TV Recap: S10E14 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Part 2 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Las Vegas National Finals Part 2 Season X Episode 14

Last week, 12 competitors moved on to Stage 2 of the Nationals Finals. This week, the rest of the competitors take their shot at Stage 1 and the chance to move on in further in the National Finals.

Here’s the format:

Tonight’s course is hit the buzzer or go home.

Competitors will have 2 minutes, 25 seconds (10 seconds faster than last year’s time limit) to complete all the obstacles in Stage 1. All competitors who complete all the obstacles and hit the buzzer in the allotted time move onto Stage 2. All competitors who don’t are done for the season.

The Course:

Archer Alley, Propeller Bar, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Jeep Run (New Obstacle, brought to you by Jeep Cherokee), Warped Wall, Razor Beams (New Obstacle), Twist and Fly (New Obstacle)

Alex Carson, 32 year old Engineer

Carson plays the tuba and apparently works out with it all the time.

He also bakes cheesecakes (yummy!!!!).

Carson lost several key seconds on the first two obstacles.

But the tuba player moved quickly through Double Dipper.

Carson stayed tentative on Jeep Run. Though Carson completed obstacle five, he only had 45 seconds to complete the final three obstacles.

And much like last season, Carson looked gassed as he missed the last handle on Twist and Fly.

Guess all that tuba training didn’t help with the cardio.

Bootie Cothran, 49 year old Media Coordinator

The oldest competitor in Vegas is making is first National Finals appearance after five years of competing.

But his season ended on Double Dipper.

Unfortunate news after the break…

Jesse Graff is working on “Wonder Woman 1984” as a stuntwoman. Unfortunately, that means she cannot compete in National Finals this season.

Abby Clark, 24 year old Special Education Teacher

Clark needed two extra swings to complete Archer Alley.

Then, she got stuck on Propeller Bar before completing the second obstacle.

And Clark, like many veterans, saw her season end on Double Dipper.

Kevin Bull, 33 year old Ninja Coach

Bull is making his fifth straight appearance in National Finals.

Bull made quick work of the first three obstacles.

But Bull took more time than he’d like on Jumping Spider before completing obstacle four.

Bull starting showing fatigue on obstacles 5 through 7, but he still had 40 seconds to complete the final obstacle.

And it looked like Bull had the time. But on the release, Bull could not hold onto the net.

During the break…

Judas Licciardello fell on the Propeller Bar.

Abel Gonzalez fell on the Double Dipper.

Mike Wright fell on Jumping Spider.

Brian Kretsch, 34 year old Gym Manager

The 10-time ninja veteran is known for “Kretsch-face:” the face he makes when observing ninjas run on ANW.

Unfortunately, Kretsch fell on the Propeller Bar this season.

Lucas Reale, 19 year old Business Student

Reale lost his father three years ago to suicide.

The rookie made quick work of the first three obstacles.

Reale made a perfect landing on the final tire on Jeep Run.

Then, Reale went straight from Razor Beam to Twist and Fly.

And after catching the net, Reale climbed up and moved on to Stage 2.

Reale advances to Stage 2 in 2:14.20.

During the break…

Anna Shumaker fell on Archer Alley.

James Bartholomew fell on Propeller Bar.

Karsten Williams fell on Double Dipper.

Eric Middleton, 26 year old Entomology Student

Middleton gives the announcers creatures to eat if he hits the buzzer.

And for Stage 1, Matt and Akbar will be eating scorpions.

Middleton was looking good through three obstacles.

And he seemed to only get stronger after Jumping Spider.

Middleton continued his strong run on Jeep Run as he made a perfect landing on the final tire.

When Middleton made it to Twist and Fly, he had 40 seconds to complete the course.

He grabbed the net and made his way up to the top, hitting the buzzer, meaning more bug eating joy for Matt and Akbar.

Middleton advances to Stage 2 in 2:08.84.

Lance Pekus, 31 year old Rancher

Matt and Akbar promised to wear cowboy hats for Lance’s run in Vegas. They much preferred that to the bug eating earlier.

Pekus’s run did not go well as the Rancher fell on Propeller Bar.

Barclay Stockett, 23 year old Gymnastics Coach

Stockett came so close to completing Stage 1 last season.

And she looked focused and determined as she made quick work of the first half of the course.

But a small stumble on Jeep Run cost her momentum, and she came up just short of the steering wheel.

During the break…

Reko Rivera fell on Twist and Fly.

David Campbell fell on Double Dipper.

Chris Wilczewski hit the buzzer!!!

Najee Richardson, 27 year old Motivational Speaker

“The Phoenix” is ready for another electrifying run.

And Richardson looked well on his way after carefully completing Double Dipper.

“The Phoenix” nearly slipped early on Jeep Run.

But he recovered nicely and had no issues completing the fifth obstacle.

After completing obstacles 6 and 7, Richardson had 50 seconds to complete Twist and Fly.

Richardson got a lot of hang time, and hit the buzzer

Richardson advances to Stage 2 in 2:02.86.

