TV Recap: S11E09 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Oklahoma City Finals 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Oklahoma City Finals Season 11 Episode 9

It’s time for week 3 of City Finals!!!

Don’t forget we still have the Power Tower. It’s still here and it’s an even more daunting version than the first one.

Like the qualifying rounds, the ninjas with the top two times will compete on the Power Tower. This time, the prize is a do-over on Stage 1 or Stage 2 in the National Finals.

Also, only the top 12 ninjas (plus top 2 females) will qualify for National Finals instead of 15 as in year’s past.

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Wing Swing (new obstacle), Fly Wheels, Diving Boards (new obstacle), Coconut Climb (new obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Crazy Clocks, Snapback (new obstacle), Spider Trap

Jeff Harris, 38-year-old Dumpster Company Owner

“The Waste Warrior” wants you to recycle!!!

The number 9 qualifier moved easily through the course’s first three obstacles.

Harris kept his quick pace going through Coconut Climb.

After climbing the Wall, “The Waste Warrior” prepared for the 2nd half of the course.

And that was no problem either as Harris made it all the way to the ninth obstacle.

Harris was the first ninja to attempt Snap back, a new obstacle with moving targets.

But going from the first to second part of the obstacle, Harris missed and fell.

Harris put forth a great time and is clearly a contender for Vegas.

Maggi Thorne, 37-year-old Marketing Consultant

Thorne’s kids put her trademark pink bow in her hair before the start of her run.

And tonight, her goal is to get up the Wall for the first time.

Thorne set a quick pace early.

Oklahoma City’s number 28 qualifier successfully made it past Fly Wheels despite having only two wheels instead of 3.

And it was near disaster for Thorne as she slipped and hit her head on Diving Boards. But she held on and slowly worked her way to the end of the obstacle.

Thorne was clearly shaken after that fall on the fourth obstacle, but she pushed forward to make a run at Coconut Climb.

The fifth obstacle is where she fell in qualifying.

But Thorne completed it this time, completing the fifth obstacle for the first time ever!!!

And then Thorne accomplished her goal of making it up the Warped Wall: the 2nd mom ever to make it up the Wall.

But she didn’t stop there, making up through Salmon Ladder before falling on Crazy Clocks.

Tonight was Thorne’s best run ever and sets a strong standard for the rest of the women competing tonight to match.

During the break…

Elliott Joviellete fell on Crazy Clocks.

Tyler Humphrey also fell on Crazy Clocks.

Rick Hinnant, 45-year-old Clothing Retailer

Hinnant runs “Grace and Lace” with his wife: a company inspired by the loss of the couple’s first pregnancy.

Oklahoma City’s number 19 qualifier fell on Coconut Climb in qualifying.

And Hinnant wasted little time getting to that obstacle tonight.

And he nearly made it to the finish this time, but Hinnant fell just as he was trying to circle at the end of the fifth obstacle.

During the break…

Chris Talon Green fell on Diving Boards.

Kendall Ortez fell on Crazy Clocks.

Ben Wales fell on Snapback.

Karsten Williams, 38-year-old Gym Owner

Oklahoma City’s number 4 qualifier wants to hit a City Finals buzzer for the first time in five seasons.

And he was in a hurry to get there, pushing through the first four obstacles.

The pace did not slow down as Williams made easy work of the Warped Wall.

Williams skipped several rungs on Salmon Ladder.

And after completing Crazy Clocks, Big Kat faced up with where he’s falling so many times the previous seasons: the ninth obstacle.

But he did the job tonight, becoming the first ninja to complete Snapback.

And after climbing up the Spider Trap, Big Kat hit the City Finals buzzer, becoming the night’s first finisher!!!

Karsten Williams completes the course in 4:29.17.

Taylor Amann, 22-year-old Fashion Buyer

The champion pole vaulter fell at Coconut Climb in qualifying.

And Amann was working her way methodically through the course to get to that point once again.

After a small slip on Diving Boards, Amann finished the fourth obstacle and set up her repeat attempt at obstacle 5.

With her feet shaking, Amann swung around and put Coconut Climb behind her.

After climbing the Warped Wall, Amann pushed up the Salmon Ladder and completed obstacle 7.

Amann fell on Crazy Clocks, but a solid time might be enough to qualify for National Finals.

During the break…

Brent Steffenson fell on Crazy Clocks.

Josh Salinas fell on Snap Back.

David Wright, 19-year-old Lifeguard

“The Cake Ninja” hit the buzzer in qualifying.

And OKC’s number 7 qualifier continued his solid work on the first half of the course.

After climbing the Wall again, Wright made his way for the back half, moving at a rapid pace up Salmon Ladder.

And after brief kick of one of the boards, Wright moved his way successfully through Crazy Clocks.

