TV Recap: S11E14 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Part 2 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Part 2 Season 11 Episode 14

It’s time for the National Finals again on American Ninja Warrior.

And this season, the National Finals will be divided up into four episodes, with the first two dedicated to Stage 1 of the course. So, let’s check out Part 2 of Stage 1 tonight.

Here’s the format:

Ninjas must complete the eight obstacle Stage 1 in two minutes and 30 seconds. Everyone who does moves onto Stage 2. Everyone who doesn’t is done for the season.

The Course: Archer Steps, Spin Your Wheels (new obstacle), Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Diving Boards, Twist and Fly

Caleb Bergstrom, 19-year-old Ninja Coach

For the first time in history, a brother and sister made the national finals in the same year.

Caleb runs first, and he got off to a very quick start, finishing the first two obstacles in less than 20 seconds.

Bergstrom kept up a great pace but had to slow down a bit on Tire Run.

Bergstrom still looked solid until obstacle 7 when he fell on Diving Boards.

Nick Hanson, 31-year-old Ninja Coach

Two years in a row, Hanson has missed time on Stage 1.

With that in mind, Hanson moved quickly.

Grant McCartney was giving the “Eskimo Ninja” instructions on time as he ran.

Hanson slipped on the big tire of Tire Run but held on and completed the fifth obstacle.

Hanson slipped again on the last board of Diving Boards, but he fought it and completed the 7th obstacle.

Hanson had 30 seconds to complete the final obstacle.

But it wouldn’t matter as Hanson couldn’t hold the net on Twist and Fly.

Taylor Amann, 23-year-old Fashion Buyer

Amann’s modeling career received a big boost from her runs in qualifying.

And Amann looked to be moving well, but her jump on Jumping Spider came up short.

Casey Suchocki, 27-year-old Contractor

“The Bama Ninja” is married and built a house recently. But his wife does not let him use the house for ninja training.

This is the third time Suchocki has made the National Finals.

“The Bama Ninja” moved quickly the first half of the course, completing four obstacles in one minute.

But Suchocki slowed down a bit on Tire Run, and he was down to 40 seconds left when he hit the 7th obstacle.

A quick run through Diving Boards gave “The Bama Ninja” a shot.

And he hit the buzzer with four seconds to spare, advancing on to Stage 2!!!

Casey Suchocki completes Stage 1 in 2:25.76.

During the break…

Garret Lam fell on Spinning Your Wheels.

Caitlyn Bergstrom fell on Double Dipper.

Scott Behrends fell on Tire Run.

Tiana Webberley, 27-year-old Stuntwoman

Webberley qualified for National Finals last year but hurt her knee weeks before the Finals.

She’s here this year, and she was clearly motivated.

Webberley made few mistakes as she approached Tire Run.

She made it to the big tire on the fifth obstacle and got stuck on the big tire.

She did complete the fifth obstacle but spent a lot of time and energy getting past it.

Her legs were dead as she came upon the Warped Wall, and the time ran out as she failed to make it up the 6th obstacle.

Seth Rogers, 19-year-old College Student

Rogers made National Finals in his rookie season.

And the long-time ninja fan looked very comfortable on Double Dipper.

Rogers needed a lot of upper body to get past Jumping Spider, but he made it through.

And Rogers had one-minute left as he approached the Warped Wall.

But Rogers was through obstacles 6th and 7th in no time.

And as the rookie climbed the net on twist and fly, he secured another first: a Stage 1 buzzer (his first buzzer ever) and a spot in Stage 2!!!

Seth Rogers completed Stage 1 in 2:22.60.

During the break…

Matt Dolce fell on Spin Your Wheels.

Julius Ferguson fell on Spider Trap.

Dustin Rocho fell on Twist and Fly.

Brian Burk, 20-year-old Engineering Student

“The Burkinator” has been one of the breakout stars this season.

Burk finished Spin Your Wheels faster than any ninja has so far.

But he was bounced off the landing pad on Double Dipper.

Sean Bryan, 34-year-old Catholic Church Worker

“The Papal Ninja” has made it to Stage 3 the last two years.

But he’s been dealing with an ankle injury all season.

Bryan showed no ill effects with his ankle as he fought his way to Spider Trap.

But in the middle of the fourth obstacle, Bryan jammed his shoulder into the wall and had to step off the course.

Thankfully, the medic was able to pop the shoulder back into place.

Karsten Williams, 38-year-old Ninja Coach

“Big Kat” has come up short on Stage 1 each of the last five seasons.

But it’s been a landmark season for Williams so far this year.

“Big Kat” overcame the Double Dipper, the obstacle that took him out last season.

And Williams held on by just the fingertips to get past Tire Run.

Williams glided over Diving Boards, giving him a full 50 seconds to complete Twist and Fly.

He seemed to get stuck on the 8th obstacle, twisting all around.

But “Big Kat” got control and caught the net.

Williams climbed his way up the net and hit the buzzer for his first time ever completing Stage 1.

Karsten Williams completes the course in 2:19.92.

During the break…

Mady Howard fell on Double Dipper.

