TV Recap: S12E05 – American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Semifinals Round 1 2020

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 2020: Semi-Finals Round 1 Season 12 Episode 5

It is time for the semifinals of season 12 of American Ninja Warrior. Twelve to 15 ninjas each of the last four weeks advanced to compete in two weeks of semifinals. The top 12 qualifiers and top 2 women from each week will advance to the finals. And the top ninja takes home a $100,000 prize.

Here is a look at the semifinal course:

Shrinking Steps, Off the Hook, Clockwork (new obstacle), Burn Rubber (new obstacle), Sideways, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Corkscrew (new obstacle and the one in all the ads), The Dungeon (new obstacle)  Spider Trap

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi, 21-year-old College Student

Owhadi made quick work of the course’s first three obstacles.

And the Kid’s quick and efficient pace continued as he made it up the Warped Wall and started on the 2nd half of the course.

Owhadi did slow down to catch his breath before approaching Salmon Ladder.

But the obstacle that would be the Kid’s downfall is Corkscrew as he was not able to handle the impact of the 2nd wheel.

Nate Hansen, 20-year-old Business Student

The rookie was one of the stars of qualifying.

And Hansen did that despite his growth hormone deficiency diagnosis.

The speed that defined Hansen’s first run continued as he moved quickly through the first three obstacles.

But Hansen fell short of the platform on Burn Rubber.

Sandy Zimmerman, 44-year-old PE Teacher

Zimmerman arranged to have a ninja course built in the backyard of a special girl named Oaklee.

(No, I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!)

Zimmerman looked smooth through Clockwork.

And Zimmerman was pumped after she bunny hopped her way to the end of Burn Rubber.

After making it up the Warped Wall (and adding her signature flex before heading up), Zimmerman prepared to tackle to the back half of the course.

Zimmerman had no issues with Salmon Ladder. But Corkscrew would bring and end to an impressive run by Zimmerman.

During the break…

Zhanique Lovett fell on Burn Rubber.

Glenn Albright (here with Jake Murray after Murray won the Power Tower) also fell on Burn Rubber.

Barry Goers (also here because of Murray) fell on Corkscrew.

Donovan Metoyer, 33-year-old Gym Owner

The Classy Ninja runs the course in a suit.

And coming off his first buzzer in qualifying, Metoyer came out strong making quick work of the first three obstacles.

The Classy Ninja’s efficient run continued as he moved past Sideways and up the Warped Wall (with a 360 spin on his way up to the top!!!)

Metoyer also became the first ninja to handle the spinning wheels and complete Corkscrew.

The Classy Ninja was noticeably dizzy (I wonder why???) as he approached The Dungeon.

But Metoyer’s arms gave out as he fell on the ninth obstacle.

Still the best run of the night so far!!!

During the break…

Caitlyn Bergstrom fell on Off the Hook.

Ryan Lashoff fell on Corkscrew.

Tyler Gillett, 24-year-old Barista

Tyler is running for his cousin, Bill, who is fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

Gillett put together a strong start as he moved efficiently through the first four obstacles.

Gillett continued to move flawlessly as he attacked the second half of the course.

Following a climb up the Salmon Ladder, Gillett continued his great technique as he became the 2nd ninja to complete Corkscrew.

And then Gillett became the first ever to complete the Dungeon.

Does Gillett have enough energy to make it up Spider Trap?

Yes, he does!!! Tyler Gillett hits a buzzer for Bill!!!

Tyler Gillett completes the course in 06:20.09.

During the break…

Ashley McConnville fell on Burn Rubber.

Mike Wright fell on Corkscrew.

Grant McCartney, 32-year-old Flight Attendant

The Island Ninja is not known for pace, and that could be a problem on a night when only 12 ninjas are moving on.

McCartney moved smoothly through the first four obstacles at a methodical pace.

The Island Ninja’s solid technique continued as he made it up the Warped Wall and made his way to the 2nd half of the course (but not before a little dance on top of the Warped Wall).

The Salmon Ladder has been a tough obstacle for him through the years.

But considering the Island Ninja was in all the show’s promotional materials on this very obstacle, we know he is making it to the 8th obstacle.

The 2nd wheel on Corkscrew spun McCartney all the way around.

But it was the 3rd wheel that was the Island Ninja’s undoing.

During the break…

Abel Gonzalez and Kevin Bull fell on, you guessed it, the Corkscrew.

Cameron Baumgartner, 22-year-old Pre-Med Student

Baumgartner returned full force after major heart surgery when he was a kid.

Baumgartner was quick in qualifying, and he continued that rabid pace through the first three obstacles.

Baumgartner’s error free run continued as he made it up the Warped Wall and on to the 2nd half of the course.

Could Baumgartner join the short list of ninjas who managed the Corkscrew?

