TV Recap: S11E03 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Oklahoma City Qualifiers 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Oklahoma City Qualifiers Season 11 Episode 3

Time for week 3 of qualifying. This week, ANW is in Oklahoma City. Let’s review those changes to the format again.

First, we have the Power Tower: the ninja with the two fastest qualifying times compete on the 40 foot high obstacle. The winner automatically qualifies for the National Finals in Vegas.

We also have a new twist on the Mega Wall. This season, players who choose the Mega Wall get three shots. But all three shots must be on the Mega Wall.

Zuri Hall is the sideline reporter joining Matt and Akbar covering the action.

Also, we have multiple new obstacles!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Wing Swing (new obstacle), Fly Wheels, Diving Boards (new obstacle), Coconut Climb (new obstacle), Warped Wall

Karen Wiltin, 41 year old Physician’s Assistant

Wiltin was the top female qualifier in Dallas last year. So why is she bating lead off tonight?

She needed extra swings on Shrinking Steps.

The extra swing trend continued on Wing Swing.

But Wiltin completed both obstacles successfully.

And Karen’s slow but steady run continued as she completed Fly Wheels.

After completing Diving Boards (another new obstacle), Wiltin got stuck in the middle of Coconut Climb.

Despite falling on the fifth obstacle, Wiltin gets the night started off with a great run.

During the break…

Lee Steinfeld fell on Wing Swing.

Artis Thompson III fell on Fly Wheels.

Adam Naids fell on Diving Boards.

Tom Mortimer, 40 year old Zookeeper

Tom is running for his son, Landon, who struggles with seizures because of Epilepsy.

Mortimer moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

But after a solid job on Fly Wheels, Mortimer fell on Diving Boards.

During the break…

Tom Simek touched the water on the first obstacle.

Paul Adeyemo fell on Diving Boards.

Clay Raterman fell on Wing Swing.

Taylor Amann, 22 year old Fashion Buyer

Taylor and Clay are dating. They met on the college edition of Team Ninja Warrior three years ago.

Amann moved quickly through the first obstacle.

The three time champion pole vaulter had no issues with the Wing Swing.

Taylor continued her great run with great strides on Diving Boards.

Amann had difficulty gaining and keeping momentum on Coconut Climb.

Finally, her arms gave out. But still, a great run by Amann.

During the break…

Michael Snell III fell on Fly Wheels.

Mike Galeski fell on Coconut Climb.

Andrew Naquin fell on Diving Boards.

David Wright, 19 year old Lifeguard

Wright’s secret weapon is cake. I mean, I think he just likes cake. I doubt it helps him on the course.

Matt and Akbar got a piece of cake from him, so they are cool with it.

Wright trains with top ninjas, and it shows as he made quick work of the first two obstacles.

“Da Cake Ninja” continued his strong run to Diving Boards.

A rough fall, but a successful finish on the fourth obstacle set up Wright’s attempt at the Coconut Climb.

Would David become the first competitor to finish the fifth obstacle?

He would!!!

And Wright would finish the job, climbing up the Warped Wall and becoming the night’s first finisher.

David Wright completes the course in 2:26.98.

Before the break…

Matthew Tramel, Daniel Manuel, Ephraim Taylor, and Jared Greer all fell on Diving Boards.

During the break…

Kevin Jones fell on Wing Swing.

Jacob Bowling fell on Coconut Climb.

Favia Dubyk fell on Diving Boards.

Maggi Thorne, 37 year old Marketing Consultant

“Changing the World One Pink Bow at a Time”

That’s Throne’s motto that she tells to girls all over the country.

And she made easy work of the first two obstacles.

After completing Fly Wheels, Thorne nearly fell on the end of Diving Boards.

But Maggi pulled herself up, setting up a chance at Coconut Climb.

Thorne made it to the 2nd side of the obstacle.

But she ran out of gas and fell right before the end.

Matthew Day, 20 year old College Student

Day was a stud rookie last season.

And his performance was only stronger this season.

After completing the first three obstacles, Day glided over Diving Boards.

And with Coconut Climb in the rearview mirror, Day set the night’s new standard with the night’s fastest time.

Matthew Day completes the course in 1:50.12.

During the break…

Madelynn MacNeal fell on Coconut Climb.

Barclay Stockett, 24 year old Gymnastics Coach

Barclay’s career started in Oklahoma City three seasons ago.

Stockett started quickly, making easy work of the first two obstacles.

A fast time will be needed here as several women have already made Coconut Climb.

The strong push continued with several swings on Fly Wheels.

Three big leaps were all that was needed to get past Diving Boards.

Stockett’s upper body strength seems to lend itself to Coconut Climb.

And it showed on the first half of the fifth obstacle.

Barclay got stuck on the back end of the obstacle. And just before the rope, she fell in as her arms gave out.

During the break…

Chase Escue fell on the first obstacle.

Brent Steffensen hit the buzzer!!!

Josh Salinas came up short on his attempt to climb the Mega Wall.

Jody Avila, 33 year old HVAC technician

The “Big Dog Ninja’s” toughest competition is his son, Brandon.

