TV Recap: S11E13 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Part 1 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Part 1 Season 11 Episode 13

It’s time for the National Finals again on American Ninja Warrior.

And this season, the National Finals will be divided up into four episodes, with the first two dedicated to Stage 1 of the course.

Here’s the format:

Ninjas must complete the eight obstacle Stage 1 in two minutes and 30 seconds. Everyone who does moves onto Stage 2. Everyone who doesn’t is done for the season.

The Course: Archer Steps, Spin Your Wheels (new obstacle), Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Diving Boards, Twist and Fly

Michelle Warnky, 35-year-old Gym Owner

Last week, Warnky became the 2nd woman ever to complete a City Finals course.

And if she completes Stage 1, she will become the first woman to hit three buzzers in a season.

Unfortunately, on Spin Your Wheels, Warnky landed on the bottom half of the platform and lost her balance.

Kevin Bull, 34-year-old Gym Owner

Kevin is a hero to Molly, a nine-year-old girl who does ninja training and was inspired by Bull.

Bull landed on the low part of Spin Your Wheels but held on.

After completing the second obstacle, Bull moved quickly to Tire Run.

The tire didn’t even move on Tire Run as Bull continued to take the course in stride.

Bull hit near disaster when he slipped on Diving Boards.

But he kept his balance and stayed alive for the course’s last obstacle.

Unfortunately, Bull came up short of the 2nd handle on Twist and Fly, ending his season.

Flip Rodriguez, 30-year-old Stuntman (Safety Pass Holder)

The first of six safety pass winners to run tonight, Flip will get a do-over on Stage 1 or Stage 2 should he fall or fail to make the time.

So far everyone is needing extra swings on Spin Your Wheels, but Flip kept his composure and finished obstacle 2.

Then, Flip made it past the obstacle that ended his season last year: the Double Dipper.

Flip needed extra swings again on Tire Run, leaving less than a minute for the course’s final three obstacles.

And as he was rushing, Flip fell on Diving Boards.

Flip now needs his Safety Pass for Stage 1.

Danell Leyva, 27-year-old Olympic Gymnast

The Olympic medal winner performed an impressive roll on his way to completing Double Dipper.

The Olympian’s impressive run continued as he finished Tire Run flawlessly.

And Leyva had a full minute to complete the final two obstacles.

Once again, another ninja struggled with Diving Boards.

But Leyva made and incredibly athletic save to keep his run alive!!!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do the same after catching the net on Twist and Fly.

During the break…

Karter Ohlson fell at Double Dipper.

Ronald Washington fell at Tire Run.

Sem Garay, 20-year-old Professional Wrestler

Garay’s manager, Primo Pulpo, gave his client an introduction before the heel wrestler took to the course.

Garay had no issues with the first two obstacles.

But after landing on his rear on the platform of Double Dipper, Garay couldn’t hold on and fell into the water.

Nate Burkhalter, 33-year-old Oil and Gas Engineer

Burkhalter’s most recent job sent him to the North Pole.

It’s been three seasons since Burkhalter has made it to Vegas.

But he made the most of his run this year, flying all the way to Twist and Fly.

Burkhalter had 40 seconds to make it through the final obstacle.

He made it with 11 seconds to spare, completing Stage 1 for the first time in his ninja career!!!

Nate Burkhalter completes Stage 1 in 2:18.99.

During the break…

Anna Shumaker fell on Double Dipper.

Lucio Battista fell on Jumping Spider.

Brandon Mears fell on Diving Boards.

Brett Sims, 33-year-old Wedding Videographer

It’s Battle of the Beards 2!!!

Brett Sims lost the battle to Ryan Stratis last year, and both have made it to Vegas for a rematch this year.

And this year, Lucio Battista, the mustache ninja, will decide how the loser should be shaved.

Sims got stuck on Spin Your Wheels and eventually fell on the dismount.

The beard is in jeopardy again!!!

Adam Rayl, 26-year-old Concrete Worker

Rayl looked like the top ninja he is completing the first half of the course in less than 40 seconds.

After heading up the Warped Wall, Rayl had 1:20 to complete the final two obstacles.

Rayl took his time before heading across the Diving Boards, and he made it across with ease.

Then, Rayl went straight into Twist and Fly, taking only one swing and leap before landing all the way on the top of the net.

Rayl hit the buzzer and is on his way to Stage 2!!!!

Adam Rayl completes Stage 1 in 1:54.24

Barclay Stockett, 24-year-old Gymnastics Coach

Stockett is running for her mom tonight, who’s just been diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer.

Stockett was going to take the season off after finding out, but her mom insisted she compete.

Stockett took some wild swings, but she stuck the landing on Spin Your Wheels.

This might be the fastest pace Stockett’s ever attacked a ninja course with.

She was through Tire Run with a minute to spare.

But her legs looked spent on the Warped Wall and Stockett was unable to make it up the sixth obstacle before time ran out.

During the break…

David Campbell saw the clock run out on him.

Brian Kretsch fell on Spin Your Wheels.

