TV Recap: S12E06 – American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Semifinals Round 2 2020

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 2020: Semi-Finals Round 2 Season 12 Episode 6

It’s time for week 2 of the semifinals!!! Half the semifinalists competed last week, and the other half will go at this week to complete the field for the finals. The top 12 qualifiers and top 2 women this week will advance to the finals. And the top ninja takes home a $100,000 prize.

Here’s a look at the semifinal course:

Shrinking Steps, Spring Forward, Clockwork (new obstacle), Burn Rubber (new obstacle), Slingshot, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Corkscrew (new obstacle and the one in all the ads), The Dungeon (new obstacle)  Spider Trap

Verdale Benson, 39-year-old Physician’s Assistant

Benson hit his first buzzer in qualifying. What’s he got for a follow-up?

Ninja V got off to a solid start after completing the first three obstacles.

Benson hesitated at first before attacking Burn Rubber, but he made it across and prepared for obstacle five.

Benson would push all the way to the 2nd half of the course and take a shot at Corkscrew.

But Benson came up short as he tried to jump to the 2nd wheel on the 8th obstacle.

During the break…

Thomas Stillings fell on Corkscrew.

Dan Polizzi, 38-year-old Firefighter

Polizzi’s been busy in 2020 working as a paramedic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With his buddy Brandon Mears looking on, Polizzi completed the first three obstacles with few issues.

Polizzi used his hands to complete Burn Rubber, but he held on and kept his run alive.

Polizzi made his way up the Warped Wall and prepared for the 2nd half of the course.

Like each of the ninjas so far, Polizzi took aim at Corkscrew.

But unlike the other two, Polizzi was the first tonight to make it past obstacle 8!!!

Polizzi would slip and fall on the Dungeon, but he’s got the best run of the night so far.

Meagan Martin, 30-year-old Fitness Model

Martin is now engaged!!!

Martin started off fine on the first two obstacles.

But she needed several extra swings to get past Clockwork.

And unfortunately for Martin, she came up short of the platform on Burn Rubber.

During the break…

Alex Carson fell on Slingshot.

David Wright fell on the Dungeon.

Amir Malik, 20-year-old Ninja Coach

Malik was diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome as a child.

He wasn’t allowed to compete in competitive sports until he had surgery at 14.

He picked up ninja right after the surgery and excelled.

Malik set a fast pace as he moved quickly through the first half of the course.

The only near stumble was on Burn Rubber, but Malik held on and made the platform on the fourth obstacle.

After flying up the Salmon Ladder, Malik held on for each spin and made it past Corkscrew.

And after making is past obstacle 8, Malik set a new standard for the evening by completing the Dungeon.

The doors on Spider Trap might weigh as much as Malik does, so the rookie really needed to push to get past each one.

And that would prove detrimental as Malik lost traction and fell with only 10 feet to go before the end of the obstacle.

During the break…

Taylor Johnson fell on Clockwork.

Sean Bryan fell on Slingshot.

Najee Richardson, 29-year-old Motivational Speaker

The Phoenix is one of many ninjas speaking out for “Ninjas for Black Lives” this season.

Before his run, he shared his own personal experience with racially motivated violence.

Joined in progress, Richardson had no issues making his way through the first half of the course.

Richardson showed great control on the spins of the Corkscrew.

And the control paid off as the Phoenix completed the 8th obstacle.

Richardson took a moment to catch his breath after both obstacle 8 and obstacle 9 (yes, he completed the Dungeon!!!).

Richardson took a break with his inhaler before attacking the Spider Trap.

And the Phoenix became the night’s first finisher!!!

Najee Richardson completes the course in 6:35.79.

During the break…

Jessica Helmer fell on Clockwork.

Jeshuah Lewis fell on Corkscrew.

Will Schlagater, 22-year-old Biochemist

Schlagater is in the semifinals thanks to Joe Moravsky’s win on the Power Tower.

And this time, Schlagater surpassed his qualifying run after getting past Clockwork.

In fact, this run looked far more like the one Schlagater’s been training for since he was kid as he made it up the Warped Wall and onto the 2nd half of the course.

After dominating the Salmon Ladder, Schlagater fell on Corkscrew and lost his glasses in the process.

During the break…

Lorin Ball fell on Burn Rubber.

Brian Kretsch fell on Corkscrew.

