TV Recap: S10E07 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Los Angeles California City Finals 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Los Angeles California City Finals Season X Episode 7

The qualifying rounds give us great stories of people overcome amazing obstacles to live their dream of competing on the ninja course.

But now, we are on to the City Finals, where the top ninjas in the world will look to establish personal bests and punch their tickets to the National Finals.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Ninjas will run through a similar course to the one they ran through in qualifiers. But this season, two obstacles will be different (Archer Steps replacing Floating Steps and Flying Shelf Grab replacing Sky Hooks) And four obstacles will be added for Stage 2.

-The top 15 ninjas and top 2 women will advance to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

The Course: Archer Steps (New Obstacle), Jumper Cables (new obstacle), Spinning Bridge, Flying Shelf Grab, Doorknob Drop (new obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Giant Cubes, Baton Pass, Spider Trap (New Obstacle).

Joe Mardovich, 25 year old Personal Trainer

The number 21 qualifier in LA runs in honor of his dad, who died while working in one of the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11.

The rookie moved quickly through the first three obstacles.

Flying Shelf Grab was inches from falling on Flying Shelf Grab. But he held on and completed the obstacle.

Mardovich fell on Doorknob Drop in qualifying. He did not fall tonight, completing the fifth and sixth obstacles, setting the rookie up for the 2nd half of the course.

Mardovich took a deliberate pace to start Salmon Ladder. The patient strategy paid off as he completed the 7th obstacle.

But he lost his grip on Giant Cubes and fell on the 8th obstacle.

Jesse Orenshein, 21 year old College Student

Jesse wants you to know he’s single as he runs through the course.

LA’s number 12 qualifier nearly slipped on Shelf Grab. But he held on and completed the Doorknob Drop, the obstacle he fell on in qualifying.

Orenshein spends a lot of time between obstacles having fun, which is entertaining for us watching. But could it cost him in time?

After climbing up the Warped Wall and Salmon Ladder, Orenshein slipped and fell on Giant Cubes.

Verdale Benson, 37 year old Physician’s Assistant

LA’s number 27 qualifier was a military medic in Afghanistan for 4 and ½ years.

Benson set a fast pace, but it turned out to be too fast.

He fell on Spinning Bridge, the course’s third obstacle.

During the break…

Anthony Trucks fell on Flying Shelf Grab.

Samantha Bush fell on Jumper Cables.

Westley Silvestri fell on Spinning Bridge.

Zhanique Lovett, 31 year old Personal Trainer

Lovett’s son broke out the splits for us as she flew through the first three obstacles.

Flying Shelf Grab was no issue for the number 2 female qualifier.

Lovett got stuck on the last knobs of Doorknob Drop. She ultimately slipped and fell on that last part, the same obstacle that took her down in qualifying.

During the break…

Ruben Arellano fell on Spinning Bridge.

Gabe Hurtado fell on Salmon Ladder.

Scott Wilson fell awkwardly on Spinning Bridge.

Kevin Bull, 33 year old Gym Manager

The number 12 qualifier (and top non-finisher) is cheered on by several kids from the Children’s Alopecia Project.

Bull overcame the obstacle that was his downfall in qualifying: the Doorknob Drop.

After making it up the Warped Wall, Bull became the first competitor tonight to complete Giant Cubes.

That also makes Bull the first competitor ever to attempt and complete Baton Pass.

Bull showed strength and endurance as he climbed all the way up Spider Trap and hit the buzzer.

Kevin Bull completes the course in 6:31.31.

Anna Shumaker, 26 year old Personal Trainer

The number 4 female qualifier moved quickly through the course’s first four obstacles.

Like so many other competitors, Shumaker’s downfall in qualifying was Doorknob Drop.

And like many others tonight, she overcame it on her second attempt.

Shumaker also made it up her first Wall, the 11th woman ever to do so.

Then Shumaker attempted the Jessie Graff splits on Giant Cubes. But she couldn’t hold it and fell on the course’s 8th obstacle.

Derek Miyamoto (no age or occupation given)

The “Ninja Ambassador” completed Doorknob Drop, the obstacle he fell on in qualifying.

After completing Salmon Ladder, Miyamoto became the 2nd competitor to complete Giant Cubes.

And Miyamoto took his time and completed Baton Pass.

Miyamoto took his impressive run all the way up Spider Trap and hit the buzzer.

Derek Miyamoto completes the course in 8:10.39.

Nick Hanson, 30 year old Coach

LA’s number 9 qualifier moved on towards the 2nd part of the course while commercials aired beside his run in another screen.

It was funny to see everyone in the crowd react silently as the commercial break ran longer than I thought it would.

The “Eskimo Ninja” made it through Giant Cubes, and NBC was still on a commercial break.

A Coors commercial and some ad encouraging you to get massages for golf aired as Hanson worked his way across Baton Pass. He ultimately fell on the ninth obstacle, and the announcers don’t even mention it.

