TV Recap: S14E12 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Las Vegas Finals Stage 3 & Stage 4 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Las Vegas Finals Stage 3 & Stage 4 Season 14 Episode 12

Can’t believe we’re already here.

It’s night 3 of the National Finals and the Season Finale (well sort of) of American Ninja Warrior’s 14th season.

And the teaser at the end of last week’s episode promised more people would qualify for Stage Four this season than any previous season.

But before we get there, we’ve got to finish up Stage Two.

Let’s review the course again:

The Course: Striding Steps, Double Salmon Ladder, Piston Plunge, Hammer Drop, Hornet’s Nest, Falling Shelves

And as a reminder, ninjas have four minutes

Josiah Singleton, 25-year-old Graduate Assistant

Singleton used his Safety Pass last week, so this is his last shot at staying alive.

The Piston Plunge took Singleton down on the first run.

And it would take him down on this run as well.

Nate Hansen, 21-year-old Business Student

Hansen put education and work to the side so he could solely focus on training this season.

“Gnarly Nate” had few issues with the first half of the course.

And though Akbar though it would be a problem, Hansen had no issues on Hammer Drop either.

After completing Hornet’s Nest, Hansen had about 30 seconds to complete Falling Shelves.

And once he hit the blind grab on the last obstacle, Hansen was assured a spot at Stage Three!!!

Nate Hansen completes Stage Two in 3:50.37.

Top American Ninja Warriors advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals Stage 3 for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Matt D’Amico
  2. Kaden Lebsack
  3. R.J. Roman
  4. Josiah Pippel
  5. Ethan Bartnicki
  6. Jay Lewis
  7. Max Feinberg
  8. Nate Hansen
  9. Cam Baumgartner
  10. Josh Levin
  11. Flip Rodriguez

American Ninja Warrior Las Vegas Finals Stage 3 2022 Recap

Stage Three Course: Patriot Pass (new obstacle), Stalactites, Chop It Up, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Pipe Dream, Eyeglass Alley, Flying Bar

Flip Rodriguez, 33-year-old Stuntman

This is Flip’s first ever appearance on Stage Three.

Flip’s hand was taped up from a cut suffered on Stage Two.

But it didn’t appear to be a problem on the first two obstacles.

Flip ripped the bandage off before attempting Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Flip looked very comfortable on the fourth obstacle.

But Flip’s fingers slipped toward the end of the obstacle and his great season ended.

Jay Lewis, 18-year-old College Student

Lewis goes into Stage Three Safety Pass still in tow.

But would Lewis even need it after moving through the first half of the course with ease?

And he was still alive with just two obstacles to go.

There was a brief moment on Eyeglass Alley where Lewis’s back was to the hook he needed to complete obstacle six.

But that would be the only moment of consternation as Lewis is on his way to Mount Midoriyama!!!

Jay Lewis completes Stage Three in 5:16.53.

During the break…

Ethan Bartnicki fell on Pipe Dream.

Matt D’Amico, 21-year-old Gym Owner

Joined in progress, the young Gym Owner moved past Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Only one rookie has ever completed Stage Three (Kaden Lebsack last season).

But D’Amico was about to become the second as he finished Eyeglass Alley.

Unfortunately, D’Amico’s run ended with just one leap left on Flying Bar.

Max Feinberg, 17-year-old High School Graduate

Feinberg has developed a close relationship with Kaden Lebsack.

They bonded over their mom’s surviving breast cancer.

And Feinberg had dedicated this season to his mom.

As for Stage Three, Feinberg’s season ended on Chop It Up.

Josh Levin, 28-year-old Engineer

Levin had a hiccup on Stalactites.

But Levin stayed patient and moved past the 2nd obstacle.

Levin is a world class rock climber.

And he showed those skills off on Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Levin was showing off on Obstacle Five as he held himself up, no hands and leg lock only, on Pipe Dream.

Levin’s arms started to look tired on Eyeglass Alley.

But it wasn’t enough to keep the returning ninja advance to Stage Four!!!

Josh Levin completes Stage Three in 7:12.66.

