TV Recap: S10E13 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Part 1 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Las Vegas National Finals Part 1 Season X Episode 13

Only a few weeks left in the 10th season of American Ninja Warrior, which means it’s time for the National Finals!!!

Ninety Seven competitors are all that remain, and the runs of half of those competitors were shown Monday night.

Here’s the format:

Tonight’s course is hit the buzzer or go home.

Competitors will have 2 minutes, 25 seconds (10 seconds faster than last year’s limit) to complete all the obstacles in Stage 1. All competitors who complete all the obstacles and hit the buzzer in the allotted time move onto Stage 2. All competitors who don’t are done for the season.

The Course:

Archer Alley, Propeller Bar, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Jeep Run (New Obstacle, brought to you by Jeep Cherokee), Warped Wall, Razor Beams (New Obstacle), Twist and Fly (New Obstacle)

Matthew Day, 19 year old Kinesiology Student

Day is the first of four 19 year olds who took advantage of the new lower age limit this season to qualify for Vegas in their first seasons. He was Dallas’s number 2 qualifier, where he hit both buzzers.

Day made the first two obstacles look easy.

Bu after an easy slide through Double Dipper, Day slipped and fell at the start of Jumping Spider.

Dayvon Hancox, 21 year old EMT

Hancox was the number 14 qualifier from Los Angeles.

The rookie grabbed the rope with his feet and swung to a successful landing on the Propeller Bar.

And Hancox became the first competitor to attempt Jeep Run. But the final large tire spins, and Hancox landing on the side dumped him into the water.

Rachel Goldstein, 34 year old Occupational Therapist

The first member of the “Fantastic Four” to go tonight struggled before completing Archer Alley.

Then, the 2 time National Finalist held onto the propeller by fingertips and the landing by a toe. But she completed Propeller Bar.

The lack of confidence from those first two obstacles showed as Goldstein shorted the landing on Double Dipper.

Nick Hanson, 30 year old Coach

Nick Hanson trained with Grant McCartney this year in Hawaii.

And time is always an issue for Hanson: he missed the time in season 8 while barely beating the clock last season during Stage 1.

Hanson had little trouble with the first three obstacles.

After an initial slip, Hanson held on and completed Jumping Spider.

Then, Hanson became the first competitor to complete Jeep Run.

After easily climbing up the Wall, Hanson had 50 seconds to complete the final two obstacles.

But Razor Beams was easy, so most of Hanson’s time could be used on Twist and Fly.

Extra swings cost Hanson valuable time, and the time ran out just as he reached the top of the net.

During the break…

Nick Patel fell on Propeller Bar.

Rigel Henry fell on Double Dipper.

Brian Rambo fell on Jumping Spider.

Kyle Schulze, 28 year old Grocer

Unfortunately, the” Deaf Ninja” slipped and fell on the very first obstacle.

Austin Gray, 21 year old Ninja Coach

Minneapolis’s number 12 qualifier is the ninja who donated his kidney to his friend Kaylee several months ago.

Gray got stuck on the Propeller Bar. But he stayed patient and completed the obstacle.

Then, Gray resumed his quick pace all the way through the Warped Wall.

Gray hit Twist and Fly with over a minute to complete the final obstacle.

And he did it!!! Gray hit the buzzer with 33 seconds to spare!!!

Austin Gray completes Stage 1 in 1:56.11.

During the break…

Jeri D’Aurelio fell on Propeller Bar.

Elliot Jolivette fell on Double Dipper.

Brent Steffensen came up just short of time on Twist and Fly.

Jon Alexis Jr., 29 year old Engineering Student

The big man was the top qualifier in Minneapolis.

Alexis was a little careless going into the Propeller Bar. But he held on and completed the second obstacle.

The big man flew quickly threw the next two obstacles. But he nearly slipped on Jeep Run before just barely holding onto that big tire.

After completing the Warped Wall, Alexis had less than a minute to complete the final two obstacles.

Alexis appeared to run out of his gas as he swung on the 2nd swing on Twist and Fly. His hands heartbreakingly touched the net. But Alexis couldn’t hold on, and his season ended.

Travis Rosen, 43 year old Ninja Coach

Rosen is the oldest ninja to complete Stage One.

The nine-time National Finalist would not top that record this year as he came up short on the landing on Double Dipper.

And on that landing, Rosen broke his ankle.

Flip Rodriguez, 28 year old Stuntman

Flip was the number 7 qualifier in Los Angeles.

The Stuntman is known for speed. But ironically, when Flip slowed down, he fell on Double Dipper.

Karson Voiles, 33 year old Gym Owner

Voiles is running for his wife, who has a tumor in her head.

Voiles made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Then, after watching many ninjas fall on the third obstacle, Voiles sailed through and completed Double Dipper.

After climbing up the Warped Wall, Voiles had one minute to complete the final two obstacles.

And after making it to Twist and Fly, Voiles attached himself to the net with time to spare, hit the buzzer, and became the 2nd ninja to advance to Stage 2 tonight.

