TV Recap: S10E06 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Minneapolis Minnesota Qualifiers 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Minneapolis Minnesota City Qualifiers Season X Episode 6

The final qualifiers for American Ninja Warrior were broadcast Monday night from Minneapolis.

Here’s a final breakdown of the format:

-Competitors will be timed attempting to complete six obstacles.

-Each competitor that completes the course automatically moves onto the city finals.

-Competitors can also advance if they have the best time of the competitors who completed the same number of obstacles.

-The thirty best finishers plus the five best female finishers will advance to the city finals.

Here’s the course:

Floating Steps, Double Twister (New Obstacle), Ring Jump, Diamond Dash (New Obtstacle), Battering Ram, Warped Wall.

-And for the last week (I think???), there are two Warped Walls this season: the regular 14.5 foot tall version and an 18 foot tall version. Competitors that make it up the 18 foot wall get $10,000. But competitors will only get one shot on the 14 foot wall.

Dr. Cody Sessions, 30 year old Orthopedic Surgeon

The theme of Sessions video piece is that, basically, he has no free time.

The rookie hit on the second obstacle after nearly having his back leg pull him down.

Then, the “Ortho Ninja” went for an early dismount on Ring Jump. But he stuck a foot in the water, ending his run and somewhere suffering a wide opening on his forehead.

Isaac Mitchell, 31 year old Liquor Store Clerk

The Black Panther inspired ninja is competing in honor of one of his favorite customers at the liquor store he works at.

Now Isaac has never trained in a ninja gym, and it showed as he kept spinning circles before falling on Double Twister.

During the break…

Corey Belin fell on Ring Jump.

Claire Pearson fell on Double Twister.

Kojo Hilaire, the Rasta Ninja, fell on Diamond Dash.

Jenn Roder, 32 year old Stay-at-Home Mom

Jenn, who’s been training with Sarah Schoback, is a cancer survivor.

And with a cancer survivor, it really doesn’t matter how far they make it on the course. Just appearing on the show is a victory.

Jenn made it through the first two obstacles successfully before falling on Ring Jump.

Eric Middleton, 26 year old Etymology Student

Eric wants us to know just how valuable bugs are to our everyday lives by eating bugs (including a fried tarantula, eww!!!).

But if Eric completes the course, Matt and Akbar will have to eat a fried tarantula.

So we have another ninja first: the announcers cheering against someone trying to complete the course.

And they were sweating as Middleton became the first ninja on the night to complete the Diamond Dash.

And then, with the chant “Eat that Spider” going on in the background, Middleton climbed the Warped Wall. Matt and Akbar scarfed that spider down as Middleton became the night’s first finisher.

Eric Middleton completes the course in 2:50.18.

During the break…

Charlotte Eccles fell on Double Twister.

Dan Yager shockingly fell at Ring Jump.

Jelani Allen fell on the Battering Ram.

Austin Gray, 21 year old from Colorado

Austin donated a kidney to save the life of his friend, Kaylee, in February. And now he’s running a ninja course 3 months later (this was filmed in May).

So Austin, with one kidney, completed the first three obstacles in just over a minute.

In fact, Austin made it to the Wall and tried the MegaWall.

Unfortunately, Austin’s failed attempt at the MegaWall cost him as he was unable to make it up on his one attempt at the regular Wall.

Before the break…

James Gomez, Danny Bergstrom, and Andrew Yori all fell on Diamond Dash.

During the break…

Steve Mascaro fell on Double Twister.

Sarah Schoback fell on Ring Jump.

Dan Delano made it up the Warped Wall, becoming the night’s 2nd finisher.

Maggi Thorne, 36 year old Mother of Three

The four time ninja veteran got hung up on Double Twister. But she stuck her toes on the mat and completed the obstacle.

The energy spent on the 2nd obstacle showed on Ring Jump as Throne slipped and fell on the 2nd row of Ring Jump.

Gavin MacCall, 41 year old Videographer

Gavin’s daughter, Lylah, is famous for completing ninja courses her dad made in the backyard. Lylah may end up forcing somebody’s hand and producing a kid version of Ninja Warrior.

As for dad, he fell on the 2nd obstacle.

During the break…

Larissa Cottle, Tavaress Chambliss, and Sara Hessen (yes, Sara Hessen) all fell on Ring Jump, the night’s toughest obstacle.

Lance Pekus, 31 year old Rancher

Lance’s wife, Heather, has been working with a specialist to help her work through her multiple sclerosis.

And it appears to be paying off as she’s attending Lance’s run (she couldn’t last year) and using a walker instead of a wheelchair.

