TV Recap: S11E05 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Baltimore City Qualifiers 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Baltimore Maryland City Qualifiers Season 11 Episode 5

Time for week 5 of qualifying. This week, ANW is in Baltimore. Let’s review those changes to the format again.

There’s the Power Tower: the ninjas with the two fastest qualifying times compete on the 40-foot-high obstacle. The winner automatically qualifies for the National Finals in Vegas.

We also have a new twist on the Mega Wall. This season, players who choose the Mega Wall get three shots at it. But they can’t go back to the regular wall.

Zuri Hall is your sideline reporter joining Matt and Akbar covering the action.

Also, we have multiple new obstacles!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Double Twister, Dangerous Curves (new obstacle), Hazard Cones (new obstacle), Crank It Up, Warped Wall

Daniel Eiskant, 22-year-old College Student

Daniel is a part of an acapella group, “The Momma’s Boys.” That’s some straight up Andy Bernard stuff right there.

The Nard Dog, I mean “The Momma’s Boy Ninja” moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

Eiskant also became the first ninja to complete Dangerous Curves.

But Daniel’s quick pace failed him as he fell on Hazard Cones.

Alex Goodwin, 21-year-old Animal Rescue Worker

Akbar is holding a boa constrictor as Alex prepares for his run.

I personally loved the montage of adorable creatures Alex pets, feeds, and cuddles with.

“The Natural” lived up to his nickname on the first half of the course.

A big leap skipping the last cone allowed Alex to put the finishing touches on Dangerous Curves.

But on Crank It Up, Goodwin just missed the final bar, ending a solid first run.

During the break…

Taylor Johnson fell on Dangerous Curves.

Judas Licciardello back flipped to finish Double Twister. But he fell on Hazard Cones.

Kevin Liang fell on Crank It Up.

Angela Gargano, 28-year-old Gym Owner

Gargano tore her ACL in qualifying last season.

The knee was no issue as Angela stuck the landing on Double Twister.

And her exceptional upper body strength proved essential on Dangerous Curves.

But the comeback run ended on Hazard Cones.

Brandon Stenta, 26-year-old Lab Technician

Brandon has been taking care of his son, Brody, since a week before high school graduation.

And most of that time, he’s been a single dad.

Stenta looked smooth through the first two obstacles.

Brody watched on nervously with each climb as dad completed Dangerous Curves.

“The Green Mountain Ninja” then became the first on the night to complete Crank It Up.

And in his first ever run, Brandon Stenta became the night’s first finisher.

Brandon Stenta completed the course in 3:45.18.

During the break..

Karter Ohlson fell on Dangerous Curves.

Anthony Eardley fell on Crank It Up.

Nick Green, 41-year-old Firefighter

Green’s fire station is looking on as he prepares for his run.

On Double Twister, the 2nd bar lived up to its name twisting all around.

But Green held firm and completed the obstacle.

Nick continued his steady run on Dangerous Curves. But his fingers slipped, and Green fell on the 3rd obstacle.

Abby Clark, 25-year-old Special Ed Teacher

One of last year’s breakout stars, Abby and her boyfriend now have a border collie at home.

Clark made easy work of the first two obstacles.

Abby’s solid run continued on Dangerous Curves.

But she stumbled and fell on Hazard Cones.

Only two women have made it past Dangerous Curves so far, so we’ll see if that’s enough to qualify for City Finals.

During the break…

Alicia Tavani-Candella fell on Double Twister.

Connor Claffney fell on Hazard Cones.

Lucio Battista fell on Crank It Up.

Conor Galvin, 24-year-old College Student

Conor’s grandfather Ducky is 93 years old, served in World War II, walks three miles a day, and regularly dances. Guess I need to rethink what I consider a good walk.

Galvin made quick work of the first two obstacles with big height on the dismount of Double Twister.

Conor’s solid work continued on Dangerous Curves.

Galvin took bounding steps on his way to completing Hazard Cones.

And after completing the fifth obstacle, Galvin ran up the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far.

Connor Galvin completes the course in 2:07.02.

During the break…

Carl Fantauzzo fell on Shrinking Steps.

Casey Rothschild fell on Dangerous Curves.

Jon Alexis Jr also fell on Dangerous Curves.

Joe Moravsky, 30-year-old Weatherman

Last season, Moravsky came up inches short on the Mega Wall.

As expected, the Weatherman maintained a quick pace through the first half of the course.

Joe skipped the last cone entirely on Hazard Cones before completing the fourth obstacle.

And once again, Moravsky set himself up for another attempt at the Mega Wall.

But just like last season, Moravsky came up short, ending a streak of 6 straight seasons hitting a qualifying buzzer.

Brandon Singletary, 21-year-old Actor

Brandon and his dad are both competing tonight (both on the course and with each other).

