 year old Stuntman

“The Swan” gets the arms going and the crowd joins in as he made it up the Warped Wall.

Then, Swanson took the long dismount to complete the Clacker, qualifying for Vegas.

Only three competitors have completed the ninth obstacle, Cane Lane, tonight.

Make that four, as Swanson completed Cane Lane 30 seconds short of the night’s best time.

Swanson made it to the top of Spider Trap and hit the buzzer, his first ever in City Finals, with the night’s fastest time so far.

Ethan Swanson completed the course in 5:44.48.

During the break…

David Womelsdorf fell on Spin Hopper.

Brad Spine fell on Cane Lane.

Philip Hucke fell on Salmon Ladder.

Isaac Caldiero, 36 year old Pro Rock Climber

The first American Ninja Warrior champion is back after making the qualifying course look easy.

And the man in khakis had no issue completing Fly Wheels despite it being his first time doing the obstacle.

The man in khakis and polo shirt showed no panic until Block Run, when he shockingly fell.

Jesse LaBreck, 28 year old Gym Owner

LaBreck is looking to become the first woman to complete a City Finals course in four years.

And she was past the first three obstacles in about a minute.

After completing Block Run, LaBreck assured herself a spot in Vegas.

“Flex” continued her deliberate, focused pace all the way to the back half of the course.

Salmon Ladder and the Clacker were no issue for LaBreck, setting up a showdown with Cane Lane.

Unfortunately, she fell near the start of the ninth obstacle.

Top 15 City Finalists advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Completed the Indianapolis Indiana City Finals Course

  1. Ethan Swanson
  2. Trevor West
  3. Rigel Henry

Fell on Spider Trap

  1. Dan Polizzi

Fell on Cane Lane

  1. Tyler Yamauchi
  2. Michael Bougher
  3. Travis Rosen
  4. Chris DiGangi
  5. Brad Spine
  6. Kyle Schulze
  7. Mike Wright
  8. Jesse LaBreck
  9. Brian Arnold

Fell on the Clacker

  1. Alex Carson

Fell on Salmon Ladder

  1. Phillip Hucke

Top 2 Women Advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

  1. Jesse LaBreck
  2. Jeri D’Aurelio

Just two weeks of City Finals remain before the National Finals in Las Vegas. Philadelphia is next week. See you then.

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