TV Recap: S14E10 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Las Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 1 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Las Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 1 Season 14 Episode 10

It’s National Finals time on American Ninja Warrior.

Tonight, is part 1 of 3 episodes covering the National Finals.

Here’s the Stage One Course:

Stage One: Slide Surfer, Three Ring Circus, Giant Roller Coaster, Jumping Spider, Tetherball, Warped Wall, Dipping Birds, Split Decision, (High Road or Fly Hooks)

Ninjas will have 2:50 to complete the Stage One course.

Levi Enright, 22-year-old Fitness Instructor

Enright has two buzzers, a Safety Pass, and a fiancé this season (well, he already had the fiancé before the season started).

Enright was through three obstacles with 45 seconds off the clock.

Despite missing the platform on the first attempt of Tetherball, Enright held on and caught the platform the second time.

On Split Decision, Enright chose the High Road.

It didn’t go well.

Good thing the Iowa ninja has that Safety Pass.

Jacob Arnstein, 15-year-old High School Student

Arnstein approached the start of the course with his brother, Sam.

And Sam was on the sideline watching as Jacob complete the first four obstacles.

But Jacob was unable to connect with the platform on Tetherball.

During the break…

Maggie Owen fell on Giant Roller Coaster.

Derrick Pavoni fell on Jumping Spider.

Sean Bryan, 37-year-old Catholic Church Worker

It’s been a tough season for some of Ninja’s finest competitors.

That tough streak continued as Bryan fell on Three Ring Circus.

Jody Avila, 36-year-old HVAC Technician

With 55 seconds to go on the course last season, Avila went for the High Road.

He failed on Dipping Birds before he could get there.

Will he catch the ring this season?

It looked like he might not even get there as he caught the bottom of the platform on Three Ring Circus.

After the near miss, “The Big Dog” settled in and attacked the rest of the course.

That included scissoring the platform on Tetherball.

Faced with the choice, Avila chose the High Road again.

He held onto the platform, but he missed the ring.

Because of that, Avila ran out of time as he was climbing up the net.

During the break…

Mady Howard fell on Roller Coaster (again).

Chris Behrands fell on Dipping Birds.

Josiah Singleton, 25-year-old Graduate Student

With his rowdy cheering section cheering him on, Singleton worked quickly through the first four obstacles.

“The Country Boy Ninja” hit the button to attempt High Road.

But he let the ring go by.

It didn’t matter.

Singleton made it to the net with plenty of time to spare and became the night’s first finisher on Stage One!!!

Josiah Singleton completed Stage One in 2:32.84.

During the break…

Karen Potts fell on Roller Coaster.

Anthony Eardley fell on Jumping Spider.

Jonah Bonner fell on High Road.

Josh Levin, 28-year-old Engineer

Levin took three years away from the ninja course as he got his masters at Harvard and competed in Olympic qualifiers in Rock Climbing.

Levin did not look like he stepped away at all as he completed the first four obstacles.

After making it up the Warped Wall, Levin went for the High Road.

And he nailed it!!!

Levin road the ring all the way to the net and the end of the Stage One course!!!

Josh Levin completed Stage One in 1:55.30.

During the break…

Ronald Washington fell on Jumping Spider.

Tyler Yamauchi completed Stage One!!!!

Addy Herman, 16-year-old High School Student

Addy’s speed on the first four obstacles was impressive.

And her pace was barely slowed down on Tetherball.

But Herman struggled on the Warped Wall.

Though Herman did finally get up the Wall, the time forced her to attempt the High Road.

And she fell on Dipping Birds trying to reach it.

During the break…

Evan Andrews and Grant Nguyen both completed Stage One!!!

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson, 16-year-old High School Student

Wilson was wrecking ball as he worked his way through the first three obstacles.

Wilson then recovered from a near-fall on Jumping Spider.

Wilson had his feet on the platform of Tetherball. But he couldn’t stick the landing.

And the teenager fell as he attempted to recover.

Jay Lewis, 18-year-old College Student

Lewis’s mentor, Joe Moravsky, could not make it to Vegas due to health and safety protocols.

But he was watching from Connecticut as Lewis moved quickly through the first four obstacles.

Lewis then stuck the feet on the slide of the platform of Tetherball.

With plenty of time to spare, Lewis made it up the net and moved onto Stage Two!!!

Jay Lewis completed Stage One in 2:19.85.

During the break…

Jamie Rahn fell on Tetherball.

Lorin Ball fell on Dipping Birds.

David Campbell failed after the time ran out.

Katie Bone, 16-year-old High School Student

Bone competes in climbing and ninja competitions while dealing with Type One Diabetes.

Bone took over a minute to get through the first three obstacles.

Then, after one leap, Bone fell on Jumping Spider.

Bob Reese, 26-year-old Content Creator

Reese has millions of followers on social media.

And his plan is to do a flip onto the Jumping Spider for those followers.

He did do backflips off of Three Ring Circus and Giant Roller Coaster as a warm up.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep his feet on the walls when he attempted it on the fourth obstacle.

During the break…

Barclay Stockett fell on the very first obstacle.

Megan Rowe fell on Jumping Spider.

Owen Dyer advanced to Stage Two!!!

Austin Gray, 25-year-old Ninja Coach

Gray has been competing with his roommate, Nate Hansen, all season.

Right now, it’s Hansen 2, Gray 1.

We’ll see where things stand after Stage One.

Gray looked in command after four obstacles.

But Gray struggled with Tetherball.

So much so that Gray had to start the obstacle over.

And when Gray tried to jump directly from the middle to the platform and missed.

During the break…

Casey Rothschild fell on Jumping Spider.

Max Feinberg advanced to Stage Two!!!

RJ Roman, 25-year-old Musician

Joined in progress, Roman set his usual fast pace through the first four obstacles.

Roman approached the final three obstacles with 90 seconds left.

That’s good news considering last season Roman ran out of time on Fly Hooks.

And with plenty of time to spare, Roman climbed the net and advance to Stage Two!!!

RJ Roman completed Stage One in 2:19.09.

Nate Hansen, 21-year-old Business Student

“Gnarly Nate” fell at Jumping Spider last season.

And the same thing happened this season.

But Hansen does have a Safety Pass to see if third time is a charm.

During the break…

Isabella Wakeham fell on Jumping Spider.

Donovan Metoyer and Kaden Lebsack completed Stage One!!!

Jackson Twait, 24-year-old Actuary

Hashbrown is one of the best names I’ve ever heard for a cat.

And Hashbrown was looking on from home as Twait took to the course.

Hashbrown had lots to be happy about (well at least as much as a cat can be happy) as Twait moved past the first six obstacles.

Twait tried to go on the High Road but stumbled on Dipping Birds.

Twait had around 50 seconds to complete Fly Hooks. And he needed every single one of them.

With just .78 seconds left on the clock, Twait hit the buzzer and advanced to Stage Two!!!

Jackson Twait completed Stage One in 2:49.12.

During the break…

Josiah Pippel advanced to Stage Two!!!

Isaiah Thomas fell on Jumping Spider.

Kyle Soderman advanced to Stage Two!!!

Flip Rodriguez, 33-year-old Stuntman

Rodriguez credits RJ Roman with helping him perform through pain on the course.

We’ll see if that training helps Rodriguez move onto Stage Two.

There were no issues for Flip through the first five obstacles.

And after surviving Dipping Birds, Flip had plenty of time to navigate Fly Hooks.

Which he did, advancing to Stage Two for the first time in three years!!!

Flip Rodriguez completed Stage One in 2:34.

Next week, we’ll see the rest of Stage One as well as kick things off on Stage Two.

See you then.

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