Ryan Stratis, 36-year-old Ninja Trainer

If Stratis gets past Spin Your Wheels, he wins the Beard Battle for the 2nd straight year.

And he stuck the landing on obstacle 2. Brett Sims is losing his beard again.

Stratis made it past Tire Run after he nearly fell on the big tire.

But he only had 50 seconds to finish the final two obstacles.

And another save by Stratis on Diving Boards as he held the landing on his chest.

Stratis caught the net with 20 seconds left.

And hit the buzzer with 9 seconds to spare!!!

Ryan Stratis completes the course in 2:10.34.

During the break…

Conor Galvin fell on Tire Run.

Jessica Clayton fell on Spin Your Wheels.

Lucas Reale hit the buzzer and completed Stage 1!!!

Philip Scott, 22-year-old Web Manager

Scott overcame multiple panic attacks before hitting the course in City Finals and qualifying for National Finals.

“Ninja Phil” moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

But after sticking the landing on Double Dipper, Scott fell on Jumping Spider.

Najee Richardson, 28-year-old Motivational Speaker

A down year by “The Phoenix’s” standards, Richardson still has time to make history in Vegas.

And the back flip on the finish of Double Dipper showed he has plenty of confidence to do it.

Richardson was keeping up a great pace, but it cost him as he didn’t have the momentum needed to catch the 2nd wheel on Tire Run.

Richardson’s season ends at the fifth obstacle.

Chris DiGangi, 29-year-old Web Manager

Unlike the Phoenix, DiGangi is having one of his best seasons ever.

He’s engaged!!!

Also, he and fiancée “Flex” LeBreck both hit City Finals buzzers last week.

DiGangi carried that confidence into the first half of the course, completing the first four obstacles in less than a minute.

And he approached the final two obstacles with a full minute remaining.

DiGangi attacked both obstacles, gliding over Diving Boards and going straight into Twist and Fly.

And he hit the buzzer with 8 seconds to spare!!!!

Chris DiGangi completes Stage 1 in 2:16.90

During the break…

Karson Voiles (Safety Pass Holder) completes Stage 1!!!

RJ Roman also completed Stage 1!!!

And Dan Polizzi also moved onto Stage 2!!!

Jesse “Flex” Labreck, 29-year-old Gym Manager

“Flex” has fallen on the last part of Twist and Fly each of the last two years.

Labreck took several extra swings on Spin Your Wheels before completing the 2nd obstacle.

That increased the sense urgency on the run as Labreck approached Tire Run.

“Flex” had 50 seconds to complete the last two obstacles.

And she had no issues with Diving Boards, setting up another showdown with Twist and Fly.

But for the third straight year, “Flex” fell on Twist and Fly.

She made it to the net this time but couldn’t hold on.

During the break…

David Wright fell on Tire Run.

Kevin Carbone completed Stage 1!!!

Lorin Ball also completed Stage 1!!!

Travis Rosen, 44-year-old Stock Trader

Could this be Travis Rosen’s last run?

Rosen announced before his Stage 1 run that he is retiring after this season.

Rosen made clear he was letting it fly as he made an immediate exchange on Spin Your Wheels.

And then he conquered the obstacle where he broke his ankle last season: the Double Dipper.

When he completed Tire Run, Rosen had more than a minute to complete the rest of the course.

Unfortunately, Rosen fell as he slipped on the last board of Diving Boards.

And that’s the swan song for Travis Rosen.

Flip Rodriguez, Run number 2

Flip has turned in his Safety Pass and now gets another shot at the course.

He got hung up on Spin Your Wheels before completing the 2nd obstacle.

Flip is favoring the ankle he hurt in the first run as he moved past the first half of the course.

But Flip kept fighting, working all the way to the Diving Boards: the obstacle that took him down on the first run.

This time, he conquered it and went straight into Twist and Fly.

Flip caught the net and made his way up the ladder.

The Safety Pass pays off as Flip hits the buzzer!!!

Flip Rodriguez completes Stage 1 in 2:16.37

Daniel Gil, 26-year-old Worship Leader

Gil runs tonight for Nick, a student he’s been training who does ninja training while blind.

And Nick is in attendance tonight.

Gil looked in a hurry on Spin Your Wheels. He nearly slipped but held on by his fingertips.

From there, Gil maintained a furious pace to Tire Run.

There, Gil nearly slipped but kept his balance and stayed alive.

Gil was making a run for the night’s fastest time as he approached Diving Boards.

And with a finger-tip grab, Gil made his way to the buzzer with the night’s fastest time.

First Half Ninjas advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 2:

Completed Course or Used Safety Pass

  1. Daniel Gil
  2. Adam Rayl
  3. Lucas Reale
  4. Kevin Carbone
  5. Nate Burkhalter
  6. Ryan Stratis
  7. Chris DiGangi
  8. RJ Roman
  9. Dan Polizzi
  10. Karson Voiles
  11. Lorin Ball
  12. Flip Rodriguez

Twelve ninjas move on to Stage 2 this week. How many will join them next week?

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