TV Recap: S11E08 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Atlanta City Finals 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Atlanta Georgia City Finals Season 11 Episode 8

It’s time for week 2 of City Finals!!!

Don’t forget we still have the Power Tower. It’s still here and it’s an even more daunting version than the first one.

Like the qualifying rounds, the ninjas with the top two times will compete on the Power Tower. This time, the prize is a do-over on Stage 1 or Stage 2 in the National Finals.

Also, only the top 12 ninjas (plus top 2 females) will qualify for National Finals instead of 15 as in year’s past.

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Off the Hook (new obstacle), Block Run, Bouncing Spider, Ferris Wheel (new obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Up for Grabs (new obstacle), Fallout, Spider Trap

Tyrone Poole, 47-year-old Retired NFL Player

The 13-year NFL veteran was the number 29 qualifier in Atlanta.

But Poole’s run ended quickly, coming up short on the first exchange of Off the Hook.

Josiah Singleton, 22-year-old Golf Course Worker

The West Virginia farm boy finished 12th in qualifying.

Singleton made quick work of the first two obstacles on the course.

Rain has made the surface for Block Run slick, but the “Country Boy Ninja” had no issues with the third obstacle.

In fact, just like his qualifying run, Singleton made it all the way to the Warped Wall as he prepared for the 2nd part of the course.

But after completing Salmon Ladder, the “Country Boy Ninja” slipped at the start of Up for Grabs.

Neil “Crazy” Craver, 38-year-old artist

“Crazy” Craver got married this year.

Shockingly, the ninja veteran fell on Block Run.

Caitlyn Bergstrom, 21-year-old Ninja Coach

Caitlyn and her brother Caleb both qualified for City Finals (That’s two of seven siblings)

After taking an extra swing on Shrinking Steps, Bergstrom moved easily through the next two obstacles.

Bergstrom fell on Bouncing Spider in qualifying.

But she made it past the fourth obstacle this time, hooking the leg on the platform.

Bergstrom decided to move the opposite direction on Ferris Wheel.

But that left her far from the platform. And her dismount ultimately came up short.

During the break…

Kirill Rebkovets fell on Off the Hook.

Jon Dilullo fell on Block Run.

Chad Hohn fell on the Ferris Wheel.

Devin Harrelson, 34-year-old Tattoo Artist

“Doug E Fresh” became a father this year. And he uses his twins to train for Ninja competitions.

Harrelson moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

After a rough landing on Block Run, Harrelson finished Bouncing Spider, setting up a showdown with the Ferris Wheel.

Harrelson fell on the fifth obstacle in qualifying, but he completed is this time!!!

And for the first time ever, “Doug E Fresh” made it up a Warped Wall.

Starring down the back half of the course for the first time ever, Harrelson made it past Salmon Ladder before falling on Up For Grabs.

During the break…

Alyssa Varsalona fell on Block Run.

Glenn Davis fell attempting to make it up the Warped Wall.

Kenny Niemitalo, 32-year-old Concrete Worker

Niemitalo works to find kidneys for kids who need them. The girl he ran for last year, Liza, received a transplant in November.

This year, Niemitalo is running with 8-year-old Jordan on his shirt.

Atlanta’s number 8 qualifier moved quickly through the first four obstacles.

But a log on Bouncing Spider hit him in the face after he was already on the landing pad.

After taking a moment to recover, Niemitalo continued forward, completing the rest of the first half of the course.

Niemitalo looked completely recovered as he became the first ninja to complete Up for Grabs.

Niemitalo made it all the way to the Spider Trap, but he looked exhausted and his shoes were wet. Niemitalo was unable to ever get traction on the final obstacle.

No one else has made it here so far, so Niemitalo looks like a safe bet for Vegas.

During the break…

Eddy Stewart fell on Block Run.

Caleb Auer fell on Fallout.

Kevin Carbone, The Maker, Obstacle Designer

I always wonder what other ninjas think of Carbone, the man whose obstacles have ended many runs.

Carbone has smartly turned his skills creating obstacles into a career. He travels the country building obstacles and courses.

Carbone was moving his feet up on their sides to keep them from getting wet. It was raining throughout the day and evening of City Finals.

That strategy proved smart as Carbone made it all the way up the Warped Wall (with a 360 on his way up for good measure).

Carbone has never hit a City Finals buzzer, but he sure was making a good run for it after completing Up For Grabs.

After owning Fallout, Carbone made his way up Spider Trap. Let’s see if keeping his shoes dry pays off for Carbone.

Indeed it did!!! “The Maker” becomes the night’s first finisher.