During the “break”…

Thomas Kofron fell on Baton Pass.

Selena Laniel fell on Jumper Cables.

Josh Levin completed the course.

Davyon Hancox, 21 year old EMT

LA’s number 16 qualifier moved quickly through the course’s first three obstacles.

Doorknob Drop also brought Hancox down in qualifying. He fell, but it was on the landing mat, setting up Hancox’s first ever attempt up the Warped Wall (an attempt that was successful).

The Giant Cubes appear to be tonight’s obstacle of reckoning: the obstacle that determines if you get to National Finals or not.

And Hancox really struggled with the 8th obstacle. But he fought and completed it, putting him in a great spot to qualify for Vegas.

Hancox lost several batons on Baton Pass. And those fallen batons were too much to overcome as Hancox fell on the ninth obstacle.

Grant McCartney, 29 year old Flight Attendant

LA’s number 23 qualifier failed to qualify for National Finals last year.

And he didn’t complete the city qualifying course either.

The “Dancing Ninja” attacked the early part of the course as you would expect: quickly.

Doorknob Drop took him out in qualifiers. But McCartney had no issues with it tonight.

McCartney took his time thinking about Salmon Ladder, the obstacle that took him out last year.

The “Dancing Ninja” sacrificed time, but he did overcome the 7th obstacle.

Would all the time he spent hanging on Salmon Ladder cost him on Giant Cubes?

It would not. McCartney completed the eighth obstacle. But that time?

All the upper body strength used to complete Salmon Ladder and Baton Pass cost him, as the “Dancing Ninja” fell on Baton Pass. Will his time be enough to qualify?

During the break…

Brock Taylor fell on Giant Cubes.

Brian Rambo (LA’s number one qualifier) completed the course.

Tiana Webberley, 26 year old Waitress

“Sweet T” will be trying to overcome the fifth obstacle curse: the obstacle she’s fallen on in every previous run she’s made on ANW.

And Webberley’s pace was quick through the first four obstacles.

And now onto Doorknob Drop, the ever difficult fifth obstacle.

She fell on the final drop in qualifying.

And “Sweet T” had no issue making it all the way to that pivotal point.

She survived the drop and completed the dismount, getting past the fifth obstacle for the first time.

Overcoming the fifth obstacle seemed to unleash Webberley on the course as she easily worked her way up the Warped Wall and the Salmon Ladder.

And then, she landed Giant Cubes, the 2nd woman ever to do so.

“Sweet T’s” arms could not hold up on Baton Pass. But that run should be good enough to advance her on to National Finals.

During the break…

Austin Seibert fell on Salmon Ladder.

Spencer Clapp fell on Spider Trap just a few feet from completion.

Adam Rayl completed the course.

Flip Rodriguez, 28 year old Stuntman

LA’s number 13 qualifier did what so many have done tonight: overcome Doorknob Drop after falling on the fifth obstacle in qualifying.

Flip moved quickly through Giant Cubes, barely breaking a sweat on the course’s 8th obstacle.

It is hard to believe that Flip hasn’t hit a City Finals buzzer since season five.

Well, with his Tadpoles (Flip’s ninja students) looking on, Flip did it, making it all the way up Spider Trap and hitting the buzzer.

Flip Rodriguez completes the course in 6:38.17.

During the break…

Brian Kretsch, David Campbell, and Nicholas Coolridge (with the night’s fastest time) dropped Grant McCartney to 15th place. Now to qualify for City Finals, the Dancing Ninja needs Sean Bryan of all people to fall on the course.

Sean Bryan, 32 year old Catholic Church Worker

So for McCartney to make it, one of last year’s final four must fall on Giant Cubes?

I don’t like McCartney’s chances.

Bryan shows that upper body strength as he flies up the Salmon Ladder, making it up two rungs at at a time.

And when Bryan made it through Giant Cubes, McCartney was eliminated.

Now can Bryan top Coolridge’s top time?

The “Papal Ninja” had 40 seconds to make it up Spider Trap in order to beat Coolridge’s time.

And with less than a second to spare, Bryan hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time.

Sean Bryan completes the course in 6:09.92.

Top 15 City Finalists advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Men who completed the Los Angeles City Finals Course

  1. Sean Bryan
  2. Nicholas Coolridge
  3. Josh Levin
  4. Kevin Bull
  5. Brian Rambo
  6. Adam Rayl
  7. Flip Rodriguez
  8. David Campbell
  9. Derek Miyamoto

Fell on Spider Trap

  1. Spencer Clapp

Fell on Baton Pass

  1. Thomas Kofron
  2. Nick Hanson
  3. Eric Nelson
  4. Dayton Hancox
  5. Brian Kretsch

Top 2 Women Advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Fell on Baton Pass

  1. Tiana Webberley
  2. Anna Shumaker


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