TV Recap: S12E04 – American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Qualifying Round 4 2020

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 2020: Qualifying Round 4 Season 12 Episode 4

Did anybody else check in last Monday for the final week qualifying only to find Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals? (My hand is up right here).

Well, I promise the final week of qualifying did air this week.

Let’s take one final look at this season’s format:

The top 12 qualifiers and top 3 women from each week move on to the semifinals.

Then, two weeks of semifinals will advance the top 12 qualifiers and top 2 women to the finals. And the top ninja takes home a $100,000 prize.

Here’s a look at the qualifying course:

Shrinking Steps, Off the Hook, Bee Hive, Spinning Bridge, Sideways (new obstacle), Warped Wall

And the 18-foot Mega Wall is still in play with a $10,000 prize for anyone who can climb it.

Brandon White, 27-year-old Account Manager

White is an expert in catching marsh mellows that are thrown at his mouth (And yes, there is a world record for longest catch of one of these tosses).

White needed extra swings on the first two obstacles, but he made it through both.

But after pushing past the Bee Hive, White slipped and fell on Spinning Bridge.

Vance Harris, 19-year-old Kayaker

Harris admitted in his opening vignette that he had never trained in ninja.

The lack of training didn’t show as Harris completed the first three obstacles and had fun the whole time.

And Harris’s incredible run continued as he stumbled (but completed) the Spinning Bridge.

The Kayak Ninja was the first ninja to compete on Sideways.

And the first-time ninja was the first to complete it as well!!!

And in one of the most unbelievable starts to a ninja career we’ve ever seen, Harris climbed the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer!!!

Vance Harris completes the course in 3:10.31.

Kat Henschen, 45-year-old Dog Groomer

Henschen is here with Lance Peekus. The pair have bonded over both having spouses who are fighting MS.

Henschen’s run nearly ended on the first obstacle as she just missed the platform on Shrinking Steps.

Henschen survived the first obstacle but she could not survive Off the Hook.

Gary Brown, 31-year-old Baseball Scout

Brown won a World Series with the San Francisco Giants.

Brown’s athletic prowess showed as he completed the first two obstacles.

The former baseball player’s run continued as he was past the Spinning Bridge with no issues.

Unfortunately for Brown, his solid run ended on Sideways.

During the break…

Isaiah Barney fell on Spinning Bridge.

Abbey Steffl fell on Bee Hive.

Chinna Balachandran, who just a year ago needed major brain surgery, took on the course and fell on Off the Hook.

Katie Lanza, 32-year-old Stay-at-Home Mom

Lanza’s son Nolan was diagnosed with HLH as a baby. Now, Nolan goes to the gym with mom to help her train.

Lanza nearly slipped and fell on the first obstacle, but a great save kept Lanza’s run alive.

Unfortunately, Lanza’s run ended on Off the Hook.

Tiana Webberly, 28-year-old Stuntwoman

Webberly is looking for her first buzzer after getting so close in previous seasons.

And everything was going smoothly until Webberly slipped on Spinning Bridge.

Though her foot came within an inch of touching the water, Webberly held on and kept her run alive.

Now for the fifth obstacle, where all of Sweet T’s previous runs have ended.

But Sideways would not sidetrack Webberly’s run tonight!!!

After making it past the fifth obstacle, Webberly climbed the Warped Wall and hit her first buzzer!!!

Tiana Webberly completes the course in 2:41.03.

Luke Mickelson fell on Off the Hook.

Lance Pekus completed the course (after a failed attempt at the Mega Wall).

Amir Malik, 20-year-old Ninja Coach

Amir is a baker just like the ninja he came with, David Wright (aka The Cake Ninja).

And Amir moved fast, completing each obstacle at a blistering pace.

In fact, despite looking a little haphazard at points, Malik hit (and broke) the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far.

Amir Malik completes the course in 1:26.14.

During the break…

Brian Kretsch hit the buzzer!!!

Kaleaha Rayner fell on Off the Hook.

Karsten Williams, 39-year-old Ninja Coach

The Big Kat is coming off a season where he qualified for Stage 3.

Karsten Williams make quick work of the course, completing the first four obstacles in less than 30 seconds.

But did Williams push too fast?

The Big Kat got caught swinging sideways on Sideways and he fell, putting his chances of advancing at risk.

During the break…

Kevin Bull hit the buzzer!!!

Kemar Barcoo fell on Bee Hive.

Faith Fitzgerald fell on Shrinking Steps.

Mady Howard, 25-year-old ICU Nurse

Howard was a breakout star in her rookie season last year.

