TV Recap: S14E08 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 SemiFinals Round 3 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: SemiFinals Round 3 Season 14 Episode 8

Just two more weeks of semifinals before we head to Las Vegas!!!

Here’s the course for week 3 of the semifinals:

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Over/Under, Clockwork, Diamond Dash, Hopscotch, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Box Office, Split Decision (Diving Boards or Flipped Around), Spider Trap

And just like the last two weeks, the top two ninjas will compete on the Power Tower to determine

Mike Silenzi, 35-year-old Gym Owner

No introduction tonight!!!

We kick things off running with “The Stallion,” Mike Silenzi hitting the course.

After three obstacles (what weird new formula is the show throwing at us this week???), we hear about Silenzi’s pitch to single ladies.

Basically, he owns a boat that holds 10 people and he has a trampoline in his living room.

What more could a girl want!!!

Also new is leading off this week’s show with a ninja completing Box Office (an obstacle that took down many ninjas last week).

And after Silenzi completed Diving Boards, are we about to see the lead-off ninja hit a buzzer???

We are!!!!

Mike Silenzi completes the course in 5:29.47.

During the break…

Devan Alexander fell on Diamond Dash.

Brandon Varner failed at the Warped Wall.

Megan Rowe, 25-year-old Graphic Designer

Rowe has found community since she and her boyfriend (Dalton Knapp) moved to Colorado.

Rowe also found community with Over/Under as she spent a lot of time on the second obstacle.

But it didn’t look like the energy spent on the 2nd obstacle was going to hurt her until she fell on Hopscotch.

During the break…

Lindsey Eskildsen fell on Clockwork.

Enzo Deferrari Wilson fell on Box Office.

Drew Nester, 20-year-old Army Medic

Joined in progress, Nestor was attacking the 2nd half of the course.

And Nester fought hard using his knee to grab the platform on Box Office.

But Nester just missed the platform on Diving Boards.

Nathan Green, 24-year-old College Graduate

Nathan’s brother Marquez is on the sideline cheering on his twin brother.

And after showing off his twin championship trophy, Green took care of the first four obstacles with ease.

Coming into this run, Green had never made it past the fifth obstacle.

That changed tonight after Green completed Hopscotch.

With Marquez crying happy tears on the sideline, Green advanced to Box Office.

But the arms started to tire just slightly and Green’s night ended on the 8th obstacle.

During the break…

Kyle Schulze fell on Box Office.

Joe Brown fell on Over/Under.

Derrick Pavoni, 28-year-old Gym Owner

Joined in progress, Pavoni encourage Matt and Akbar to eat their pizza as he completed the first half of the course.

Tonight’s firsts continued as Pavoni made it up the Warped Wall for the first time.

At this point, each obstacle is a new career high for Pavoni.

And that was the case as he completed Box Office.

Pavoni’s run would finally end on Flipped Around.

Roo Yori, 45-year-old Lab Supervisor

Weisel (a 10-week-old pit bull puppy) is on the sideline to cheer on Yori.

But Yori’s run was short tonight as it ended on Clockwork.

During the break…

Max Feinberg fell on Box Office.

Kaden Lebsack, 16-year-old High School Student

Lebsack took Feinberg to Universal Studios as part of a bet they made last season.

Last year’s overall winner of ANW looked strong on the first part of the course.

Box Office has taken down so many ninjas over the last two weeks.

It would not take down Lebsack as moved onto obstacle nine.

The rest of the course was ho-hum (well, as ho-hum as running a ninja course could be) as Lebsack hit his second buzzer of the season!!!

Kaden Lebsack completes the course in 4:47.49.

During the break…

Jason Kotzin fell on Flipped Around.

Ethan Swanson fell on Diving Boards.

Both are likely going to Vegas.

Jackson Twait, 24-year-old Actuary

Twait is one of a growing contingent of ninjas from Iowa.

Will this be the year Twait kicks down the door and qualifies for Vegas?

Twait put the first part of the course behind him with no issues.

