TV Recap: S10E05 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Qualifiers 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018:Philadelphia Pennsylvania City Qualifiers Season X Episode 5

American Ninja Warrior’s 10th season continued Wednesday night in Philadelphia.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Competitors will be timed attempting to complete six obstacles.

-Each competitor that completes the course automatically moves onto the city finals.

-Competitors can also advance if they have the best time of the competitors who completed the same number of obstacles.

-The thirty best finishers plus the five best female finishers will advance to the city finals.

Here’s the course:

Floating Steps, Spinning Bowties (new obstacle), Broken Bridge, Wingnuts, Lightning Bolts (new obstacle), Warped Wall.

-And don’t forget there are two Warped Walls this season: the regular 14.5 foot tall version and an 18 foot tall version. Competitors that make it up the 18 foot wall get $10,000. But competitors will only get one shot on the 14 foot wall if they try for the $10,000.

Jason Avant, 35 year old retired NFL Football Player

The first athlete in Philly is a former Philadelphia Eagle.

And he also became the first athlete to attempt (and complete) the Spinning Bowties.

Avant does a lot of dancing between obstacles.

But it seems to work as the retired wide receiver made it through the first three obstacles.

He nearly overshot the first swing on Wingnut. He held it only to fall on the second swing.

Stuart Warshawer, 37 year old Middle School Principal

Warshawer has a great cheering section of students.

And they can be heard has Warshawer just missed on the 2nd bowtie of Spinning Bowties.

During the break…

Ian Nance fell on Spinning Bowties.

Alexa Marcigliano fell on Wingnuts.

Eric Totten fell on Broken Bridge.

Paul Ruggeri III, 29 year old Gymnast

We join Ruggeri’s run in progress as he just saved himself on the last step on Broken Bridge.

And the first year competitor was looking good until he fell on Lightning Bolts, the first ninja to attempt the fifth obstacle.

Helen Lin, 33 year old Sales Director

Lin swims in frigid cold water to train (yikes!!!) And we’re not talking about just putting her feet in. She’ll swim a mile in water below 30 degrees.

And she’s running with a swim cap on this evening.

Her training appeared to suffice as she completed the first two obstacles.

But she was unable to keep her balance on Broken Bridge.

Coming out of the break, the show highlights Akbar’s horrible attempt at a first pitch during a Phillies game (who by the way, are currently in second place to the resurgent Atlanta Braves!!!)

During the break…

James Bartholomew mocked that first pitch before falling on Lightning Bolts.

McKinley Pierce fell on Wingnuts.

Marcos Colon-Pappaterra fell on Broken Bridge.

Chad Riddle, 28 year old Kindergarten Teacher

Riddle has not competed on the course in four years.

And this time, his mom is there to cheer him on.

The “Kindergarten Ninja” built 30 obstacles that he trains on in his backyard.

And it showed as Riddle moved his way successfully through the first half of the course.

And after getting past Wingnuts, Riddle became the first competitor ever to complete Lightning Bolts.

Riddle climbed the Wall, a finish that brought him to tears, as he became the night’s first finisher.

Chad Riddle completes the course in 3:06.52.

Ryan Carson, 29 year old Physical Therapist

Carson is an amputee.

But it’s hardly noticeable when he swings himself through Spinning Bowties.

Now, Carson condition makes it obvious that making it across the Broken Bridge would be a challenge. So it was amazing watching him complete the third obstacle!!!

By the time Carson made it through Wingnuts, the reality sets in that this guy might be a threat to complete the course.

Unfortunately, Carson fell on Lightning Bolts. But we’ll see if he’s got a good enough time to qualify for City Finals.

Before the break…

D’Angelo Lewis fell on the Bowties.

Annika Nieshalla fell on Wingnuts.

Lucas Reale fell on Lightning Bolts.

After the break…

Perry Madison and Alexandra Mack fell on Spinning Bowties.

Jamie Rahn (Captain NBC) gets the truncated treatment tonight. He completed the qualifying course for the 7th straight season.

Casey Rothschild, 20 year old Student

“The Circus Ninja” will see if learning the “Circus Arts” will help her complete the course.

She’s also trains at Drew Dreschel’s gym.

That pedigree showed through as she completed the first three obstacles.

Then, a one handed save got Rothschild through the Wingnuts.

And after Rothschild made it through Lightning Bolts, “the Circus Ninja” received direction from “The Real Life Ninja” after missing the Warped Wall twice.

But on the third attempt, Rothschild made it up the Wall, becoming the youngest woman to ever hit a buzzer.

Casey Rothschild completes the course in 4:57.25.

Chris Wilczewski, 28 year old Gym Owner

Wilczewski nearly drowned two years ago when an undertow pulled him into the water.

This is his first time on the ninja course since then.

Wilczewski moved quickly through the first three obstacles, which was a very good sign.

And he made Wingnuts look easy.

It only took a minute to complete those four obstacles.

After finishing Lightning Bolts, Wilczewski decided to take a shot at the Mega Wall.

