TV Recap: S14E11 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Las Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 2 & Stage 2 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Las Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 2 & Stage 2 Season 14 Episode 11

It’s night 2 of National Finals!!!

And tonight, we are debuting Stage Two.

But first, we’ve got to wrap up Stage One.

Here’s the course:

The Course: Slide Surfer, Three Ring Circus, Giant Roller Coaster, Jumping Spider, Tetherball, Warped Wall, Dipping Birds, Split Decision (High Road or Fly Hooks)

Christopher Harding Jones, 18-year-old High School Graduate

Harding Jones has been living wide all season in honor of his late father.

And Jones’s success this season continued as he moved flawlessly through the first four obstacles of Stage One.

Jones did need an extra swing on Tetherball.

And he needed multiple swings on Fly Hooks.

Those extra swings cost him as Harding Jones ran out of time on the net.

Ethan Bartnicki, 17-year-old College Student

Bartnicki is one of three brothers. And both are cheering him on tonight.

Bartnicki is going to school to study music production.

And Bartnicki was producing sweet music on the court as he completed the first four obstacles.

But things almost got off key at Tetherball.

Despite a few extra swings, Bartnicki made it past the fifth obstacle.

As he approached the end of the course, Bartnicki chose Fly Hooks.

And Bartnicki caught the net with time to spare as he moved onto Stage Two.

Ethan Bartnicki completes Stage One in 2:39.90.

During the break…

Vance Walker fell on Jumping Spider.

Levi Enright (using his Safety Pass) fell on Dipping Birds (again).

Mike Silenzi hit the buzzer!!!

Ethan Swanson completed Stage One!!!

Abby Clark, 28-year-old Gym Owner

Joined in progress, Clark looked to become the first woman to hit the Stage One buzzer this year.

Time was an issue that Clark was not going to overcome as she made it through Tetherball.

But Clark’s issues with the Warped Wall would not stop her from completing the sixth obstacle on Stage One.

Nate Hansen, 21-year-old Business Student

Hansen used his Safety Pass last week to give him a shot at redemption.

And “Gnarly Nate” took down the Jumping Spider (the obstacle that ended his run last week).

After extra swings, Hansen was past Tetherball.

But he only one minute left to complete the rest of the course.

Hansen had the net with 15 seconds left.

And with less than three seconds to spare, Hansen was moving onto Stage Two.

Nate Hansen completes Stage One in 2:47.04.

Top American Ninja Warriors advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals Stage 2 for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Ethan Swanson
  2. Kyle Soderman
  3. James Sannella
  4. Evan Andrews
  5. Jeramiah Boyd
  6. Josiah Pippel
  7. Josh Levin
  8. Kaden Lebsack
  9. R.J. Roman
  10. Jay Lewis
  11. Lucas Reale
  12. Cam Baumgartner
  13. Jackson Erdos
  14. Max Feinberg
  15. Josiah Singleton
  16. Tyler Yamauchi
  17. Flip Rodriguez
  18. Matt D’Amico
  19. Owen Dyer
  20. Ethan Bartnicki
  21. Donovan Metoyer
  22. Grant Nguyen
  23. Mike Silenzi
  24. Nate Hansen (Safety Pass)
  25. Jackson Twait

2022 ANW Stage Two Vegas Finals Recap

The Course: Striding Steps, Double Salmon Ladder, Piston Plunge, Hammer Drop, Hornet’s Nest, Falling Shelves

And Ninja’s have four minutes to complete the course.

Owen Dyer, 17-year-old High School Student

Dyer is from Bentonville, Arkansas: the home of the first Wal-Mart.

If Dyer can get past Stage Two, he might surpass that as the most interesting thing about Bentonville.

Entering the Final two obstacles, Dyer had a full two minutes to get to Stage Three.

Unfortunately, Dyer lost his grip on the last honeycomb of Hornet’s Nest.

During the break…

Donovan Metoyer fell on Hammer Drop.

Tyler Yamauchi, 37-year-old Physical Therapist

Yamauchi really embraces his ancestral culture and is teaching it to his children.

Running a day after his birthday, Yamauchi made it past the obstacle (Hammer Drop) that took him out last season.

That despite having zero grip on the left handle of the obstacle.

After making it past Hornet’s Nest, Yamauchi had 80 seconds to complete the final obstacle.

