Rumor: American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Still Happening!  Taping in St. Louis this weekend

It appears that Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior might still happen in some shape or form after all! In a normal year, we would have been watching episodes air on NBC right now, with filming having taken place this spring. Obviously, that didn’t happen this year.

The big question on everyone’s mind since the postponements has been: Will Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior still happen in 2020?

As of today, signs are pointing to yes!

Sources tell us that the producers of American Ninja Warrior are having a taping take place in St. Louis in the coming week. Since last week, production teams have been at The Dome at America’s Center setting up a course in the dome. This is one of the cities & locations that would have originally hosted a Season 12 taping.

A now-removed post on ReelChicago also points towards production having resumed:

Around 150 or so ninjas have, or are in the process of, quietly flying into St. Louis. No ninjas have officially confirmed this is happening of course!

What would a season look like with only 150 ninjas? It’s anyone’s guess. Would we see only 2 city qualifying nights, 2 city final nights, then proceed to national finals? Or would the format be adjusted this year? However, one thing is for sure – with current restrictions on crowd sizes, expect there not to be any big crowds in the background, and some social distancing requirements will likely be in place for the taping themselves.

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