TV Recap: S11E04 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Seattle / Tacoma City Qualifiers 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Seattle / Tacoma Washington City Qualifiers Season 11 Episode 4

Time for week  4 of qualifying. This week, ANW is in Seattle. Let’s review those changes to the format again.

First, we have the Power Tower: the ninja with the two fastest qualifying times compete on the 40 foot high obstacle. The winner automatically qualifies for the National Finals in Vegas.

We also have a new twist on the Mega Wall. This season, players who choose the Mega Wall get three shots at it. But they can’t go back to the regular wall.

Zuri Hall is your sideline reporter joining Matt and Akbar covering the action.

Also, we have multiple new obstacles!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Lunatic Ledges (new obstacle), Barrel Roll (new obstacle), Broken Bridge, Lightning Bolts, Warped Wall

Rose Wetzel, 37 year old Pro OCR Racer

OCR means “Obstacle Course Racer,” another position I had no idea existed.

Wetzel made easy work of Shrinking Steps and Lunatic Ledges.

But after flossing (the dance, not the cleaning your teeth procedure), Rose fell on the Barrel Roll.

Ryan Phillips, 39 year old Musician

Phillips is the lead guitarist for the band “Story of the Year.”

Phillips successfully completed the first two obstacles.

As he waved to his family, Phillips swung over the landing pad as he completed the Barrel Roll.

After flying across Broken Bridge, Ryan fell on the first leap of Lightning Bolts.

During the break…

Rob Germakian fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Clover Street fell on Barrel Roll.

Jackson Meyer fell on Lightning Bolts.

McKenna Hasse, 22 year old NASCAR Driver

Hasse moved quickly through the first two obstacles, including a one swing completion of Lunatic Ledges.

McKenna started to look a little winded before her jump to finish Barrel Roll.

But she missed the landing pad and fell.

Kenneth Edwards, 38 year old Iron Worker

Edwards is a walk-on who traveled from Brooklyn to compete.

Kenneth wasted no time attacking the course, moving quickly through the first two obstacles.

On both the 2nd and 3rd obstacle, Edwards made fingertip grabs to stay alive and complete both obstacles, including landing on his back to complete Barrel Roll.

After running across Broken Bridge, Kenneth made a great correction on the first rung of Lightning Bolts. But Edwards ran out of gas on the third run, and his run ended there.

During the break…

Jeremy Taiwo fell on Lightning Bolts.

Jackie Ehlers fell on Barrel Rolls.

Michael Larlee also fell on Lightning Bolts.

Sandy Zimmerman, 42 year old PE Teacher

Zimmerman trains with her ninja family: her husband and three kids.

Zimmerman made quick work of Shrinking Steps.

After carefully completing Lunatic Ledge, Sandy took a few extra swings before completing Barrel Roll.

There were no missteps on Broken Bridge.

Can Zimmerman become the first person to complete Lightning Bolts tonight?

Yes she can!!!!

And after taking a moment to catch her breath, Zimmerman became the first mother to ever hit a buzzer and the first woman this season to hit a buzzer.

Sandy Zimmerman completes the course in 4:44.15.

During the break…

Michelle Schubert Claussen fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Tim Schnee fell on Barrel Roll.

Nick Hanson fell on Lightning Bolts.

Austin Gray, 21 year old College Student

Austin was the ninja who gave his kidney to his best friend, Kayley, before competing last season.

And with a full year of training, Gray hopes to hit a buzzer this season.

Gray made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Big air on Barrel Roll was followed by an unfortunate fall on Broken Bridge.

Before Jake Murray’s Run…

Alex Ferreira and Sarah Schoback both fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Jake Murray, 32 year old Ninja Trainer

Murray comes wheeled out by Grant McCartney wrapped up in a straight jacket Hannibal Lechter style.

Matt informs us that he “thinks this is a homage to Hannibal Lechter” (you think, Matt???).

Murray set a quick pace despite an extra swing on Shrinking Steps.

From that point, he set a blistering pace through obstacles 2 through 4.

He had only been on the course a minute as he worked his way through Lightning Bolts.

And as Jake completed the fifth obstacle, he went straight through up to the Warped Wall and completed the course with the night’s fastest time.

Jake Murray completes the course in 1:25.37.

During the break…

Ryan Rowland-Smith (a former Mariner), fell on Lunatic Ledge.

Jon Stewart, in his final run, fell on Lunatic Ledge (after three minutes trying to complete it).

Israel Del Rio fell on Lightning Bolts.

Meagan Martin, 29 year old Rock Climber and Model

The ninja star needed a few extra swings on Lunatic Ledge and nearly slipped.

But she completed it, and did the same on Barrel Roll.

These obstacles are a lot closer than normal for Meagan Martin.

But Martin had no issue with Broken Bridge.

Unfortunately, Meagan fell on the front end of Lightning Bolts.

During the break…

Two moms…

Melissa Anderson fell on Broken Bridge.

Holly Beckstrand fell on Lightning Bolts.

Sean Bryan, 34 year old Catholic Church Worker

“The Papal Ninja” is coming back from a broken ankle.

He didn’t run a full course until a month or two before this run.

But the injury showed little more than a small amount of concern as Bryan made quick work of the course.

In fact, Sean was under a minute as he worked through Lightning Bolts.

And he hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far.

Sean Bryan completes the course in 1:14.37.

During the break…

Reko Rivera came up short on the Mega Wall.

Dan Yager also came up short on the Mega Wall.

