TV Recap: S11E12 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Cincinnati City Finals 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Cincinnati Ohio City Finals Season 11 Episode 12

The last week of City Finals is here!!!

And that means we get one more week of the Power Tower. It’s still here and it’s an even more daunting version than the first one.

Like the qualifying rounds, the ninjas with the top two times will compete on the Power Tower. This time, the prize is a do-over on Stage 1 or Stage 2 in the National Finals.

Also, only the top 12 ninjas (plus top 2 females) will qualify for National Finals instead of 15 as in year’s past.

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Ring Swing, Spinning Bridge, Wingnuts, Slingshot (new obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Slam Dunk (new obstacle), Spinball Wizard, Spider Trap

Phillip Scott, 22-year-old Web Manager

Scott’s autism made it tough for him to fit in when he was in school.

But “Ninja Phil” started training at Chris Wilczewski’s gym and found acceptance.

Perfect execution followed by a tumbling finish got Scott through the first two obstacles.

“Ninja Phil” maintained a good pace as he made his way through Sling Shot.

Scott was having panic attacks before he took the course tonight.

But those nerves did not show at all as he made it up his first Warped Wall.

After having no issue with Salmon Ladder, Scott became the first ninja to attempt Slam Dunk.

And the first one to complete it!!!

The crowd was going crazy as “Ninja Phil” made his way to the ninth obstacle.

Scott’s night would end on Spinball Wizard, but still a great run that puts “Ninja Phil” in contention for Vegas.

Jeri D’Aurelio, 29-year-old Army Captain

The Army captain has never made it past the fifth obstacle.

And her dad played his drum in the background as the Army Captain made her way through the first three obstacles.

After surpassing Wingnuts, D’Aurelio measured herself for the fifth obstacle.

And she finished it!!! D’Aurelio made it past Slingshot.

Now, could she make it up her first Warped Wall?

She could, making it up on her third attempt.

D’Aurelio took her time on Salmon Ladder and finished the 7th obstacle.

But her run ended on the very last rung Slam Dunk.

Still, a personal best for D’Aurelio.

During the break…

Cameron Nave fell on the Wingnuts.

Phillip Hucke fell on the Slingshots.

Christopher Gabayan also fell on the Slingshots.

Brandon Mears, 37-year-old Firefighter

The first member of the Towers of Power is running after the recent birth of his daughter Ashton.

It’s been three years since Mears has qualified for National Finals.

But he was off to a good start, moving quickly through the first four obstacles.

Mears fell on Slingshot in qualifying. But he had no issue with the fifth obstacle this time.

And Cincinnati’s number 25 qualifier made his way up the Wall and prepared for the 2nd half of the course.

Mears streak not making Vegas could be ending as he finished Slam Dunk.

And that spot was all but assured when Mears, whose arms appeared to be giving out, missed the last ring on Spinball Wizard but still caught a leg on the platform and held on, completing the ninth obstacle.

ON his way up the Spider Trap, the strain showed. But Mears kept fighting.

And for the first time in his career, Brandon Mears hit a City Finals buzzer!!!

Brandon Mears completed the course in 4:43.50.

During the break…

Amanda O’Dell fell on Ring Swing.

Eddie Russell fell on the Wingnuts.

Mike Wright fell on the Slingshot.

Sem Garay, 19-year-old Professional Wrestler

He’s a heel when he’s wrestling, but there were plenty of cheers tonight for Cincinnati’s number 9 qualifier.

Garay took a few extra swings on Ring Swing and some extra bounces on Slingshot.

But Garay stayed strong, heading up the Warped Wall again.

The rookie powered his way up the Salmon Ladder.

But he slipped and fell in the middle of Slam Dunk.

Michelle Warnky, 34-year-old Gym Owner

Warnky is grasping with a high risk of cancer and some tough decisions in the future.

But none of that showed as Warnky made easy work of the course’s first four obstacles.

And after climbing up the Warped Wall, Warnky prepared for the 2nd half of the course.

Warnky has never made it past the 8th obstacle.

She has now, completing Slam Dunk!!!

On Spinball Wizard, Warnky flew past the final rung and completed obstacle nine.

Only one woman has ever hit a City Finals buzzer: Kacy Cantanzaro.

Make that two women!!!

