TV Recap: S11E10 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Tacoma / Seattle City Finals 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Seattle / Tacoma Washington City Finals Season 11 Episode 10

It’s time for week 4 of City Finals!!!

Don’t forget we still have the Power Tower. It’s still here and it’s an even more daunting version than the first one.

Like the qualifying rounds, the ninjas with the top two times will compete on the Power Tower. This time, the prize is a do-over on Stage 1 or Stage 2 in the National Finals.

Also, only the top 12 ninjas (plus top 2 females and the Safety Pass winner from qualifying) will qualify for National Finals instead of 15 as in year’s past.

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Lunatic Ledges (new obstacle), Barrel Roll (new obstacle), Broken Bridge, Lightning Bolts, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Floating Monkey Bars, Northwest Passage (new obstacle), Spider Trap

Nick Hanson, 31-year-old Ninja Coach

Seattle is as close to home (which is Alaska) as he’s ever been for ANW, which means he has lots of support here from back home cheering him on.

Hanson fell on Lightning Bolts in qualifying, so he wants to atone for that here.

“The Eskimo Ninja” had no issues moving through the first three obstacles.

And after an effortless stroll over Broken Bridge, it came time to tackle that fifth obstacle.

The bar got stuck in the middle of the obstacle. But Hanson never panicked, adjusted, and finished Lightning Bolts.

On the 2nd half of the course, Hanson was finger-tips away from falling on Floating Monkey Bars. He recovered initially but couldn’t a second time as he fell on the 8th obstacle.

During the break…

Jeremy Taiwo, 29-year-old Decathlete

Look for Taiwo next summer at the Olympics (live from Japan next Summer on NBC).

I really can’t think of any other reason to show his run as Taiwo was out on the 2nd obstacle.

Jake Murray, 32-year-old Ninja Coach

Murray is mostly business tonight as he tries to top his performance in qualifying, where he was the 3rd fastest qualifying time.

Unfortunately, he would not as Murray fell on the Lightning Bolts, likely ending his season.

During the break…

Jackson Meyer fell on Lightning Bolts.

Glenn Albright also fell on Lightning Bolts.

David Moonen made if farther, falling on the Floating Monkey Bars.

Mady Howard, 23-year-old ICU Nurse

The former gymnast thanks Ninja Warrior for filling the void since college gymnastics ended.

Howard flew right over the platform and landed on her feet on Barrel Roll.

But then, she nearly slipped and fell on Broken Bridge but kept he balance and finished the fourth obstacle.

After making it up her first Warped Wall, Howard set her eyes toward the back half of the course.

And she was making it look easy before falling in the middle of Floating Monkey Bars.

But Howard’s impressive run puts her squarely in contention for a spot in Vegas.

During the break…

Christi Marie fell on Broken Bridge.

Sean Darling-Hammond fell on Floating Monkey Bars.

Scott Behrends, 37-year-old IT Specialist

Behrend’s sons competed on the debut season of American Ninja Warrior Jr.

And the sons were coaching dad in his training.

Seattle’s number 9 qualifier finished the course in qualifying and looked to be well on his way again through the first four obstacles.

Behrends spent a fair amount of time completing Lightning Bolts. We’ll see if that affects him on the back half of the course.

After completing Salmon Ladder, Behrends fell on Floating Monkey Bars.

Lance Pekus, 32-year-old Rancher

Pekus made it up the Mega Wall in qualifying.

Now, let’s see if he can top that while competing in state in grew up in.

“The Cowboy Ninja” had no issues with the first four obstacles on the course.

But Pekus shockingly fell on Lightning Bolts.

Karson Voiles, 34-year-old Gym Owner

Voiles nearly lost his dad this year. But dad pulled through.

And dad was watching as Voiles made it past Lightning Bolts.

After getting past the Wall, Seattle’s number 15 qualifier set his eyes on the back half of the course.

And Voiles set the standard for the night, becoming the first ninja to conquer Floating Monkey Bars.

Voiles had the disadvantage of being the first to attempt Northwest Passage as he fell on the ninth obstacle.

During the break…

Gavin Maxwell, Rainer Jundt, Ben Martin, and Bart Copeland all continued the trend of ninjas falling on Lightning Bolts.

Sandy Zimmerman, 42-year-old PE Teacher

Zimmerman became the first mom on Ninja Warrior to hit a buzzer during qualifying.

Zimmerman needed a few extra swings on Barrel Roll, but she took her time and completed the 3rd obstacle.

On obstacle 5, the dreaded Lightning Bolts, Zimmerman did what many have been unable to do tonight by finishing it.

Onto the 2nd half of the course, where Zimmerman crushed Salmon Ladder.

But she was unable to gain any traction on Floating Monkey Bars.