David Campbell fell on Corkscrew.

Lance Pekus, 33-year-old Rancher

Pekus recently figured out how to get his wife on a horse for the first time in years (once again, I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!)

Pekus, sporting a cowboy hat, moved quickly through the first three obstacles, hat intact.

Pekus sat the cowboy hat down before shockingly falling on Burn Rubber.

During the break…

Alex Nye fell on Slingshot.

Tiana Webberley fell on Clockwork.

Mady Howard, 25-year-old ICU Nurse

Coming off her first buzzer, the door is wide open for Howard to claim one of two Finals’ qualifying spots.

Unfortunately, Howard’s run ended prematurely on Burn Rubber.

Tage Herrington, 19-year-old College Student

The night’s youngest competitor set a torrid pace on the course.

No one had moved through the first four obstacles as fast as Herrington did.

But Herrington’s run ended suddenly on Slingshot.

During the break…

Jeri D’Aurelio fell on Slingshot (which guaranteed her a spot in the Finals).

Michael Torres, 25-year-old Gym Manager

Torres is now married!!!

Joined in progress, Torres moved on past the first half of the course.

After moving past the Salmon Ladder, Torres handled the Corkscrew with ease (well I’m sure it wasn’t but Torres made it look easy).

When Torres approached Spider Trap, he had a minute and a half to get the night’s fastest time.

And after some struggles with slippage, Torres held on and made it all the way up with the night’s fastest time!!!

Michael Torres completes the course in 5:52.46.

During the break…

Ben Melick fell on Clockwork.

R.J. Roman completed the course with the night’s fastest time!!!

Devin Harrelson, 35-year-old Tattoo Artist

Doug E Fresh has never hit a buzzer in six years of competing on ANW. He’s also never made it to the National Finals (which would just be the Finals this season).

Let’s see if he can put a checkmark by either of these accomplishments.

To save energy and time, Harrelson took very few swings as he worked his way through Spring Forward.

After making it up the Warped Wall, Doug E Fresh prepped for the 2nd half of the course.

Harrelson jumped up two rungs on the first part of Salmon Ladder (and went in reverse) to preserve energy and more time.

We’ll have to wait and see if that saved time makes a difference as Harrelson fell on Corkscrew.

During the break…

Austin Gray completed the course with the night’s fastest time!!!

Lucas Reale topped Gray’s time with a new fastest time!!!

Jessie Graff, 36-year-old Stuntwoman

Graff only needs to make it past Burn Rubber to make it to the Finals.

And she passed it standing up!!!

Now, Graff can put her focus on achieving her first ever 10 obstacle course buzzer (normally it’s a City Finals buzzer, but it’s the semifinals this season).

Graff attacked the 2nd half of the course with an easy climb up the Salmon Ladder.

And she made it through the first two wheels on Corkscrew.

But Graff missed the third wheel, ending her run.

Joe Moravsky, 31-year-old Meteorologist

Moravsky and his wife are expecting their third child this year (and what a great year to come into the world for that young man or young woman). And the quarantine has really brought out the dad bode in the Weatherman.

The Weatherman made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Moravsky kept up that quick pace as he prepared for Slingshot.

Moravsky was more measured on the fifth obstacle and he completed it with few flaws.

If Moravsky makes its past Corkscrew, he qualifies for the Finals.

And he did it!!!

Now, the Weatherman didn’t seem concerned with achieving the night’s fastest time, keeping Lucas Reale’s spot at the top safe.

At least, that’s how it appeared.

Moravsky had 30 seconds to complete Spider Trap to get the night’s fastest time and he did it with a single second to spare!!!

All hail the “Dad Bode Ninja!!!”

Joe Moravsky completes the course in 4:59.28

Top Ninja semifinalists advancing to the finals:

Completed Course

  1. Joe Moravsky
  2. Lucas Reale
  3. Austin Gray
  4. RJ Roman
  5. Michael Torres
  6. Najee Richardson

Failed at Spider Trap

  1. Amir Malik

Failed at The Dungeon

  1. David Wright
  2. Dan Polizzi

Failed at Corkscrew

  1. Thomas Stillings
  2. Jeshuah Lewis
  3. Jessie Graff

Top 2 Women advancing to the Finals:

  1. Jessie Graff

Failed at Slingshot

  1. Jeri D’Aurelio

The Finals start next week!!! See you then.



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