Wright put away Snap Back with an easy 10-foot leap.

Wright started slowly on Spider Trap. But he found a solid rhythm and made it all the way to the top, becoming the night’s 2nd finisher.

David Wright completes the course in 5:17.38.

Karen Wiltin, 41-year old Physician’s Assistant

Wiltin fell on the first obstacle of City Finals last season.

She needed an extra swing on it, but Wiltin got past obstacle one this time.

Once Wiltin made it past the mental hurdle of obstacle one, she moved quickly through the first half of the course, setting up a showdown with Coconut Climb.

She fell here in qualifying. But she made it through this time!!!

And on her third attempt, Wiltin became the third woman tonight to make it up the Warped Wall.

Her run ended on Salmon Ladder after not getting enough air on the jump.

Wiltin won’t be in Vegas, but that was one of the night’s most entertaining runs.

During the break…

Chris Cambre fell on the Salmon Ladder.

Jonathan Bange fell on Crazy Clocks.

Jody Avila, 33-year-old HVAC technician

Joined in progress, Avila bounded his way up the Warped Wall.

The biggest ninja in OKC made Crazy Clocks look easy.

And after pushing his way through Snap Back, Avila was ready to make a push at the night’s fastest time.

And he did it, completing the course 6 seconds ahead of David Wright’s time.

Jody Avila completes the course in 5:11.20.

During the break…

Jonathan Horton fell on Salmon Ladder.

Madelynn McNeal fell on Coconut Climb.

Barclay Stockett, 24-year-old Gymnastics Coach

Stockett visited her nonprofit in Congo, an organization (Exile International) that helps rehome former child soldiers.

Stockett is chasing Maggie Throne, who sits in the 2nd spot right now for female qualifiers.

Stockett’s upper body strength showed as she moved quickly through Wing Swing and Fly Wheels.

Coconut Climb took down “The Sparkly Ninja” in qualifying.

It did not in the City Finals!!!

After making it up the Warped Wall, Stockett had one minute to complete the Salmon Ladder to advance to National Finals.

She did it, sending Maggi Thorne home.

And Stockett nearly made it through Crazy Clocks, slipping on the final part of the eighth obstacle.

Four women made it up the Warped Wall tonight. That’s a record!!!

During the break…

Josh Norton fell on Crazy Clocks.

Abel Gonzalez fell on Crazy Clocks.

Matthew Day, 20-year-old College Student

Day works quickly, moving through the first four obstacles with ease.

But he went too fast on the 2nd half of the Coconut Climb. He flew right over one of the stops and his back hit the water, ending Day’s season.

Daniel Gil, 25-year-old Worship Leader

Gil’s spot in Vegas is safe. Tonight, he’s looking for the trifecta (Mega Wall, Speed Pass, Safety Pass)

Gil makes the first half of the course look easy, barely stopping as he worked his way through the first four obstacles.

As expected, “The Kingdom Ninja” made his way to the 2nd part of the course well ahead of the top time.

Snap Back put up somewhat of a challenge stopping Gil. But Gil managed nicely, finishing the ninth obstacle.

Gil flew up the Spider Trap with time to spare, clinching his spot on the Power Tower.

Gil completes the course in 3:34.23.

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi, 20-year-old College Student

Will “The Kid” meet his mentor Daniel Gil on the Power Tower?

It sure looked that way as Owhadi made quick work of the first half of the course.

“The Kid” needed to complete the final three obstacles in less than two minutes to make the Power Tower.

Owhadi kept up the fast pace on Crazy Clocks.

A back-hand grab and big air leap finished Snap back for “The Kid.”

Owhadi needed to make it up Spider Trap in 30 seconds….

He needed to make the final ten feet in ten seconds….

And with one second to spare…

Mathis Owhadi hit the buzzer with the night’s second fastest time!!!

Mathis Owhadi completes the course in 4:28.83.

Power Tower

Daniel Gil vs Mathis Owhadi

“The Kid” took the lead early on.

He kept the lead going up the ladders.

And with a big swing, Mathis “Kid” Owhadi hit the buzzer and claimed the Safety Pass!!!

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi takes the Safety Pass.

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Completed Course

  1. Daniel Gil
  2. Mathis Owhadi
  3. Karsten Williams
  4. Jody Avila
  5. David Wright

Failed at Snap Back

  1. Jeff Harris
  2. Brian Burkhardt
  3. Nicholas Fordney
  4. Josh Salinas
  5. Ben Wales
  6. Alex Blick

Failed at Crazy Clocks

  1. Kendall Ortez
  2. Damir Okanovic

Top 2 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Failed at Crazy Clocks

  1. Taylor Amann
  2. Barclay Stockett

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