During the break…

Leif Sundberg (qualifying’s fastest finisher) fell on the Lightning Bolts.

Matt Dolce fell on the Floating Monkey Bars.

Dan Yager, 35-year-old Salon Owner

Yager overcame Lightning Bolts, the night’s Achilles Heel.

And he kept up his solid run on to the back half of the course.

On Floating Monkey Bars, Yager became the 2nd ninja on the night to complete the 8th obstacle.

On Northwest Passage, Yager had to get creative, going to the figure four to save arm strength.

But it wasn’t enough as Yager fell on the 9th obstacle.

Yager took a handle to the head on his way down adding injury to insult. But Yager looks likely for Vegas at this point.

Meagan Martin, 29-year-old Fitness Model

A lot of pressure on Martin this year to extend her streak of making the National Finals to 6.

Two women have already made it to the 8th obstacle, and Jessie Graff runs later.

The pressure didn’t show as Martin made her way through the course’s first four obstacles.

Martin fell on Lightning Bolts in qualifying.

This time, the bars got uneven. And as Martin tried to even them out, she fell.

Martin will not qualify for National Finals this year.

During the break…

Marquez Green fell on Lightning Bolts.

Zach Scoles fell on Floating Monkey Bars (he will be going to Vegas).

Nate Burkhalter, 33-year-old Oil and Gas Engineer

The veteran looked the part on the course, completing the Wall and setting up a showdown with the Salmon Ladder.

He fell on the 7th obstacle last year, costing him Las Vegas.

This time, he made it up Salmon Ladder, clinching a spot in the National Finals.

Burkhalter fell on Floating Monkey Bars, but Burkhalter clinched his first spot in Vegas in four years.

Alex Hatch, 31-year-old Tugboat Mate

When Hatch is not on the boat, he trains with his dog Lobo.

And Lobo is on hand as Hatch worked his way through the first part of the course.

A bit of a tumble on Barrel Roll didn’t slow Hatch down as he made his way to Lightning Bolts.

But the fifth obstacle proved to the end for the Tugboat Mate.

During the break…

Brandon Varner fell on Lightning Bolts.

Lorin Ball fell on Floating Monkey Bars, but Ball will be in Las Vegas.

Sean Bryan, 34-year-old Catholic Church Worker

“The Papal Ninja” is already going to National Finals.

This run is all about qualifying to compete on the Power Tower.

Dan Yager has the top time with 3:17.32. If Bryan can get past the Floating Monkey Bars before that time, he’ll clinch a spot on the Power Tower again.

And Sean Bryan shows why he’s exceptional swinging on the Lightning Bolts like they were still monkey bars.

Bryan continued his push for pace skipping rungs on Salmon Ladder.

But Bryan started having issues on the Floating Monkey Bars.

And like so many ninjas tonight, “the Papal Ninja” fell on the 8th obstacle.

Jessie Graff, 35-year-old Stuntwoman

Tonight, Graff is seeking to hit that elusive City Finals buzzer.

And Graff’s pet pig is watching on facetime cheering her on.

Graff meant business early on, making quick work of the first three obstacles.

Graff put a soft touch on each finish of Lighting Bolts on her way up the Wall and onto the 2nd half of the course.

She needs to at least make Floating Monkey Bars to qualify for Las Vegas.

And she did, well ahead of Sandy Zimmerman’s time.

Only two people of have completed Floating Monkey Bars tonight.

Make that three!!! Graff kept her composure on misses and advanced to obstacle nine.

If Graff can complete Northwest Passage, she will qualify for the Power Tower.

The 2nd line of the 9th obstacle has been the issue for the few ninjas who’ve made it here tonight.

And she made it farther than anybody else on Northwest Passage.

But it wasn’t enough, as Graff fell on the ninth obstacle.

But after taking last year off to shoot the Wonder Woman sequel, Graff will be back in Vegas this season.

Power Tower

Dan Yager vs Karson Voiles

Yager took an early lead.

But he got hung up early, and Voiles started pulling away.

Voiles made the climb across the ladder, hit the buzzer and earned the Safety Pass!!!

Dan Yager wins the Safety Pass for National Finals.

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Failed at Northwest Passage

  1. Dan Yager
  2. Karson Voiles
  3. Jessie Graff

Failed at Floating Monkey Bars

  1. Lorin Ball
  2. David Moonen
  3. Matt Dolce
  4. Zack Scholes
  5. Mady Howard
  6. Scott Behrends
  7. Nate Burkhalter
  8. Nick Hanson
  9. Sean Darling-Hammond
  10. Sean Bryan

Top 2 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Failed at Northwest Passage

  1. Jessie Graff

Failed at Floating Monkey Bars

  1. Mady Howard

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