The big guy made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Last season, Avila fell on a balance obstacle.

He didn’t fall this year, flying across the Diving Boards.

Jody moved as quickly as any competitor on Coconut Climb, setting up an attempt at the Mega Wall.

Avila was not able to climb it.

During the break…

Eric Middleton, the bug eating ninja, fell short this year on Fly Wheels.

Ben Wales, a walk-on, hit the buzzer on his first ever attempt at the course.

Jeff Harris also hit the buzzer for the first time.

Leigh Jahnke, 19 year old College Student

Jahnke grew up and worked on her farm in Nebraska.

The farm is where she practices, including building a Warped Wall out of pallets and hay bales.

After an extra swing on Shrinking Steps, Leigh completed the first two obstacles.

The Ring Swing produced a one foot landing from Jahnke.

Unfortunately, she slipped and fell on Fly Wheels.

During the break…

Jonathan Horton fell on Coconut Climb.

Brian Burkhardt came up short on the Mega Wall.

Nick Fordney put up the night’s 2nd fastest finish and hit his first buzzer.

Karsten Williams, 38 year old Ninja Coach

“The Big Kat Ninja’s” mom coaches him during ninja training.

And apparently, she still teaches him how to tie his shoe?

After easily completing the first obstacle, Big Kat kicked the bar on Wing Swing.

It was near disaster. But Williams stayed patient and completed the 2nd obstacle.

After that, Karsten moved easily through the next two obstacles.

After completing Coconut Climb, Williams was pushing for the fastest time.

Instead, he chose to go for the Mega Wall.

And on the 2nd attempt, he did it, winning $5,000!!!

Karsten Williams completes the course in 2:13.82

During the break…

Josh Norton fell on Coconut Climb (it was still enough to earn a top 30 spot).

Mike Doweidt fell on Diving Boards.

Brittany Hanks, Doweidt’s future daughter in law, also fell on Diving Boards.

Quest O’Neal, 27 year old Waitress

One of the last season’s top stories, O’Neal met a fan named Layla.

Layla loved O’Neal because they both have the same hair. Layla was adopted by her family from Uganda.

O’Neal struggled a bit on the first two obstacles. But she held on and completed them both.

Quest started looking gassed on Fly Wheels. But she fought and completed the third obstacle.

However, O’Neal did fall on Diving Boards.

Since so many women made the fifth obstacle, O’Neal won’t be moving on to the City Finals. Layla still loves her anyway.

Daniel Gil, 25 year old Worship Leader

Gil came out with a fast pace.

Four obstacles were done in 30 seconds!!!

As Gil made his way through Coconut Climb, the question was would Gil attempt the Mega Wall or assure himself a spot on the Power Tower.

Well, just like Drew Dreschel last week, Gil’s answer was both!!!

Daniel climbed the Mega Wall and hit the buzzer ($10,000!!!) with the night’s fastest time.

With only one ninja left, Gil is guaranteed a spot on the Mega Wall.

Daniel Gil completes the course in 1:23.14.

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi, 20 year old College Student

Can Owhadi, last year’s star rookie, break into the top two or take down the Mega Wall?

The Kid made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Only a second behind Gil’s pace after Diving Boards!!!

Owhadi’s long reach showed as he completed Coconut Climb.

The Kid opted to go for the Mega Wall.

After missing on two attempts, Owhadi lost his chance at the Power Tower.

And he came up just short on the Mega Wall as well.

Power Tower

Daniel Gil vs Matthew Day

Gil and Day were neck and neck going into the horse shoe.

Gil took the lead on the balance test.

Day struggled as Gil flung his way to the buzzer and punched his ticket to the National Finals.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Oklahoma City Finals:

Men who completed the Oklahoma City course

  1. Daniel Gil
  2. Matthew Day
  3. Nick Fordney
  4. Karsten Williams
  5. Alex Blick
  6. Brent Steffensen
  7. David Wright
  8. Ben Wales
  9. Jeff Harris
  10. Kendall Ortez
  11. Chris Talon Green
  12. Abel Gonzalez
  13. Tyler Humphrey

Failed at Warped Wall or Mega Wall

  1. Mathis ‘Kid Owhadi
  2. Jody Avila
  3. Josh Salinas
  4. Brian Burkhardt

Fell on Coconut Climb

  1. Jonathan Horton
  2. Rick Hinnant
  3. Josh Norton
  4. Elliott Jolivette
  5. Jonathan Bange
  6. Damir Okanovic
  7. Treymayne Dortch
  8. Josh Harris
  9. Chris Cambre
  10. Madelynn McNeal
  11. Maggi Thorne
  12. Barclay Stockett
  13. Taylor Amann

Top 5 Women advancing to the Oklahoma City Finals:

Fell at Coconut Climb

  1. Madelynn McNeal
  2. Maggi Thorne
  3. Barclay Stockett
  4. Taylor Amann
  5. Karen Wiltin

Halfway through qualifying, we return next week with Jessie Graff and Geoff Britten in Seattle!!! See you then.

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