And he made it!!!! What a return!!!!

Wilczewski completes the course in 2:01.53.

During the break…

Garen Lara fell on Wingnuts.

Ryan Lee is the “Naptime Ninja.” And the “Naptime Ninja” fell on Lightning Bolts.

James McGrath (another star getting the truncated treatment) completed the course.

Anthony DeFranco, 24 year old Course Finisher (or 24 year old Italian, the show never gave an occupation).

DeFranco is running for his sister Daniela, who is a cancer survivor.

But shockingly, DeFranco fell on the very first obstacle after he hesitated jumping for the third step on Floating Steps.

Nickola Kupper, 33 year old Air Force Electrician

Kupper is running for his daughter, Guyana, who has Spina Bifida.

And on his first time on the course, Kupper completes the first two obstacles.

His approach was very deliberate and effective as Kupper completed Wingnuts.

But Kupper looked spent on Lightning Bolts as he fell on the first swing.

During the break…

Shawn Johnson, Zach Day, and Gavin Ross (all rookies) all fell on Lighting Bolts.

Michelle Warnky, 33 year old Gym Owner

Warnky is looking to hit a buzzer for the first time since season 6.

And she looked to be well on her way after completing the Wingnuts.

She smiled all the way through Lightning Bolt as she completed the fifth obstacle with few hiccups.

Warnky tried the MegaWall and failed.

But she did make it up the Warped Wall, hitting her first buzzer in four years.

Michelle Warnky completed the course in 3:57.05.

Darion Betton, 26 year old Mold Inspector

Betton somehow finds time to do ninja training in between working three jobs.

And that training paid off as Betton worked his way to Lightning Bolts.

But like a lot of rookies tonight, Betton fell on the fifth obstacle.

Daria Beird, 55 year old Barn Manager

This is Allyssa Beird’s mom and the night’s oldest competitor.

Beird did complete the first obstacle. But she came just short on the landing for Spinning Bowties.

Before the break…

Angel Rodriguez and Alex Nye both fell on Lightning Bolts.

Trina Lisko fell on Spinning Bowties.

During the break…

Kevin Liang fell on Spinning Bowties.

Cara Poalillo fell on Lightning Bolts.

Dave Cavanagh hit the buzzer.

Allyssa Beird, 27 year old 5th Grade Teacher

An Allyssa Beird finish would be the first time three women have hit a buzzer in the same night.

Beird moved both quickly and deliberately through the first half of the course.

After completing Wingnuts, Beird guaranteed herself a spot in the women’s top 5.

And no one has moved has effortlessly as Beird did working through Lightning Bolts.

Beird tried the MegaWall and missed.

But she didn’t miss on the regular Wall. History is made again in Philly!!!

Beird completes the course in 4:02.86.

During the break

Candace Rubenstein fell on Broken Bridge.

Judas Licciardello and Mike Bernardo hit the buzzer.

Najee Richardson, 27 year old Motivational Speaker

Najee is from Philadelphia, and he also threw out the first pitch (a much better one at that) at the Phillies game (who by the way, don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, are trailing the first place Atlanta Braves in the standings!!!)

The hang time from Richardson is impressive on Spinning Bowties.

Richardson shows more great hang time on Wingnuts. But throughout his run, Richardson appeared to have some issue with his legs.

Will those legs affect his attempt at the MegaWall?

They did not!!!

Richardson grabbed the top of the MegaWall with one hand and held on, hitting the buzzer and earning $10,000.

Najee Richardson completes the course in 2:53.86.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Philadelphia Pennsylvania City Finals:

Men who completed the Philadelphia Course

  1. Chris Wilczewski
  2. Dave Cavanagh
  3. Matt Strollo
  4. Jamie Rahn
  5. James McGrath
  6. Najee Richardson
  7. Chad Riddle
  8. Mike Bernardo
  9. Judas Licciardello
  10. Michelle Warnky
  11. Allyssa Beird
  12. Casey Rothschild

Failed at Lightning Bolts

  1. Lucas Reale
  2. Zach Day
  3. Tyler Waters
  4. Chris Fantauzzo
  5. Christian DeRubeis
  6. Angel Rodriguez
  7. Cody Coppola
  8. Alex Nye
  9. Andrew Sherk
  10. James Bartholomew
  11. Logan Kreglow
  12. Darion Bennett
  13. Shawn Johnson
  14. Gavin Ross
  15. Paul Ruggeri III
  16. Brian Pease
  17. Ryan Lee
  18. John Uga

Top 5 Women advancing to the Philadelphia Pennsylvania City Finals:

Women who completed the Philadelphia Course

  1. Michelle Warnky
  2. Allyssa Beird
  3. Casey Rothschild

Failed at Lighning Bolts

  1. Cara Poalillo

Failed at Wingnuts

  1. McKinley Pierce

Next week is the final round of qualifying (yes, it’s been moving that fast) in Minneapolis. See you then.



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