TV Recap: S14E07 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 SemiFinals Round 2 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: SemiFinals Round 2 Season 14 Episode 7

It’s time for week two of semifinals on American Ninja Warrior.

Here’s the course:

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, Clockwork, Spinning Bridge, Hopscotch, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Box Office, Split Decision (Dragonback or Spin Zone), Spider Trap

And once again, at the end of the night, the top two ninjas will run a race up the Power Tower with the prize of a Safety Pass going to the winner.

Jonah Bonner, 25-year-old Gondolier

Bonner stirs Gondolas in Newport Beach, California.

But Bonner is also a rock climber, rides BMX, and jumps on trampolines.

Bonner jumped and climbed his way through the first part of the course.

And he held on despite being index fingerless on the grip of Hopscotch.

Bonner would lose his grip on Box Office. We’ll see if that time is good enough to get to Vegas.

Mike Beadle, 35-year-old Park Superintendent

Beadle played a game of paddy-cake with his daughter before the start of his run.

Beadle is 6’5 and he needed every bit of that frame to hold on to Clockwork.

But the reach was not enough to complete Hopscotch.

During the break…

Casey Rothschild fell on Spinning Bridge.

Izabella Adkins, 19-year-old College Student

Adkins is inspired by her dad, who suffered a severe brain injury in a car wreck years ago.

He is a therapist today who’s written a book about his experience.

And he was watching tonight as Adkins worked through the first five obstacles.

Unfortunately, just like qualifying, Adkins was unable to make it up the Warped Wall.

During the break…

Brittany Durant fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Steven Cen fell on Hopscotch.

Josh Levin, 28-year-old Engineer

Levin has been teaching an obstacle design course at Synapse School.

Many of these obstacles are designed for students with disabilities.

As expected, Levin had no issues with the first half of the course.

It’s painful watching Levin grip on Box Office.

But Levin was the first on the night to hold onto those boxes and complete the 8th obstacle.

Levin’s perfect record in the semifinals, however, did come to an end as he fell on Dragonback.

During the break…

Julius Ferguson fell on Lunatic Ledges after losing momentum on the 2nd ledge.

Anthony Porter fell on Box Office.

Jeramiah Boyd, 18-year-old High School Graduate

Boyd credits his mom with his journey making it to ANW.

Boyd set a fast pace on the first part of the course.

And Boyd was so relaxed that he broke up a couple of peace signs on his way down from Hopscotch.

Unfortunately, Boyd’s run ended on Box Office.

His fast pace puts him in good position to go to Vegas.

During the break…

Lilah Nathison fell on Clockwork.

Ronald Washington fell on Hopscotch.

Evan Andrews, 17-year-old High School Student

Andrews trains in Montana where there are no ninja gyms.

So, Andrews built his own gym with his dad and grandpa.

Andrews literally flew across Spinning Bridge, taking the balance obstacle in stride.

The Montana native’s strong run continued through the first half of the course.

After skipping rungs on the Salmon Ladder, Andrews swung his way past Box Office.

And after a backflip, Andrews moved quickly and effectively past Dragonback.

Andrews pushed his way up Spider Trap to become the night’s first finisher!!!

Evan Andrews completes the course in 4:29.19.

During the break…

Alex Nye fell on Spinning Bridge.

Caiden Madzelan fell on Box Office.

Jackson Erdos fell on Hopscotch.

David Campbell fell on Box Office.

Lance Pekus, 35-year-old Rancher

Pekus donated his blood stem cells to Ashley, whose life was saved by the donation.

But Pekus’s night ended early tonight as he fell on Hopscotch.

During the break…

Tyler Kurtzhals fell on Clockwork.

John Mack fell on Hopscotch.

Mady Howard, 26-year-old Nurse

Howard has had to adjust her training since becoming a new mom seven months ago.

Mady looked solid through the first three obstacles.

But Howard slipped and fell on Spinning Bridge.

Asaf Goren, 30-year-old Professional Dancer

Goren is a celebrity in his native Israel.

Unfortunately, he did not have a celebrity performance tonight as Goren fell on Clockwork.

During the break…

Verdale Benson fell on Clockwork.

Grant Nguyen fell on Box Office.

Kyle McCreight fell on Spinning Bridge.

Josiah Singleton, 25-year-old Graduate Student

The Country Boy Ninja” is aiming to make it Vegas for the first time in his third semifinal appearance.

Singleton got off to a solid start, handling the first part of the course smoothly.

Singleton’s quick pace continued as he attacked Box Office and became the third ninja on the night to complete it.

After choosing Dragonback, Singleton started to slow down for the first time.

And Singleton’s energy gave out as he fell on the ninth obstacle.

But Singleton’s run was good enough to qualify him for Vegas for the first time.

During the break…

Brett Hernandez Strong fell on Hopscotch.

Francisco Barajas fell on Box Office (but he’s going to Vegas!!!)

Tiana Webberley, 30-year-old Stuntwoman

“Sweet T” nearly had a shocking fall on Shrinking Steps.

But she held on and advanced to Clockwork, the obstacle that ended her season in Season 12.

And the third obstacle would do the trick again.

Kyle Soderman, 27-year-old Stuntman

Soderman was in the final four last season and also competes in Chase Tag (If you haven’t watched this, you really should check it out. It’s incredible!!!)

Soderman looked final four quality through the first four obstacles on the course.

And that qualify continued as Soderman moved past Salmon Ladder and onto Box Office.

But Soderman slipped and fell on the first block on Box Office.

Soderman’s time was strong enough that he’s moving to Vegas once again.

During the break…

Hunter Guerard fell on Box Office (he’s going to Vegas!!!)

Adam Rayl fell on Hopscotch (for the first time, he’s not going to Vegas).

Sean Bryan, 37-year-old Church worker

Joined in progress, Bryan had no issues with the first part of the course.

If Bryan made it past Box Office, he would move into position for a spot on the Power Tower.

But he didn’t, falling short on the final box.

Elijah Browning, 17-year-old High School Student

Browning has been running multiple businesses, including a trading card business and a ninja coaching business.

Browning set a quick pace advancing to Hopscotch.

But in another shocking exit, Browning fell on the fifth obstacle.

Power Tower

Evan Andrews vs Josiah Singleton

Singleton took the early lead entering the switchbacks.

Andrews then missed some ropes as Singleton’s lead grew.

Andrews made up some ground, but it wasn’t enough as Singleton hit the buzzer and won the Safety Pass!!!

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 SemiFinals 2 advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Evan Andrews

Fell at Split Decision

  1. Josiah Singleton
  2. Josh Levin

Fell at Box Office

  1. Jeramiah Boyd
  2. Caiden Madzelan
  3. Sean Bryan
  4. Hunter Guerard
  5. Kyle Soderman
  6. Francisco Barajas
  7. Grant Nguyen
  8. Jonah Bonner
  9. Anthony Porter
  10. David Campbell

Fell at Warped Wall

  1. Izabella Adkins

Fell at Hopscotch

  1. Ronald Washington

Top 3 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022

Fell at Warped Wall

  1. Izabella Adkins

Fell at Spinning Bridge

  1. Casey Rothschild
  2. Mady Howard

Not a lot of finishers tonight. We’ll see if a few more can hit the buzzer next week as we hit the halfway point of the semifinals.

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