TV Recap: S14E09 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 SemiFinals Round 4 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: SemiFinals Round 4 Season 14 Episode 9

Just one more week of semifinals before we head to Las Vegas.

So, let’s break down the course one more time:

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Over Under, Air Surfer, Diamond Dash, Kaleidoscope, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Ghost Town, Split Decision (Diving Boards or Flipped Around), Spider Trap

And we’ve got one more run up the Power Tower where the top two ninjas on the night will race for a Safety Pass in the National Finals.

Katie Bone, 16-year-old High School Student

Bone hit a buzzer in qualifying: a feat made more impressive by Bone’s fight with diabetes.

After a slow push past the first four obstacles, Bone used her top 15 climbing skills to conquer Kaleidoscope.

Bone did fall on Ghost Town, but that strong run puts Bone squarely in contention for a spot in the National Finals.

During the break…

Rohan Sebastian fell on Diamond Dash.

Anabella Heinrichs fell on Air Surfer.

Ethan Bartnicki, 17-year-old High School Student

Bartnicki has been mixing music for six years.

Bartnicki moved quickly through the first four obstacles.

After finishing the first part of the course, Bartnicki became the first ninja on the night to complete Ghost Town.

Unfortunately, Bartnicki got stuck on Flipped Around and eventually fell on the ninth obstacle.

During the break…

Mark Farrell fell on Diamond Dash.

Brad Giles fell on Air Surfer.

Christopher Harding Jones, 17-year-old High School Graduate

Jones deals with Sensory Processing Disorder.

But competing on Ninja courses has done wonders for Jones’s condition.

As Jones’s family and friends chanted “Living Wide” from the sidelines, Jones blazed through the first part of the course.

Jones almost overshot Air Surfer.

But Jones would not have any such issues on Ghost Town.

Learning from Bartnicki’s run (and accepting advice Bartnicki was giving from the sidelines), Jones completed Flipped Around.

And after a long, hard climb up Spider Trap, Jones had the night’s first buzzer!!!

Christopher Harding Jones completes the course in 5:37.36.

During the break…

Liv Hackman fell on Air Surfer.

Sem Garay fell on Kaleidoscope.

James McGrath, 35-year-old Ninja Coach

McGrath conquered the Mega Wall and proposed in qualifying.

Not sure how he’s going to top that in the semifinals.

“The Beast” was sure pushing to do just that after the first four obstacles.

But McGrath’s run ended on the final ledge of Kaleidoscope.

During the break…

Tristan Wyman fell on Air Surfer.

DeShawn Harris fell on Kaleidoscope.

Parker Hewes fell on Air Surfer.

Donovan Metoyer, 34-year-old Gym Owner

Joined in progress, Metoyer looked classy (as usual) conquering the first half of the course in a three-piece suit.

Metoyer ditched the jacket for the back half.

But after completing Ghost Town, Metoyer fell on Diving Boards for the second straight year.

Jacob Arnstein fell on Flipped Around.

Kevin Carbone fell on Diving Boards.

Nate Hansen, 21-year-old College Student

Hansen is the oldest of five brothers.

And all of them are watching tonight to see Hansen compete live for the first time.

“Gnarly Ninja Nate” looked the part of a top ninja as he handled the first half of the course.

Hansen’s quick pace continued on Ghost Walk.

And the amount of power Hansen produces when he swings on Flipped Around is quite impressive.

When Hansen hit the buzzer, he had the night’s fastest time so far!!!

Nate Hansen completes the course in 5:10.84.

During the break…

Mark Antioquia fell on Air Surfer.

Isaiah Wakeham fell on Kaleidoscope.

Isabella Wakeham, 18-year-old High School Graduate

Wakeham is very open about her faith and wants to be a positive example of it on the ninja course.

Wakeham looked flawless through the first three obstacles before a tiptoed landing on the platform of Diamond Dash.

But Wakeham lost her grip on Kaleidoscope and fell at the same place her brother did (the third time that’s happened in competition).

During the break…

Tyler Yamauchi fell on Flipped Around (he’s going to Vegas!!!)

Loren Ball hit the buzzer!!!

Isaiah Thomas, 16-year-old High School Student

Thomas has been helping his mom care for his cousins over the last six months.

Thomas sets a quick pace each time he takes on the course.

And this time was no different as Thomas blazed through the first part of the course.

Thomas was pushing for the night’s fastest time as he took on Flipped Around.

And after completing the ninth obstacle, “The Flyboy Ninja” had 25 seconds to get up Spider Trap in order to get the top time.

He didn’t make it for the top time, but Thomas did hit his first ever Semifinals buzzer!!!

Isaiah Thomas completes the course in 5:13.84.

Dan Polizzi fell on Kaleidoscope.

Zach Eichenstein fell on the Salmon Ladder.

Jaelyn Bennett fell on Diamon Dash.

Barclay Stockett, 27-year-old Gymnastics Coach

One of the best stories of the season has been Stockett going public with the relationship she has with her finance, Tee.

And Tee was looking on as “The Sparkly Ninja” qualified for Vegas after getting past Diamond Dash.

Stockett’s run ended on Kaleidoscope. But as mentioned previously, Stockett will be going to the National Finals.

During the break…

Jody Avila fell on Kaleidoscope.

Vance Walker fell on Flipped Around.

Owen Dyer hit the buzzer.

Austin Gray, 25-year-old Ninja Coach

Gray’s roommate, Nate Hansen, is waiting on the Power Tower.

Will Gray be joining him tonight?

Gray was in clear contention for a spot after completing the first part of the course.

Gray kept up the strong pace as he completed Ghost Town.

To save time, Gray took a shot at Diving Boards.

And he looked as good as anyone tonight moving past the ninth obstacle.

When Gray hit the buzzer, he had the night’s fastest time by almost a minute!!!

Austin Gray completes the course in 4:15.75.

The Power Tower

Austin Gray vs Nate Hansen

The roommates and training partners are going head-to-head!!!

Gray hit the rope with the lead.

Hansen got stuck on the rope and Gray’s lead grew.

But Gray shockingly fell, giving Hansen the chance.

If “Gnarly Nate” completes the course, he’s got the Safety Pass.

And when Hansen hit the buzzer, the Safety Pass was his.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 SemiFinals 4 advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Austin Gray
  2. Nate Hansen (Safety Pass)Isaiah Thomas
  3. Owen Dyer
  4. Lorin Ball
  5. Christopher Harding Jones

Fell at Split Decision

  1. Vance Walker
  2. Kevin Carbone
  3. Ethan Bartnicki
  4. Donovan Metoyer
  5. Tyler Yamauchi
  6. Jacob Arnstein

Fell at Ghost Town

  1. Katie Bone

Fell at Salmon Ladder

  1. Zach Eichenstein

Fell at Kaleidoscope

  1. Jody Avila

Top 3 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022

Fell at Ghost Town

  1. Katie Bone

Fell at Kaleidoscope

  1. Isabella Wakeham
  2. Barclay Stockett

The National Finals kick off next week!!! We’ll see you then.

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