As for last year’s top qualifier in Kansas City, Pekus made quick work of Ring Jump, the obstacle so many have struggled with tonight.

Then, the “Cowboy Ninja” lost the hat and shirt before completing the Battering Ram.

Pekus’s video package showed him attempting a very large Wall at his ranch in Idaho.

But he slipped on the MegaWall here.

Pekus had no issue making it up the regular wall, finishing the course and qualifying for the City Finals once again.

Lance Pekus completes the course in 3:06.55.

During the break…

Christina Gambino fell at Ring Jump.

Jaysen Saly made it all the way to Battering Ram before falling.

Jon Alexis Jr (getting the truncated treatment) shockingly fell at Diamond Dash.

Abby Clark, 24 year old Teacher

In her rookie season last year, Clark fell on the Ring Jump. Can she overcome it tonight, unlike so many who’ve fallen on the third obstacle?

She did, becoming the first woman to get past the obstacle tonight.

Then, Clark nearly fell on Diamond Dash, but she was able to crawl her way to completion.

In fact, Clark made it all the way it all the way to the Warped Wall, where she completed the last obstacle on her third and final attempt.

Abby Clark completes the course in 5:27.48.

Enedina Stanger, 30 year old Motivational Speaker

Stinger was on the show three years ago in a wheelchair supporting her husband. She was suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease that affects the joints and made it questionable whether she would survive the year.

She didn’t just survive. She’s here tonight competing on the course.

Stanger was unable to complete the first obstacle, but she had a blast doing it. And who can blame her for that?

During the break…

Craig Stowall fell at Double Twister.

Jennifer Taviener fell at Ring Jump.

Ian Dory missed at the MegaWall. But he hit the buzzer yet again.

Jake Murray, 31 year old Ninja Trainer

One of the most colorful ninjas in the competition has a new look as he tries to overcome last year’s early exit.

Murray moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

Murray took a moment before completing the Ring Jump. Then, he ran quickly through the Diamond Dash.

Murray struggled a bit on Battering Ram. But he was able to complete the fifth obstacle and climb up the Warped Wall.

Jake Murray completes the course in 2:55.71

Jamie Ross fell at Ring Toss. She will, however, be one of the female qualifiers for City Finals.

Drew Knapp fell at Battering Ram.

Dalton Knapp (Drew’s brother) completed the course.

Meagan Martin, 28 year old Professional Rock Climber

Meagan has Celina, a young fan who recently finished chemotherapy, in Minneapolis to cheer Meagan on.

Martin made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Then, Martin became the 2nd woman to complete the Ring Toss.

After a quick run through Diamond Dash (qualifying her for City Finals), Martin slipped and fell on Battering Ram.

During the break…

Alana Olson fell at Double Twister.

Ben Antoine fell on Diamond Dash.

Tyler Gillett completed the course.

Joe Moravsky, 29 year old Weather Man

Last season, the “Weather Man” made it farther than any other ninja.

Moravsky completed the Ring Toss in three swings.

The fast pace continued as Moravsky moved effortlessly through Diamond Dash.

After completing the Battering Ram, would the “Weather Man” become the only competitor to make it up the MegaWall?

He would not. But he still made it up the Warped Wall with the night’s fastest time.

Joe Moravsky completes the course in 2:38.38.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Minneapolis Minnesota City Finals:

Men who completed the Minneapolis Course

  1. Joe Moravsky
  2. Eric Middleton
  3. Leif Sundberg
  4. Michael Torres
  5. Jake Murray
  6. Mike Meyers
  7. Jonathan Stevens
  8. Lance Pekus
  9. Tyler Gillett
  10. Dan Delano
  11. Sean Darling-Hammond
  12. Ian Dory
  13. Dalton Knapp
  14. Abby Clark

Failed at Warped Wall

  1. Austin Gray

Failed at Battering Ram

  1. Drew Knapp
  2. Hunter Guerard
  3. Michael Silenzi
  4. Karson Voiles
  5. Justin Cranmer
  6. Jelani Allen
  7. Meagan Martin
  8. Jaysen Saly
  9. Garrett Lam

Fell at Diamond Dash

  1. Jon Alexis Jr.
  2. Ben Antoine
  3. Andrew Yori
  4. James Gomez
  5. Danny Bergstrom
  6. Julius Ferguson

Top 5 Women advancing to the Minneapolis Minnesota City Finals:

Women who completed the Minneapolis Course

  1. Abby Clark

Fell at Battering Ram

  1. Meagan Martin

Fell at Ring Jump

  1. Sarah Schoback
  2. Jamie Ross
  3. Sara Heesen

City Finals (yes, it is already time for City Finals) start next week with Los Angeles. See you then.



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