Kevin Carbone completes the course in 4:50.15

During the break…

Emily Durham fell on Block Run.

Roo Yori fell on Up for Grabs.

Casey Suchocki also fell on Up for Grabs.

Travis Rosen, 44-year-old Stock Trader

Rosen broke his ankle last season, but came back strong in qualifying, hitting the buzzer.

Another near fall on Block Run was averted as Rosen stumbled across and finished the balance obstacle.

For the second straight run, Rosen made his way up the Warped Wall successfully.

And the former college gymnast looked really good on Up for Grabs.

But he slipped and fell on the final bar.

We’ll see if his run is good enough to go to Vegas.

During the break…

Ronald Washington and Travis Rust both fell on Up for Grabs.

Ryan Stratis, 35-year-old Ninja Trainer

Joined in progress, Stratis is looking to build on the momentum of his Mega Wall triumph in qualifying.

On this run, Stratis’s hand is bleeding from Block Run. But that didn’t stop him from advancing to the 2nd part of the course.

Make that four, as Stratis completes the difficult 8th obstacle.

On Fallout, Stratis got turned around on the middle of the ninth obstacle.

But he fought through it and completed the ninth obstacle.

Could Stratis complete the City Finals course for the 2nd straight year?

Yes he could!!! Stratis climbed the Spider Trap and hit the buzzer, becoming the night’s 2nd finisher.

Ryan Stratis completes the course in 8:42.98

During the break…

Grace Sims fell on Bouncing Spider.

Brett Sims (Grace’s Husband) hit the buzzer (and for the 2nd year in a row, the beard battle with Ryan Stratis is on to Vegas).

Jody Freeman, 19-year-old College Student

Freeman finds his confidence in rock climbing. And that confidence carries over onto the ninja course.

The course finisher started out with a great pace, only needing one swing on Off the Hook.

After no setbacks on Ferris Wheel, Freeman made his way up the Wall and prepared for the 2nd half of the course.

How will Freeman’s light weight play on the upper body heavy backhalf?

Very well as Freeman became the fifth ninja to complete Up for Grabs.

Freeman’s spot in the National Finals was clinched after he completed Fallout.

Unfortunately, Freeman didn’t have the strength or leverage (his feet were slipping the whole way up) on the Spider Trap.

Still, a great run by the rookie!!!

Jessica Clayton, 37-year-old IT Consultant

Clayton raises three kids and serves in the Army National Guard.

But tonight, it’s all about trying to qualify for Vegas.

If Clayton makes it past the Bouncing Spider, she goes to the National Finals.

Clayton needed a few extra swings to get past Off the Hook.

And Clayton’s time clinched her spot in Vegas after Block Run.

It’s a good thing too because Clayton fell on Bouncing Spider.

During the break…

R.J. Roman fell on Spider Trap.

Tyler Gillett hit the buzzer!!!

Caleb Bergstrom fell on Up for Grabs.

All three are headed to National Finals.

Drew Drechsel, Gym Owner

Drechsel’s spot for National Finals is secure. This is all about the Safety Pass.

And “The Real-Life Ninja” is already fast, so there’s a good chance he secures one of those top two spots.

Drechsel moved quickly through the first part of the course.

Approaching Fallout, Drechsel was over two minutes ahead of Kevin Carbone’s (the top time so far) time.

Flip Rodriguez lets “the Real-Life Ninja” know he’s got plenty of time as he made his way up the Spider Trap and hit the buzzer.

Drew Drechsel completes the course in 3:37.19.

Power Tower

Drew Drechsel vs Kevin Carbone

Is it really fair for anyone who gets placed in the same city as “The Real-Life Ninja?”

Carbone did get off to a great start.

But Drechsel passed him quickly.

By the time Carbone made it to the ladder, Drechsel was already hitting the buzzer.

And “The Real-Life Ninja” becomes the first to ever win the trifecta (Mega Wall, Speed Pass, Safety Pass all in the same year).

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Completed Course

  1. Drew Drechsel
  2. Kevin Carbone
  3. Tyler Gillett
  4. Brett Sims
  5. Ryan Stratis

Failed at Spider Trap

  1. R.J. Roman
  2. Jody Freeman
  3. Kenny Niemitalo

Failed at Fall Out

  1. Caleb Auer

Failed at Up For Grabs

  1. Caleb Bergstrom
  2. Ronald Washington
  3. Travis Rosen
  4. Casey Suchocki

Top 2 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Failed at Ferris Wheel

  1. Caitlyn Bergstrom

Failed at Bouncing Spider

  1. Jessica Clayton

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