Mike Murray, 29 year old Oil Field Manager

Murray has the commercial break on in the background during his run.

Now, for once, can the guy who runs during the commercial hit a buzzer? How about mixing things up NBC!!!

Murray looked good through four obstacles. I don’t know his time situation because they aren’t showing the clock. Instead, we get a Snickers’ commercial.

Murray made it past the Razor Beams and it looked like we might get a commercial finisher.

And we do!!!! Murray climbed up the net and hit the buzzer in the allotted time, advancing to Stage 2.

Mike Murray advances to Stage 2.

Chris DiGangi fell on Double Dipper.

R.J. Roman and Zach Day hit the buzzer!!!

Brett Sims, 30 year old Wedding Photographer

The “Battle of the Beards” has made it all the way to Vegas.

Both Sims and Ryan Stratis have hit buzzers in qualifying and in the City Finals.

Whoever makes it the farthest on this course keep the beard. The other shaves.

Unfortunately for Sims, his beard was in danger as he fell at the end of Double Dipper.

Ryan Stratis, 35 year old Ninja Coach

So if Stratis makes it past Double Dipper, Sims loses the beard.

And he made it easily, making Stratis the winner of “Battle of the Beards.”

With the matter of the beards settled, Stratis can focus on hitting a buzzer.

But Stratis was spun off the final tire on Jeep Run.

Kenny Niemitalo, 31 year old Concrete Worker

Niemitalo’s daughter was given a kidney, saving her life.

So Niemitalo’s been spending his season getting word out about other children who need a kidney donation.

Niemitalo got stuck on Propeller Bar, but he kept his focus and completed the second obstacle.

Then, Niemitalo just caught the landing with his toes on Double Dipper.

Small mistakes cost Niemitalo a lot of time, but he kept his run alive despite a leg injury suffered early in the course.

Niemitalo had 20 seconds to complete Twist and Fly.

He caught the net, but the clock ran out before he could hit the buzzer.

Nicholas Coolridge, 29 year old Acrobat

Coolridge used to live in his van. Now, he lives in a car.

Somehow, Coolridge held on during Double Dipper despite only having one hand on the bar.

Coolridge kept his balance on Jeep Run despite a few small slips and a twisted knee.

After making quick work of the next two obstacles, Coolridge looked to have plenty of time to complete Twist and Fly.

Coolridge caught the net with 20 seconds left and climbed to the top, hitting the buzzer and moving on to Stage 2.

Coolridge advances to Stage 2 in 2:17.92.

During the break…

Jonathan Stevens and Josh Salinas hit the buzzer!!!

Brittany Hanks fought a knee injury as she fell at Propeller Bar.

Meagan Martin, 28 year old Rock Climber

Martin has timed out each of her previous four appearances in the National Finals.

She nearly stumbled on Archer Alley, but survived.

Unfortunately, Martin slipped on Jumping Spider. No women will make it to Stage 2.

During the break…

Drew Knapp, Thomas Stillings, and Hunter Guerard all completed the course!!!

Drew Dreschel, 29 year old Gym Owner

Dreschel has completed Stage 1 every year. I hope that is not a jinx.

The “Real Life Ninja” moved fast, as usual. He completed the first four obstacles in less than 30 seconds.

And it became clear, as usual, that the question is not whether Dreschel would complete the course, but would he have the night’s fastest time?

He would, hitting the buzzer with the best time of any ninja on Stage 1.

Drew Dreschel advances to Stage 2 in 1:37.20.

Jake Murray, 31 year old Ninja Trainer

Grant McCartney is playing the part of Jake Murray’s caddie. And he helps Murray pick out the right pair of shoes.

Murray worked quickly, making an early push for the round’s fastest time.

By the time Murray completed Jeep Run, he had 90 seconds left.

Murray went straight from Razor Beams to Twist and Fly.

He caught the net ten seconds behind Dreschel. And he hit the buzzer .2 seconds ahead of the “Real Life Ninja” for the night’s fastest time.

Murray capped his run with a cannonball of the top of the platform.

Jake Murray advances to Stage 2 in 1:37.

Full List of ninjas who completed the Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 course and advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 2:

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Drew Drechsel
  3. Mathis Owhadi
  4. Daniel Gil
  5. Austin Gray
  6. Drew Knapp
  7. Adam Rayl
  8. Josh Salinas
  9. Tyler Gillett
  10. Najee Richardson
  11. R.J Roman
  12. Ethan Swanson
  13. Karson Voiles
  14. Sean Bryan
  15. Josh Levin
  16. Hunter Guerard
  17. Eric Middleton
  18. Lucas Reale
  19. Mike Meyers
  20. Thomas Stillings
  21. Brian Burkhardt
  22. Angel Rodriguez
  23. Jonathan Stevens
  24. Chris Wilczewski
  25. Dan Polizzi
  26. Nicholas Coolridge
  27. Jamie Rahn
  28. Mike Murray
  29. Zach Day
  30. Casey Suchocki

The season finale is next week as these thirty ninjas take their shot at the next two stages. And the first ever under water obstacle makes its debut next week. See you then.



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