Cam Baumgartner, 24-year-old Gymnastics Coach

Joined in progress, “The Bomb” is the latest Chicago Ninja taking their shot at Stage Three.

The last three have fallen. But Baumgartner made it farther than any of them when he completed Ultimate Cliffhanger.

After giving his arms some rest on Pipe Dream, Baumgartner made his next leap.

He was unable to hold on.

R.J. Roman, 25-year-old Professional Musician

Roman credits his grandmother with helping him avoid a life of drug abuse.

Normally, Roman flies through the course.

But this is Stage Three, and Roman brought a very measured approach to the course.

Roman lost his hat on Chop It Up.

But the hatless Roman showed no ill effects as he advanced to Eyeglass Alley.

There was a tense moment on Eyeglass Alley.

But Roman stayed patient and stayed alive on his way to becoming a record third ninja to qualify for Stage Four!!!

R.J. Roman completes Stage Three in 6:14.88.

Josiah Pippel, 16-year-old High School Student

Pippel made quick work of the first three obstacles.

Pippel’s efficient run continued as he made it past Pipe Dream mistake free.

Ninjas seemed to learn from seeing Eyeglass Alley last season as Pippel moved past the sixth obstacle.

And Pippel became the fourth ninja to advance to Stage Four after he completed Flying Bar!!!

Josiah Pippel completes Stage Three in 5:51.21.

Nate Hansen, 21-year-old Business Student

Hansen is the shortest ever to attempt Stage Three.

And he stayed calm despite some struggles on Patriot Pass.

That would be the only issue “Gnarly Nate” would have through the first four obstacles.

Nate’s height was once again a concern on Pipe Dream.

And it looked like trouble as Hansen was at the bottom of the pipe.

But Hansen fought back and stepped backwards onto the bar to complete the fifth obstacle.

All the energy used on the fifth obstacle caught up to “Gnarly Nate” on Eyeglass Alley.

But that ends a truly great season from Nate Hansen.

Kaden Lebsack, 16-year-old High School Student

Lebsack was the only ninja to complete Stage Three last season.

Can he become the first ninja ever to complete it twice?

Things looked good for Kaden through the first part of Stage Three.

Lebsack’s pace was so good that he was pushing for the fastest time on Stage Three (first time I’ve ever discussed who would have the fastest time on Stage Three).

And Lebsack would hit qualify for Stage Four with that fastest time!!!

Kaden Lebsack completes Stage Three in 4:37.29.

Top American Ninja Warriors advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals Stage 4 for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Kaden Lebsack
  2. Jay Lewis
  3. Josiah Pippel
  4. R.J. Roman
  5. Josh Levin

American Ninja Warrior Las Vegas Finals Stage 4 2022 Mount Midoriyama Recap

If no one can hit the buzzer in thirty seconds, the ninja who gets up there with the fastest time is this year’s last ninja standing.

Josh Levin

Levin was through thirty feet with 20 seconds to go.

But Levin would only make it just past 60 feet before the clock ran out.

Levin hit the buzzer at 0:54.19.

R.J. Roman

Roman’s legs were a part of his run from the start.

But he ran out of steam.

Roman did hit the buzzer in 0:44.60, moving him ahead of Levin for the last ninja standing.

Josiah Pippel

Pippel started out with a great pace.

He was at 60 feet with 10 seconds to go!!!

But the timer went out just a few feet from the buzzer.

Pippel moved into first on the last ninja standing competition with his 0:37.97 time.

Jay Lewis

The lightest competitor of our five finalists were flying up the rope!!!

But like all the others before him, Lewis came up a few feet short.

He did hit the buzzer just slightly before Pippel with Lewis hitting the buzzer at 0:37.19.

Kaden Lebsack

Can Lebsack be the last ninja standing for the second year in row?

No one has ever gotten a second chance at Mount Midoriyama.

But like the other ninjas, Lebsack ran out of steam just before the top.

Lebsack did finish just ahead of Jay Lewis with a time of 0:36.77.

Last Ninja Standing: Kaden Lebsack

That does it for Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior.

But we do have one more episode left.

Filmed last season, ANW presents the Family Championship next week!!!

See you then.

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