List of ninjas selected to compete on Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior 2021 – casting calls have begun

We’ll get straight to the point: the first ninjas who have gotten the call to compete in 2021 on Season 13 of ANW have been revealed!

Last night, several ninjas began to post on social media they got the casting call to compete in the upcoming season. The very first names announced included Daniel Gil, Joe Moravsky, Jamie Rahn, Najee Richardson, Sandy Zimmerman, Flip Rodriguez, and more.

Those calls have continued into today – and we’re keeping a list of all ninjas who have gotten the call.

Update – If you’re looking for results, either click the ninjas name, or find a list of episodes for Season 13 here with results.

List of ninjas who will be competing on Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior in 2021

The following is a list of ninjas who have been invited, or gotten the call, to compete on the next season of ANW.

We will continue to update this list as more names are revealed. If you know of a name we missed, please share it in the comments!

Applications for Season 13 opened in November 2020, and closed December 14th, 2020.

Normally, filming cities are announced before casting calls begin. However, it still has yet to be announced if this upcoming Season will operate like Season 12 did, where all filming takes place over 2 weeks in one location – or if it will return to a traditional traveling schedule.

Since we don’t know what the format will look like this year, we also don’t know how many ninjas will be getting the call. A normal season would see around 600+ ninjas being invited. The modified Season 12 format had less than 200 competitors.

Stay up to date on all Season 13 news on our American Ninja Warrior Season 13 news portal


  • Celine Reply

    I believe Daniel Gill got his call!

  • Tim Schnee Reply

    Sydney Berger got called yesterday.

  • David Arnbrecht Reply

    Sammy Atkins got his call a few days ago

  • Sherri Verble Reply

    COLE VERBLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammy Atkins Reply

    I got the call!:)

  • Andrey Collins Reply

    I don’t see my name on there and got the call last Wednesday.

  • Liba Yoffe Reply

    I got the call last week. Liba Yoffe

  • Quentin Baker Reply

    Karmen Selby from Albuquerque
    Josiah Pippel

  • Sam Denissen Reply

    Is there Any knowledge that Matthis the kid Owhadi got the call?

  • Daniel Reply

    Matthew Bradley

  • Quentin Baker Reply

    Sloane Cameron

  • Quentin Baker Reply

    Megan Jarmosavich

  • Aviv Bikel Reply

    Adam Rayl got the call, he posted on instagram

  • Quentin Baker Reply

    Why are some names like Daria Beird and Josh Shriber disappearing after already being on the list?

    • ninjaguide Reply

      Data entry error on our part in the last update. It has now been fixed, sorry about that.

  • Aviv Bikel Reply

    Caleb Bergstrom

  • Anonymous Reply

    Ivan King

  • Tyler Kurtzhals Reply

    Xavier Dantzler my homie got the call last night.

  • Josh Heman-Ackah Reply

    I got the call 🙂 Josh Heman-Ackah

  • Adam Kucinski Reply

    Adam Kucinski. I got the call on Sunday!!

  • Heriberto Borges Reply

    Elena Borges got the call!

  • Victor Huff Reply

    I got the call a week ago!

  • Tyler Kurtzhals Reply

    We got more teen calls yesterday: Caiden Madzelan, Devan Alexander, Addy Herman, and Ava Colasanti

  • Ronit Johnson Reply

    Alex Begolly got the call

  • Daniel Reply

    Kaden Lebsack, Kid Owhadi ( he confirmed it in podcast with Gil) and Aston Gray ( he confirmed it in his Ondra comment)

  • Roro Reply

    Mathis Owhadi. Confirmed on his podcast and by Daniel Gil in an instagram comment.

  • David Reply

    Is Chris Wilczewski competing?

  • Daniel Reply

    Austin Gray no Aston Gray, sorry my mistake 🙂

  • Daniel Reply

    True Becker, Nate Pardo and Kevin Carbone are next

  • Aviv Bikel Reply

    Taylor Amann and Kyle Schulze got the call

  • Tim Schnee Reply

    David Truong got called. 🙂

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