The son got off to a good start on the course.

Singletary almost got stuck on Dangerous Curves. The arms started to give out and he fell on the 3rd obstacle.

Tamika Catchings, 39-year-old WNBA Executive

The basketball legend is a former WNBA MVP, a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, a collegiate national champion, and a WNBA champion.

Catchings needed all of her 6’2 frame to make it past Double Twister.

But Tamika fell midway through Dangerous Curves.

During the break…

Desi Singletary fell on Dangerous Curves, right where his son fell.

Cara Poalillo also fell on Dangerous Curves.

Mike Silenzi became the 3rd ninja on the night to hit the buzzer!!!

Garret Lam, 24-year-old Rhodes Scholar

Lam has impressive academic credentials.

But his inspiration is his twin brother Austin, who has Cerebral Palsy.

Lam stumbled on the first obstacle but completed it.

Garret got twisted around on the second obstacle but kept his composure and moved on to Dangerous Curves.

After completing the third obstacle, Lam leaped past Hazard Cones.

Then, Lam did something he’s never done before: completing the 5th obstacle.

And for the first time ever, Lam hit the buzzer and advanced to City Finals.

Garret Lam completes the course in

During the break…

Jamie Rahn (Captain NBC) hit a buzzer for the 8th straight time.

Allyssa Beird, 28-year-old 5th grade teacher

Beird is looking to atone for falling on the first obstacle in Vegas last season.

To clear her head, Beird took a three-week backpacking trip through Europe.

She completed the first obstacle this time, as well as working her way smoothly through the first half of the course.

After bounding across Hazard Cones, Beird took on the challenge only one woman has completed in the history of the course: Crank It Up.

Allyssa would not complete the fifth obstacle, but she has made it farther than any other woman tonight.

Before the break…

Justin Andelon and Joe Capabianco also fell on Crank It Up.

During the break…

Chris Wilczewski came up short on the Mega Wall.

Lucas Reale hit the buzzer!!!

Anthony DeFranco hit the buzzer in 2:07.38 (the night’s second fastest time).

Dave Cavanagh, 33-year-old firefighter

Cavanagh has spent over two months of his life in the walk-on line. This season, Cavanagh received his first call to compete, so a walk-on no longer.

And Cavanagh’s run justified that phone call!!!

Quickly through two obstacles, Dave continued a strong start on the course completing Dangerous Curves.

After hopping over Hazard Cones, Cavanagh continued not only a push to finish the course, but a push for the night’s fastest time with his work on Crank It Up.

And with five seconds to spare, Cavanagh hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time!!!

Dave Cavanagh completes the course in 2:02.27.

Najee Richardson, 28-year-old Motivational Speaker

Let’s see if “The Phoenix” goes for the Mega Wall or attempts to top Cavanagh’s time.

Richardson got huge air on Double Twister.

After completing Dangerous Curves, Richardson literally stuck on the landing on Hazard Cones (stuck right into his torso) but held on to complete the fourth obstacle.

After completing Crank It Up, “The Phoenix” eyed the Mega Wall.

But after three attempts, Najee failed to make it up.

Power of Tower

Dave Cavanagh vs Conor Galvin

Definitely not the people you’d expect to be competing here.

The pair were even going up the steps.

Cavanagh took the lead sliding down the pole.

He would keep that lead along the balance portion and all the way to the end of the race.

Cavanagh hit the buzzer and clinched his spot in the National Finals.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Baltimore Maryland City Finals:

Completed Course

  1. Dave Cavanagh
  2. Conor Galvin
  3. Anthony DeFranco
  4. Lucas Reale
  5. Jamie Rahn
  6. Brandon Stenta
  7. Branden McWilliams
  8. Michael Silenzi
  9. Garrett Lam

Failed at Mega Wall

  1. Joe Moravsky
  2. Najee Richardson
  3. Chris Wilczewski

Failed at Crank It Up

  1. Joe Capobianco
  2. Tristan Poffenberger
  3. Alex Goodwin
  4. Clayton Mirage
  5. Zach Barefoot
  6. Eli Bell
  7. Lucio Battista
  8. Logan Kreglow
  9. Justin Andelin
  10. Anthony Eardley
  11. Ryan Rattazzi
  12. Ryan Lee
  13. Allyssa Beird
  14. Kevin Liang

Failed at Hazard Cones

  1. Julius Ferguson
  2. Jonathan Stevens
  3. Daniel Eiskant
  4. Zach Day

Top 5 Women advancing to the Baltimore Maryland City Finals:

Failed at Crank It Up

  1. Allyssa Beird

Failed at Hazard Cones

  1. Abby Clark
  2. Angela Gargano

Failed at Dangerous Curves

  1. Karter Ohlson
  2. Cara Poalillo

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