But this year, Howard has been caring for COVID-19 patients.

And her coworkers were watching as Howard moved quickly through the first half of the course.

A hard fall awaited Howard at the end of Spinning Bridge, but the fall happened on the landing platform as Howard moved onto Sideways.

And after completing the fifth obstacle, Howard made her up the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer!!!

Mady Howard completes the course in 2:29.28.

During the break…

Alex Carson hit the buzzer!!!

David Wright hit the buzzer (after a failed MegaWall attempt)!!!

That means David Wright’s crew is the first group where all three ninjas completed the course.

Kyle Schulze, 30-year-old Motivational Speaker

Schulze is here with Michael Torres.

Both Schulze and Torres are raising money for Parkinson’s research in honor of Michael Choi.

Schulze got caught up a long time on the Bee Hive.

But the Deaf Ninja persevered and prepared himself for the Spinning Bridge, the obstacle that took him out last season.

Schulze made it past the fourth obstacle this time.

Unfortunately, Schulze slipped and fell on Sideways.

During the break…

Jeri D’Aurelio fell on Sideways.

Michael Bougher fell on Bee Hive.

Verdale Benson hit the buzzer for the first time!!!

Will Schlageter, 22-year-old Biochemist

Schlageter sent in an audition tape when he was 14. He was too young to compete, so his dad competed in his place.

Joe Moravsky is bringing Schlageter with him this season to run the course for the first time.

Schlageter’s dad fell on the first obstacle back in Season 4. But Schlageter had no issues besting that, getting through the first two obstacles.

Unfortunately, Schlageter fell on Bee Hive.

Jimmy Choi, 44-year-old Motivational Speaker

Jimmy has continued ninja training despite his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s.

And with the aid of new experimental treatments, Choi is optimistic this could be his best season yet.

Unfortunately, Choi slipped and fell off the rope on Shrinking Steps.

During the break…

Jennifer Stefano fell on Bee Hive.

Lucas Reale hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far!!!

Michael Torres, 25-year-old Gym Manager

Torres has vowed to make it to the Power Tower and bring his two partners with him to the Semifinals.

Torres moved quickly through the course, completing the first four obstacles in 40 seconds.

Torres hit the minute mark as he was finishing Sideways.

And Torres climbed the Wall and hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time!!!

Michael Torres completes the course in 1:08.75.

Meagan Martin, 30-year-old Fitness Model

Martin takes on the course wearing the “Ninjas for Black Lives” patch.

If Martin finishes tonight, it will be the first time three women have hit a buzzer in one night.

Martin moved quickly through the first three obstacles.

Martin’s finish on Spinning Bridge put Martin into the third spot.

And that will have to be good enough because Martin slipped and fell on Sideways.

That is a precarious position with one woman left to compete.

During the break…

Matt Carmona fell on Off the Hook.

Sophia Hoster fell on Sideways (and just short of a spot in the Top Three).

Kid Owhadi hit the buzzer (and for the 2nd straight season, came up just short on the Mega Wall).

Joe Moravsky, 31-year-old Meteorologist

Moravsky has a choice: go for the Mega Wall or go for the top two times.

Moravsky started fast completing the first three obstacles in 30 seconds.

Moravsky continued the quick pace as he moved through Sideways with ease.

And what did the Weatherman choose? Mega Wall or top time???

How about both!!!

Moravsky went up the Mega Wall and hit the buzzer with the night’s 2nd fastest time!!!

Joe Moravsky hit the buzzer in 1:13.95.

Power Tower

Michael Torres vs Joe Moravsky

Moravsky took the early lead.

And that lead only grew as the pair moved down the pole.

But Torres made a late run!!!

In a desperate attempt to beat the Weatherman to the platform, Torres took a huge chance.

The chance failed and Torres came up short of the platform.

Moravsky hit the buzzer and brings his two teammates on to the semifinals.

Joe Moravsky wins the Power Tower.

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to the Semifinals:

  1. Michael Torres
  2. Joe Moravsky
  3. Lucas Reale
  4. Kid Owhadi
  5. Amir Malik
  6. David Wright
  7. Lance Pekus
  8. Kevin Bull
  9. Alex Nye
  10. Brian Kretsch
  11. Alex Carson
  12. Verdale Benson

Top 3 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

  1. Mady Howard
  2. Tiana Webberley
  3. Meagan Martin

Advancing to the Semifinals thanks to Power Tower:

  1. Will Schlageter
  2. Jeshuah Lewis

Time to move onto the Semifinals. We’ll see you next week.

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