American Ninja Warrior Filming 2021 Season 13 location is Seattle (Tacoma) Washington.  Filming Starts March 26

Today, American Ninja Warrior Nation revealed the first filming details about Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior.

We now know that Season 13 of ANW will start taping the week of March 26, 2021.

We also know that the first round of the competition will be filmed at the Tacoma Dome, near Seattle Washington.

Of note, the post revealed that “Season 13’s format will have all the competitors begin their journey in this location.” It hasn’t yet been revealed if there might be a second round in a different city, or take place in Seattle as well.

Another big reveal is that The National Finals are expected to return, and taping would take place in Las Vegas, Nevada again.

However, due to maximizing safety, no spectators or live audience will be allowed this year, and there will be no walk-on line.

Stay tuned as more details about Season 13 are revealed! And if you’re curious who has gotten the invite to compete, you can see our full list here that is being updated daily!

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  • Colleen Reply

    Will ANW junior be casting this year?

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