Karson Voiles completes Stage 1 in 2:06.22.

During the break…

Danny Bergstrom fell on Double Dipper.

Thomas Kofron fell on Jumping Spider.

Tyler Yamauchi fell on Double Dipper.

Jamie Rahn, 30 year old Gym Owner

Philly’s number 3 qualifier has made it to Stage 2 three times previously.

But “Captain NBC” lost a shoe on Propeller Bar.

Rahn lost a lot of time on the 2nd obstacle. But he kept pushing through, completing the next two obstacle with one shoe.

Before attempting Jeep Run, Rahn went ahead and lost the 2nd shoe.

And a barefoot “Captain NBC” ran all the way to Twist and Fly with less than 30 seconds to complete the course.

With no shoes on, Rahn climbed up the net and hit the buzzer with 7 seconds to spare.

“Captain NBC” is always great TV.

Jamie Rahn completes Stage 1 in 2:17.93.

Brian Arnold, 40 year old Course Designer

Arnold gets the commercial playing during his run. And since it’s a new round, I can’t predict his run. I just know it will last close to 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

Arnold made easy work of the first four obstacles.

Arnold nearly slipped on the last steering wheel of Jeep, but he held on and completed the obstacle.

Arnold had less than thirty seconds to complete Twist and Fly.

At ten seconds, he had yet to swing onto the net.

And when he finally did, Arnold couldn’t hold on, ending his season.

Neil Craver, 37 year old Artist

Ok, we get it. “Crazy Craver” is, well, Crazy. That is the point of the pre run video for Craver.

Craver used his feet to grab the rope and complete Propeller Bar.

But he came up short switching between jumps on Double Dipper.

Alyssa Beird, 27 year old School Teacher

Can Beird repeat last season when she became the 2nd woman to hit a buzzer in Stage 1?

She would not as she shockingly fell on the first obstacle.

During the break…

Michelle Warnky fell on the first obstacle.

Michael Johnson fell on Double Dipper.

Dan Polizzi hit the buzzer on Stage 1 for the first time!!!

James McGrath, 32 year old Ninja Coach

McGrath’s bane on the Stage 1 course has been the Jumping Spider.

And it brought him down again tonight.

Casey Suchocki, 26 year old Contractor

The “Bama Ninja” made quick work of Double Dipper.

On Jumping Spider (the obstacle that took him out two years ago in Vegas), Suchocki stuck a clean landing.

The “Bama Ninja” made quick work of the rest of the course, giving himself a full 40 seconds to complete Twist and Fly.

And after catching the net, Suchocki made the climb with the clock ticking down.

He made it with four seconds to spare!!!

Casey Suchocki completes Stage 1 in 2:20.51.

During the break…

Ethan Swanson, Josh Levin, and Sean Bryan all qualified for Stage 2!!!

Jesse Labreck, 28 year old Gym Manager

The last of the “Fantastic Four” to go tonight came oh so close to completing Stage 1 before falling last season.

Labreck’s form was perfect on Propeller Bar and Double Dipper.

Then, the big tire nearly took Labreck out on Jeep Run.

Labreck missed her first attempt at the Warped Wall, costing her valuable time.

But she made it to Twist and Fly with time left only to fall on the switch between the two sets of handles.

 During the break…

Ian Dory fell on Jumping Spider.

Tyler Gillett and Adam Rayl both completed Stage 1!!!

Joe Moravsky, 29 year old Meteorologist

Moravsky, who made it farther than any ninja last season, shockingly fell on Double Dipper.

He’s out on Stage 1 for the first time in his career.

Daniel Gil, 25 year old Worship Leader

How many more top ninjas will fall before the night is over?

Well, the “Kingdom Ninja” showed no sign of joining those who’ve fallen has he made a run at the night’s fastest time.

Gil made a near perfect landing on each obstacle and had over a minute to complete Twist and Fly.

After a few extra swings, he did it with the night’s fastest time.

Daniel Gil completes the course in 1:46.65.

Mathis “Kid” Owhadi, 19 year old Business Student

The hotshot rookie stepped up for the night’s final run.

Owhaid made quick work of the first four obstacles.

Much like Gil, Owhadi didn’t just look like he was advancing. He was looking for the night’s fastest time.

Owhadi had over a minute to complete Twist and Fly.

And he was on the net with 50 seconds to spare, hitting the buzzer with the night’s fastest time!!!

Owhadi completes Stage 1 in 1:44.11.

Ninjas who completed the Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 course and advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 2:

  1. Mathis Owhadi
  2. Daniel Gil
  3. Austin Gray
  4. Adam Rayl
  5. Tyler Gillett
  6. Ethan Swanson
  7. Karson Voiles
  8. Sean Bryan
  9. Josh Levin
  10. Dan Polizzi
  11. Jamie Rahn
  12. Casey Suchocki

Next week, the rest of the field takes the course. Drew Dreschel, Meagan Martin, Jesse Graff, Najee Richardson, and many more all take their shot at Stage 1 next week. See you then!!!


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