Alex Hatch hit the buzzer his first time up the course.

Geoff Britten, 39 year old Gym Owner, First American Ninja Warrior

Britten was the first ninja to make it through Stage 4 of the National Finals, and the first American Ninja Warrior.  He’s also the only competitor to ever hit every buzzer in a season.

The veteran made quick work of the first two obstacles.

After taking an extra swing, Britten completed Barrel Roll.

But then, Geoff tripped up and fell on Broken Bridge.

Leif Sundberg, 29 year old Student

The Swedish Ninja moved fast on the course, making quick work of the first three obstacles.

Sundberg only needed 30 seconds to get to the Lightning Bolts.

He was through the fifth obstacle in under a minute.

In fact, the Swedish Ninja became the first ninja to ever break one minute completing the course.

Leif Sundberg completes the course in 0:58.75

During the break…

Mady Howard fell on the Lightning Bolts.

Scott Behrands hit the buzzer!!!

Nathan Green fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Marquez Green, 21 year old College Student

Nathan’s twin brother is up next.

Both brothers are running for their mom, who died of Breast Cancer when the boys were teenagers.

Marquez, unlike his brother, made it past the 2nd obstacle.

Green needed extra swings on Barrel Roll, but he made it through.

After flying over Broken Bridge, Green completed Lightning Bolts, setting up a showdown with the Warped Wall.

And on his first try, Marquez made it up and hit the buzzer, completing the course in one of the night’s best stories.

Marquez Green completed the course in 3:03.13.

Jessie Graff, 35 year old Stuntwoman

Jessie Graff missed last year’s National Finals while she worked on the Wonder Woman sequel.

Graff made quick work of the first two obstacles.

She said she didn’t get the amount of ninja training she wanted before competing this year.

But it didn’t show as she made it through the first four obstacles with ease (though she did take a little more time than usual planning them out).

And after finishing Lightning Bolts, Jessie made it up the Wall, cementing her return to American Ninja Warrior.

Jessie Graff completes the course in 2:45.38

Before the break…

Karson Voiles, Bart Copeland, Josh Kronberg all missed attempting to get up the Mega Wall.

During the break…

Lorin Ball hit the buzzer after just missing out on the Power Tower.

Ben Martin also hit the buzzer.

Christi Marie fell on Lightning Bolts.

Megan Rowe, 22 year old College Student

Entering Rowe’s run, Meagan Martin was on the bubble.

She made it to Lightning Bolts with 1:50 on the clock.

If Rowe gets to Lightning Bolts before that time, Martin will miss City Finals for the first time.

Rowe will try to unseat Martin while wearing sandals.

Rowe worked quickly through Shrinking Steps.

But Rowe needed a number of swings to get through Lunatic Ledges.

On Barrel Roll, Rowe once again took a number of extra swings.

The extra swings cost Rowe valuable time. And she lost even more as she took her time waiting to run across Broken Bridge.

Martin’s time is no longer an issue. Now, the only way Rowe can unseat the ninja superstar is by completing Lightning Bolts.

She fell in the middle of the fifth obstacle, and Meagan Martin survives to City Finals.

Lance Pekus, 32 year old Rancher

The Cowboy Ninja used to wrestle in Tacoma Dome. He says he’s always struggled here and would like to exercise some old demons.

Everything was going smoothly for Pekus until Broken Bridge.

He stumbled and bumbled his way across, but completed the fourth obstacle.

Pekus’s arm strength was a major asset as he made quick work of Lightning Bolts.

And the Cowboy Ninja is going for the Mega Wall!!!

After missing on the first two tries, Pekus caught the ledge, hit the buzzer, and claimed a $2,500 prize!!!

Lance Pekus completes the course in 2:57.74.

The Power Tower

Leif Sundberg vs Sean Bryan

How will Bryan’s ankle affect his attempt at the Power Tower?

The two were even all the way up the tower and onto the balance portion of the challenge.

Bryan took the lead as the pair made their way back up the tower.

And the Papal Ninja kept that lead all the way to the buzzer, advancing to the National Finals!!!

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Seattle / Tacoma Washington City Finals:

  1. Leif Sundberg
  2. Sean Bryan (Speed Pass winner)
  3. Jake Murray
  4. Lorin Ball
  5. David Moonen
  6. Ben Martin
  7. Alex Hatch
  8. Jessie Graff
  9. Scott Behrends
  10. Lance Pekus
  11. Marquez Green
  12. Justin Gielski
  13. Sandy Zimmerman

Failed at Mega Wall

  1. Josh Kronberg
  2. Karson Voiles
  3. Reko Rivera
  4. Dan Yager
  5. Bart Copeland

Fell on Lightning Bolts

  1. Jackson Meyer
  2. Nick Hanson
  3. Nate Burkhalter
  4. Rainer Jundt
  5. Matt Dolce
  6. Brandon Varnr
  7. Jeremy Taiwo
  8. Zack Scholes
  9. Michael Larlee
  10. Gavin Maxwell
  11. Glenn Albright
  12. Sean Darling-Hammond

Top 5 Women advancing to the Seattle / Tacoma Washington City Finals:

Completed Course

  1. Jessie Graff
  2. Sandy Zimmerman

Fell on Lightning Bolts

  1. Mady Howard
  2. Christie Marie
  3. Meagan Martin

See you next week in Baltimore, with Allyssa Beird, James McGrath, Joe Moravsky, Jamie Rahn, Najee Richardson, Chris Wilczewski and more!

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