Yes, he could!!! And he made it look easy.

The ease with which Baumgartner attacked the course tonight was something to behold as the Dungeon looked just as easy as any other obstacle for him.

And with his family looking on going crazy, Baumgartner climbed the Spider Wall and hit the buzzer with the night’s top time so far.

During the break…

Roo Yori fell on Off the Hook.

Jackson Twait fell on Spider Walls, putting him in 4th place so far.

Jamie Rahn, 32-year-old Gym Manager

Joined in progress, Rahn completed Sideways, recently reattached thumb intact.

Rahn took his time to manage the pain of the bad pain.

But Captain NBC pushed through that pain as he became ninja #5 to make it past Corkscrew.

The pain was noticeable as Rahn pushed through the first part of the Dungeon.

But Captain NBC fell on the switch between panels on the ninth obstacle.

During the break…

Gabriel Hotchkiss fell on Corkscrew.

Daniel Gil, 27-year-old Worship Leader

We also joined last season’s runner-up already in progress.

The janitor at Daniel Gil’s gym is the one who created Corkscrew.

And fortunately for Janitor Josh, the 8th obstacle did not take out the Kingdom Ninja.

Gil was two minutes ahead of the fastest time as he attacked the Dungeon.

And after making his way up the Spider Trap, Gil hit the buzzer with the night’s new top time.

Daniel Gil completes the course in 4:38.58.

Allyssa Beird, 30-year-old Teacher

Like most teachers, Beird has been virtually teaching during the pandemic.

Making the Corkscrew would seem to be the minimum for any women wanting to qualify for the finals.

Unfortunately, Beird missed the third wheel on Clock Work.

Good news for Sandy Zimmerman: She is now guaranteed a spot in the Finals.

During the break…

Jonathan Horton fell on Clock Work.

Jake Murray, 33-year-old Ninja Coach

Murray went caving with a couple of ninja friends (which by the way, looks terrifying).

Another in progress run has Murray up the Warped Wall in just over 1:11.

Thanks to time, Murray just needs to survive the Corkscrew to advance to the Finals.

And he did it!!!

But Murray is not just a contender for the Finals. He is a contender for the night’s top time.

Murray found a 2nd wind on the first panel and made quick work of the 2nd panel on the Dungeon.

Murray was noticeably slower on the Spider Trap.

And as the clock ticked closer to Gil’s time, Murray got past the final Walls and hit the buzzer a second ahead for the night’s best time.

Jake Murray completes the course in 4:37.44.

During the break…

Flip Rodriguez fell on the Dungeon (he is moving on to the Finals!!!)

Adam Rayl completed the course!!!

Chris DiGangi fell on the Dungeon (he is also going to the Finals!!!)

Jesse “Flex” Labreck, 30-year-old Gym Owner

The Corkscrew is the key obstacle for “Flex.” Getting to the 8th obstacle assures her a spot in the Finals.

And through four obstacles, Labreck appeared to be well on her way.

The top woman in qualifying continued her strong run as she approached the second half of the course.

And after finishing the Salmon Ladder, Labreck clinched the top time for women on the night.

But “Flex” was not done on obstacle 8.

She made it past the Corkscrew and knocked the ‘Kid’ out of the Finals.

Halfway through the Dungeon, Labreck grip started to give out and she slipped and fell on the night’s obstacle.

But as mentioned earlier, Labreck’s season will continue in the Finals.

Jody Avila, 35-year-old HVAC technician

Jody’s wife, Pauline, was on the sidelines for the Big Dog’s top performance in qualifying.

Pauline competed in qualifying, but she is back at work as the Big Dog makes a run for the Finals.

The Big Dog’s 6’6 frame made quick work of Clockwork.

The goal for Avila is to get past Corkscrew to qualify for the finals.

After a few missteps on Burn Rubber, Avila stayed alive and completed the first half of the course.

Corkscrew flung the Big Dog around quite a bit.

But the big man held on and completed the 8th obstacle, securing his place in the Finals.

Unfortunately for Avilla, after a dominant start to the ninth obstacle, the Big Dog just missed a handle on the second platform and fell.

But as mentioned previously, Avila is moving onto the Finals.

Top Ninja semifinalists advancing to the finalist:

Completed Course

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Daniel Gil
  3. Cameron Brumgartner
  4. Tyler Gillett
  5. Adam Rayl

Failed at Spider Trap

  1. Jackson Twait

Failed at The Dungeon

  1. Jody Avila
  2. Donovan Metoyer
  3. Jon Alexis Jr.
  4. Flip Rodriguez
  5. Chris DiGangi
  6. Jamie Rahn

Top 2 Women advancing to the Finals:

Failed at The Dungeon

  1. Jesse LaBreck

Failed at The Corkscrew

  1. Sandy Zimmerman

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