Anthony DiFranco ran out of time on Twist and Fly.

Dave Cavanagh (Safety Pass Holder) moved on to Stage 2!!!

Drew Drechsel (Safety Pass Holder), 30-year-old Gym Owner

“The Real-Life Ninja” will be a daddy this December.

We’ll see how he handles the new responsibilities.

As far how he handled Stage 1?

Shockingly, Drechsel fell on Tire Run.

But thanks to the Safety Pass, “The Real-Life Ninja” gets another shot.

Allyssa Beird, 28-year-old Teacher

Beird is one of two women to hit a buzzer in Stage 1.

She also fell on the first obstacle last season.

No problem with that this season: Beird made it past the first obstacle on her way to completing the first half of the course in just a little over a minute.

But Beird really took her time on Tire Run.

And the lack of pace cost her as she fell on the big tire.

Chad Flexington (Ben Udy), 30-year-old American Superstar

This guy’s profession is American Superstar???

Where can I sign up for that job?

Flexington grabbed hold of the bottom of the platform on Spin Your Wheels.

But like many first timers, Flexington missed the platform on Double Dipper.

During the break…

Verdale Benson fell on Double Dipper.

Tyler Smith hit the buzzer!!!

Joe Moravsky also completed Stage 1!!!

Jody Avila, 33-year-old HVAC technician

Turns out, the “Big Dog Ninja” fears dogs.

Well, one of them did bite him on the ankle in the driveway, so that can have an effect for sure.

The 6’6 Avila showed no fear as he started the course.

The first half of the course was behind the Big Dog in only 40 seconds.

But Avila slipped on the big tire of Tire Run and his fingertips could not hold onto the steering wheel.

Ethan Swanson, 29-year-old Stuntman

Swanson needed several extra swings on Spin Your Wheels.

But after that, Swanson made quick work as he made a push for Stage 1’s fastest time.

And the Swan did just that, moving straight across Diving Boards, onto Twist and Fly, and up the net with the fastest time of Stage 1 so far!!!

Ethan Swanson completes Stage 1 in 1:49.63.

During the break…

Alex Brick, Josh Salinas, Hunter Guerard, and Tyler Gillett all moved onto Stage 2!!!

Grant McCartney, 31-year-old Flight Attendant

“The Island Ninja” is back in Vegas after a two-year absence.

McCartney needed more swings than he’d like on Spin Your Wheels.

But he made it though on his way to completing the first half of the course.

On Tire Run, he ended up on the back half of the big tire. But he held on until the tire locked into place.

“The Island Ninja” was breathing heavy as he flew across the Diving Boards and into Twist and Fly.

But he caught the net with time to spare and hit the buzzer and moved onto Stage 2!!!

Grant McCartney completes Stage 1 in 2:23.44.

During the break…

Jeff Harris fell on Double Dipper.

Ben Wales is moving onto Stage 2!!!

Michael Torres (Safety Pass Holder) also moved onto Stage 2!!!

Jessie Graff, 35-year-old Stuntwoman

Graff is back after missing National Finals last season because she was filming Wonder Woman 1984.

Graff was another ninja who took several extra swings on Spin Your Wheels.

Then, Graff shockingly fell on Double Dipper when her hands missed the bar.

Drew Dreschel’s 2nd run

“The Real-Life Ninja” is having to use the Safety Pass well before he wanted to.

But the disappointment didn’t show on his 2nd run as he maintained the same loose style, he takes to every course run.

Dreschel took his time and handled Tire Run on his 2nd try.

And it was all gravy from there as “the Real-Life Ninja” made it up the net and to the buzzer, the Safety Pass paying off in a big way.

Drew Dreschel completes the course in 2:09.75.

Mathis “Kid” Owhadi, 20-year-old College Student

He just goes by ‘Kid’ now, and ‘Kid’ pushed the pace.

Confidence showed in Owhadi’s run. The then rookie completed Stage 1 last season and has the Safety Pass this season.

Owhadi needed a one handed save on Tire Run.

And after surviving the fifth obstacle, Kid obliterated the top team for Stage 1!!!

Kid Owhadi completes the course in 1:38.22.

All Ninjas advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 2:

Completed Course This Week

  1. Casey Suchocki
  2. Seth Rogers
  3. Karsten Williams
  4. Dave Cavanagh
  5. Tyler Smith
  6. Joe Moravsky
  7. Ethan Swanson
  8. Alex Blick
  9. Josh Salinas
  10. Hunter Guerard
  11. Tyler Gillett
  12. Grant McCartney
  13. Ben Wales
  14. Michael Torres
  15. Drew Dreschel
  16. Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi

Completed Course in Week 1

  1. Daniel Gil
  2. Adam Rayl
  3. Lucas Reale
  4. Kevin Carbone
  5. Nate Burkhalter
  6. Ryan Stratis
  7. Chris DiGangi
  8. RJ Roman
  9. Dan Polizzi
  10. Karson Voiles
  11. Lorin Ball
  12. Flip Rodriguez

Twenty-eight ninjas are moving onto Stage 2. See you next week.


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