Despite a few extra swings on Box Office, Twait was able to get past Box Office.

Twait’s run look to be over as he slipped on the final Diving Board.

But Twait held on, composed himself, endured 20 “cats have nine lives” from Matt and Akbar, and completed the ninth obstacle.

At this point, it’s clear Twait will be going to Vegas for the first time. But Twait is now in contention for the Power Tower with the night’s fastest time so far tonight!!!

Jackson Twait completes the course in 4:25.47.

During the break…

Steven Bachta fell on Over/Under.

Maggie Owen fell on Clockwork.

Karen Potts, 16-year-old High School Student

The softball player has seen her skills improve thanks to her ninja training.

No woman competing tonight is taller than the 5’11 Potts.

And her reach advantage showed while she completed the first part of the course.

Potts run ended as she came up short on Box Office.

But that strong run will send Potts to the Vegas!!!

During the break…

Cam Baumgartner hit the buzzer!!!!

Ethan Gardulski fell on Clockwork.

Gary Hines fell on Box Office.

Jamie Rahn, 34-year-old Gym Owner

Jamie and his wife struggled for five years to have a child (including two years with an IBF). After taking a break from the IBF, Rahn’s wife found out she was pregnant with the couple’s first child!!!

An inspired Rahn ran cleanly through the first part of the course.

Last season, Rahn fell on the Diving Boards.

He skipped it this year and opted for Flipped Around.

But he couldn’t handle the grip on the ninth obstacle (at least it was more fun than last year!!!).

And Rahn will be having lots of fun after qualifying for Vegas!!!

During the break…

Maggie Thorne fell on Over/Under.

Josh Wagg fell on Box Office.

RJ Roman, 25-year-old Musician

Joined in progress, we know Roman will be a contender for a Power Tower spot.

And he had about three minutes to do it as he approached the back half of the course.

Roman moved through Box Office (an obstacle notorious for taking time and strength) quickly.

But Roman did choose Flipped Around over Diving Boards (the obstacle that he fell on last season).

While on the course Roman said his arms were tired.

But that did not keep him from passing Kaden Lebsack for the second spot on the Power Tower!!!

RJ Roman completes the course in 4:40.09.

Jesse LaBreck, 32-year-old Gym Owner

The standard for ‘Flex’ is higher than simply qualifying for Vegas.

But tonight, LaBreck shockingly fell on Clockwork, the third obstacle.

That means she won’t be going Vegas this season for the first time in her career.

During the break…

Chris DiGangi fell on Hopscotch.

Chris Behrends fell on Box Office (but he is going to Vegas!!!)

Levi Enright, 21-year-old (profession not given)

Enright took a bite out of some corn before attacking the course.

And he egged on Akbar to down a protein shake as Enright flew the first half.

To save time, Enright went for Diving Boards…

and made it!!!

And after he climbed Spider Trap, Enright set up an all-Iowa final on the Power Tower!!!

Levi Enright completes the course in 3:51.65.

The Power Tower

Levi Enright vs Jackson Twait

Twait had a small lead going into the rope.

But Enright was not far behind.

They were neck and neck going into the dropping shelves.

And by a split second, Enright hit the buzzer and claimed the Safety Pass.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 SemiFinals 3 advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Levi Enright (Safety Pass)
  2. Jackson Twait
  3. RJ Roman
  4. Kaden Lebsack
  5. Cam Baumgartner
  6. Mike Silenzi

Fell at Split Decision

  1. Jason Kotzin
  2. Ethan Swanson
  3. Jamie Rahn
  4. Drew Nester
  5. Derrick Pavoni

Fell at Box Office

  1. Chris Behrends
  2. Michael Bougher
  3. Enzo DeFerrari Wilson
  4. Max Feinberg

Top 3 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022

Fell at Box Office

  1. Karen Potts

Fell at Hopscotch

  1. Megan Rowe

Fell at Clockwork

  1. Maggie Owen

Just one more week remaining in the semifinals!!!

We’ll see if the results stay as surprising as they’ve been so far next week.

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