Michelle Warnky becomes the 2nd women ever to hit a City Finals buzzer.

Michelle Warnky completes the course in 7:03.26.

During the break…

Mike Bernardo fell at the Wingnuts.

Reese Pankratz fell on the Salmon Ladder.

Grant McCartney, 30-year-old Flight Attendant

“The Island Ninja” has missed National Finals the last two seasons.

And musician and songwriter Bootsy Collins is here to cheer McCartney on to Vegas.

McCartney was all business as worked his way quickly through the first half of the course.

No issues for the “Island Ninja” as he made his way to the Salmon Ladder.

The 7th obstacle has given McCartney fits before.

But he took his time and finished Salmon Ladder with few flaws.

And the “Island Ninja” looked to be in good shape as he made his way through Slam Dunk.

But McCartney slipped and fell on the last part of the 8th obstacle.

So once again, McCartney is on the bubble for Vegas.

During the break…

Derrick Pavoni fell on Spinning Bridge.

Dan Polizzi joined his fellow Tower of Power and hit the buzzer!!!

Michael Torres, 24-year-old Gym Manager

Torres is joined on stage by his adorable yorkie, Hershey.

Hershey is adorable!!! (especially when he helps Torres train).

Joined in progress, Torres made his way up the Warped Wall on his way to the 2nd part of the course.

And he was pushing for the fastest time of the night as he pushed through the 8th and the 9th obstacles.

Torres flew up the Spider Trap on his way to the night’s fastest time, hitting the buzzer in the City Finals for the first time ever!!!

Michael Torres Completes the course in 4:01.20.

During the break…

Dustin Rocho fell on Slam Dunk.

Chris DiGangi becomes the fifth person tonight to hit the buzzer!!!

Jackson Twait, 21-year-old College Student

Torres trains with his dog, while Twait trains with his cat.

Cincinnati’s number 2 qualifier worked early to meet the high standard he set in qualifying.

Unfortunately, Twait couldn’t do it this time, hesitating on Spinning Bridge and ending up with a foot in the water.

During the break…

Tyler Smith fell on Spinball Wizard.

Jamie Ross fell on the Wingnuts.

David Womelsdorf fell on the Slingshot.

Ethan Swanson, 29-year-old Gym Owner

“The Swan” won the Speed Pass in qualifying, so he’s got nothing to lose as he moves his way through the course.

Swanson was to the ninth obstacles in only 2 and a half minutes.

And after pushing his way up the Spider Trap, Swanson hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time yet again!!!

Ethan Swanson completes the course in 3:43.26.

During the break…

Jesse Wildman fell on Slingshot.

Jonathan Cooley fell on Slingshot.

Those two falls mean Grant McCartney is back in Las Vegas!!!

Jesse LaBreck, 29-year-old Gym Owner

Can “Flex” make it two women to hit the buzzer in one night?

LaBreck needed a few extra swings on Ring Swing but looked very comfortable dismounting as she moved her way across the first part of the course.

“Flex” looked confident as he she made her way up the Wall.

And after completing the Salmon Ladder, LaBreck clinched her spot in Vegas.

Now, she make it to that buzzer???

After Slam Dunk, her chances of the feat were still alive.

Then, “Flex” stuck the landing on Spinball Wizard.

LaBreck flew up the Spider Trap and….

…before tonight, only one woman had ever hit a City Finals one buzzer….

But LaBreck makes it two in one night!!!

Her first every City Finals buzzer!!!

Jesse LaBreck finishes the course in 6:29.29.

Power Tower

Ethan Swanson vs Michael Torres

Swanson had the quick start in the matchup of training partners.

But Torres evened things up as the pair headed for the ladder.

And from there, Torres hit the platform first and hit the buzzer, earning the Safety Pass.

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Completed Course

  1. Ethan Swanson
  2. Michael Torres
  3. Dan Polizzi
  4. Brandon Mears
  5. Chris DiGangi
  6. Jesse Labreck
  7. Michelle Warnky

Failed at Spinball Wizard

  1. Tyler Smith
  2. Philip Scott

Failed at Slam Dunk

  1. Trevor West
  2. Grant McCartney
  3. Sem Garay
  4. Dustin Rocho

Top 2 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Completed Course

  1. Jesse Labreck
  2. Michelle Warnky


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