But like so many others in the past, Yamauchi missed the blind grab on the Falling Shelves.

Flip Rodriguez, 33-year-old Stuntman

Flip has been to Stage Two six times.

He’s yet to make it Stage Three.

Will he break the curse this season?

As he was running the course, Flip started favoring his hand.

After completing Hammer Drop, Flip bit off what appeared to be a blister.

Flip approached Falling Shelves with 30 seconds to go.

And after connecting on the blind grab, Flip hit the buzzer and advanced to Stage Three for the first time!!!

Flip Rodriguez completes Stage Three in 3:56.96.

During the break…

Jackson Erdos, James Sanella, and Josiah Singleton all fell on Piston Plunge.

But Singleton has a Safety Pass, so he’ll get one more shot at it.

RJ Roman, 25-year-old Professional Musician

Can Roman join his training partner Flip Rodriguez at Stage Three?

I think I mention every recap how fast Roman runs the course.

Well, Roman ran Stage Two really fast!!!

After Hornet’s Nest, Roman had over 80 seconds to complete the final obstacle.

So, time would not be a factor.

And neither would the blind grab!!!

RJ Roman completes Stage Two in 3:19.52.

During the break…

Grant Nguyen fell on Hammer Drop.

Lucas Reale fell on Hornet’s Nest.

Evan Andrews, 17-year-old High School Student

Andrews wants to bring a ninja community to his home state of Montana.

And I am sure his home state was impressed as Andrews moved quickly through the first three obstacles.

Andrews used a lot of energy on Hammer Drop as he fought to hold onto the hammer.

But Andrews held on and moved onto Hornet’s nest.

The loss of energy showed as Andrew’s season ended on the fifth obstacle of Stage Two.

During the break…

Kyle Soderman fell on Hornet’s Nest.

Jay Lewis, 18-year-old College Student

Joined in progress, Lewis is cheered on by Otto the Orange (Syracuse’s giant Orange of a mascot).

And “Lashey” Lewis was solid through the course’s first five obstacles.

Lewis had a Safety Pass if he needed it.

He didn’t need it.

Lewis nailed the blind grab and is moving onto Stage Three!!!

Jay Lewis completed Stage Two in 3:24.08.

Josiah Pippel, 16-year-old High School Student

Speaking of blind grabs, that is where Pippel fell last season.

To correct that mistake, Pippel built obstacles simulating the blind grab.

Pippel was solid on the first four obstacles of the course.

And Pippel had 90 seconds (plenty of time) after he hit the platform on Hornet’s Nest.

That setup the showdown: Pippel vs the Blind Grab.

And this time, Pippel won!!!

Josiah Pippel completes Stage Two in 3:20.47.

During the break…

Mike Silenzi fell on Piston Plunge.

Cam Baumgartner completed Stage Two!!!

Ethan Swanson, 32-year-old Ninja Coach

Swanson had the fastest time on Stage One.

And he didn’t slow down at all as he moved past the first half of Stage Two.

But he started to use some more energy on the 2nd half.

And it showed as Swanson fell on the fifth obstacle.

During the break…

Jeremiah Boyd fell on Piston Plunge.

Max Feinberg completed Stage Two.

Kaden Lebsack, 16-year-old High School Student

Joined in progress, last season’s last ninja standing was efficient through the first four obstacles.

And Lebsack entered Flying Shelves with a chance at the fastest time on Stage Two.

He got it, completing Stage Two for the second straight season.

Kaden Lebsack completes Stage Two in 3:16.31.

Jackson Twait, 24-year-old Actuary

Twait uses salsa during ninja training.

But the salsa was no help as Twait fell on the very first obstacle.

During the break…

Matt D’Amico and Ethan Bartnicki completed Stage Two!!!

Josh Levin, 28-year-old Engineer

Levin has fallen at Stage Two all three seasons he made it.

He got off to a great start this year, moving through the first half of the course with no issues.

Levin worked out the form he was going to take on Hornet’s Nest.

Levin’s calculations were correct as he advanced to Falling Shelves.

And after nailing the blind grab, Levin broke the buzzer as he advanced to Stage Three for the first time!!!

Josh Levin completes Stage Two in 3:54.94.

National Finals will wrap up next week with the Season Finale. And we have been promised a number of Stage Four qualifiers!!!

See you then.

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