All signs continue to point to American Ninja Warrior being able to have a condensed season 12 in 2020! As we previously reported, more than 100 high profile ninjas descended on St. Louis earlier in July. Officially, everyone was there for vacation and sightseeing – coincidentally at the same time. Unofficially, the ninjas were there to tape a special invite-only condensed season 12 of ANW. 150 or so ninjas would be taking part, with filming for the entire season taking place over two weeks. Ninjas would have to be tested daily to make sure they weren’t sick – some ninjas unfortunately were sent home due to this. However, all of this has thus far been based off of rumors or off the record comments.

Today, we have the most official confirmation about Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior yet – set photos! PRG North America (@prg.north.america on Instagram), a company that provides services & equipment for concerts & TV shows, made a now-deleted post on Instagram sharing how they provided cameras & equipment for filming Season 12 in St. Louis.

In partnership with @gamecreekvideo #PRG provided broadcast and POV cameras, audio and RF video for NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior.”

“We worked closely with crew and vendors in establishing our safety protocols and site plan. PRG started planning with us in early April and made available their arsenal of resources, both equipment and expert personnel, so that we could be the first large show out of the gate,” said Kristen Stabile, ANW Executive Producer. Mobile Units parked at PRG’s facilities for a full prep prior to arriving at show, which helped minimize as much set time as possible.

“GCV Mobile Units were at the core of the system and elegantly interfaced with PRG’s custom external positions, creating a capable and flexible shoot while paving the way for similar productions to get back to work safely," said Riley Helsen, Game Creek’s Director of Business Development & Technical Solutions. Pictured are crew members, back to work and adhering to the strict safety protocols that allowed us to wrap the show’s successful 12th season. . . .

And with that – it’s now official. However, one of two big questions remaining becomes When will Season 12 of ANW air in 2020? As stated in the quote above, the goal by American Ninja Warrior producers (and presumably NBC) is to be “the first large show out of the gate”. The Titan Games is currently airing on NBC, with the Season 2 finale scheduled for August 10th. It will be sometime after Titan Games ends before we see ANW – the question is how long. Depending on how long post-production takes place, NBC might try to promote the upcoming season with some advertising spots during the finale of The Titan Games.

The other big question is What format will the show & competition be for Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior. We expect there to be some sort of changes, due to the condensed amount the show had to time and reduced number of ninjas. So far there have been no official comments about this. Expect to know more once commercials start airing!

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