TV Recap: S10E12 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Minneapolis Minnesota City Finals 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Minneapolis Minnesota City Finals Season X Episode 12

This season has absolutely flown by!!! Can you believe the National Finals air next week?

Just one more week of City Finals left, with Minneapolis running anchor this season. This week, we’ll see if Joe Moravsky, Lance Pekus, and other ninja starts qualify for Vegas.

Also, two more high profile ladies take the next shots at completing a City Finals course. Meagan Martin and Abby Clark will try and end the 4 year drought of having no women hit a buzzer in the City Finals.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Ninjas will run a similar course to the one they did in qualifiers with four additional obstacles added.

-The top 15 ninjas and top 2 women will advance to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

The Course:

Archer Steps, Double Twister (New Obstacle), Sky Hooks, Diamond Dash (New Obtstacle), Battering Ram, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, The Hinge, Iron Maiden, Spider Trap.

Leif Sundberg, 28 year old Medical Technologist

The “Swedish Ninja” can do the Salmon Ladder with one arm.

That strength was evident as Sundberg worked easily through the first three obstacles.

After climbing up the Wall again, Sundberg tried to get fancy on the Salmon Ladder (just like he did on his promo video).

It didn’t work when it counted though, as Sundberg tried to leap three rungs on the 7th obstacle. He didn’t land it, and Sundberg’s run was over.

During the break…

James Gomez fell on Diamond Dash.

Dan Delano fell on Sky Hooks.

Jelani Allen fell on Battering Ram.

Abby Clark, 24 year old Teacher

The number 14 qualifier was the only female to hit a buzzer in qualifying.

Clark struggled through the first two obstacles. But the methodical approach worked, and Clark completed both on her way to the Warped Wall.

Unfortunately, Clark could not get up the Wall for the Finals.

We’ll see if that run is good enough to make it to Vegas.

Julius Ferguson, 32 year old Rap Artist

Ferguson is a rapper and helps children train at Drew Dreschel’s gym.

Ferguson got to spinning around a bit on Double Twister. But he recovered nicely and stuck the landing.

The same thing happened on Sky Hooks. Same result.

Ferguson crawled his way across on Diamond Dash.

And “Black Jewelz” (Ferguson’s rap name) made it all the way up the Warped Wall before heading to the 2nd part of the course.

After completing the Salmon Ladder, Ferguson made it all the way to the last board on the Hinge. But he couldn’t hold on, and his run ended.

During the break…

Ben Antoine fell on Diamond Dash.

Jamie Ross fell on Battering Ram.

Michael Silenzi fell on the Hinge.

Danny Bergstrom, 24 year old Handyman

Danny takes after his foster father, Jason, who also competes on ANW.

Danny also lost 60 pounds training for ANW, and the solid training paid off as Bergstrom completed the first three obstacles.

Bergstrom fell on Diamond Dash in qualifying. But he made it past the 4th obstacle this time.

In fact, Bergstrom made it all the way up the Warped Wall on his way to the 2nd part of the course.

Then Bergstrom became the first competitor tonight to make it past the Hinge.

Unfortunately, Bergstrom fell on Iron Maiden. But no one has made it farther on the course tonight so far.

Jake Murray, 31 year old Ninja Trainer

What unique, goofy stunt will Murray pull on the course tonight?

Well, it must come later in the run as Murray’s run is joined in progress.

There’s a little dancing as Murray jumped down from the Warped Wall.

After climbing the Salmon Ladder, Murray made easy work (and I mean easy work) of the Hinge.

Then, Iron Maiden was no problem as Murray (who shockingly fell early in the competition last season), was all business, becoming the first competitor tonight to complete the course.

Jake Murray completed the course in 5:21.57.

During the break…

Jaysen Saly fell on Double Twister.

Austin Gray fell on Iron Maiden.

Michael Torres, 23 year old Gym Manager

Another run joined in progress, Torres flashed his hands several feet above the Wall before latching on.

After dominating Salmon Ladder, Torres shockingly fell hard on the Hinge. We’ll have to see if that is enough to move on to Vegas.

Andrew Yori, 41 year old Lab Supervisor

The “K-9 Ninja” lost his original K-9 this year. But he has a new dog, a young pit bull named Aladdin.

Unfortunately, Yori fell early on Sky Hooks.

Sean Darling-Hammond, 33 year old PhD Student

The last (at least of City Finals) of the “Run During the Break Ninja’s“ is likely headed to Vegas.

And his run was going very well as the PhD student from Cal Berkeley worked easily through the first part of the course.

Hammond’s easy run continued up Salmon Ladder and the Hinge.

Now, based on previous weeks, I am guessing he will fall on Iron Maiden.

And he does, but we can be fairly certain will see him in Vegas in the next two weeks.

Sara Heesen, 32 year old Waitress

Heesen was the last female qualifier. But Clark failing on the Wall opens the door for her to move on.

And she was looking great as she made it past the Sky Hooks.

After making it past Diamond Dash, Heesen attempted Battering Ram, the obstacle that took her down in qualifying.

But she ran out of steam on the fifth obstacle and fell.

Lance Pekus, 31 year old Rancher

Pekus has been making training videos and national events for beef. So he’s the “Beefy Ninja” now?

Well, the “Cowboy Ninja’s” run picked up as he completed Battering Ram (and the shirt is still on).

The second part of the course seemed simple for Pekus (the now shirtless Pekus) as he worked his way to Iron Maiden.

But Pekus fell on the last part of ninth obstacle.

During the break…

Dalton Knapp fell on the Hinge.

Drew Knapp (his brother) fell on Iron Maiden.

Ian Dory hit the buzzer!!!

Tyler Gillett, 22 year old Barista

Another ninja joined in progress, Gillett ran quickly across Diamond Dash.

After making it up the Warped Wall, Gillett made quick work of Salmon Ladder.

And no one moved as easily through the Hinge as Gillett did.

But Gillett tried to skip a few spots on the Iron Maiden, and he slipped and fell.

However, Gillett did do enough to make it back to Vegas.

During the break…

Sarah Schoback fell on Sky Hooks after her feet dipped into the water.

Karson Voiles fell on Iron Maiden.

Eric Middleton fell on Iron Maiden.

But both Voiles and Middleton will be headed to Vegas.

Joe Moravsky, 29 year old Meteorologist

American Ninja Warrior, the family show, filmed Moravsky singing in the shower (umm..”ANW After Dark” anyone???)

In qualifying, Moravsky just missed the Mega Wall. And after climbing the regular Wall tonight, he looked over at the 18 foot monstrosity with regret.

After moving quickly across the Hinge, Moravsky slowed down for the first time on Iron Maiden.

I said it slowed him down. I didn’t say it was tough for him.

Moravsky had one minute to make it up the Spider Trap to get the night’s fastest time.

He did it, hitting the buzzer in just over five minutes.

Joe Moravsky completes the course in 5:02.30.

Meagan Martin, 28 year old Rock Climber

Will the streak of ladies not completing a City Finals course continue?

Or can Martin end that streak tonight?

Things were looking good as Martin flew past Diamond Dash.

Battering Ram took her out in qualifying.

It would not take her out this time. And after completing Battering Ram, Martin qualified for Vegas.

Martin took her time to catch her breath before starting the 2nd part of the course.

Her grip was perfect as Martin made it past the Hinge, and the crowd was going crazy.

Martin’s rock climbing skills showed on Iron Maiden, but her arms started slipping and she fell on the last part of the ninth obstacle.

During the break…

Hunter Guerard fell on Iron Maiden.

Jonathan Stevens completed the course.

Jon Alexis Jr., 29 year old Engineering Student

Michael Torres is the man on the bubble as Alexis takes the course.

The big man fell on the 4th obstacle in qualifying. And he nearly fell on the third obstacle after taking an awkward jump on the trampoline.

Diamond Dash was much easier tonight for the 6’6 Alexis.

And after the “Battering Ram,” Alexis had only been on the course for a little over a minute.

Alexis started the Hinge, and his long legs moved through it quickly, eliminating Torres.

With his spot in Vegas secured, Alexis set his sights on the top time of the night.

And that long reach paid off as he completed Iron Maiden.

Spider Trap was basically built with Alexis in mind. And it was no trouble or him as Alexis hit his first ever buzzer in a City Finals with the night’s fastest time.

Jon Alexis Jr. completes the course in 4:48.50.

Top 15 City Finalists advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Completed the Minneapolis Minnesota City Finals Course

  1. Jon Alexis Jr.
  2. Joe Moravsky
  3. Jake Murray
  4. Jonathan Stevens
  5. Ian Dory

Failed at Iron Maiden

  1. Mike Meyers
  2. Eric Middleton
  3. Karson Voiles
  4. Hunter Guerard
  5. Lance Pekus
  6. Drew Knapp
  7. Austin Gray
  8. Danny Bergstrom
  9. Tyler Gillett
  10. Sean Darling-Hammond

Top 2 Women Advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Failed at Iron Maiden

  1. Meagan Martin
  2. Abby Clark

National Finals begin next week!!! We’ll see you then.

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